Facebook: 1.01 billion and 604 million active members on the monthly mobile

On the occasion of the publication of its financial results for the third quarter cash, Facebook has released statistics that are worth a look on its users.

Regarding the financial aspect of the company Mark Zuckerberg has slightly exceeded analysts' expectations with a turnover of 1.26 billion and earnings per share of 0.12 dollars, while analysts were betting instead on a number of Affairs of 1.23 billion and earnings per share of 0.11 dollar ...

As for statistics, the social network has passed the symbolic threshold of 1.01 billion active members per month to 30 September 2012, an increase of 26% compared to last year. And Facebook has nearly 604 million members each month on mobile, with an impressive increase of 61% compared to last year. Finally, the social network identifies an average of 584 million active members per day in September 2012.

The latest available figures, and relayed on this blog at the beginning of October, reported a billion active members per month and 600 million on mobile. It is now possible that these statistics eventually stagnate, even though it is quite possible that the number of mobile users rises again with tablets flooding the market.

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