Computers with the 5 senses in 5 years?

The computer giant IBM plans when in 5 years, the technology will be advanced enough to equip our machines senses.

In only 5 years, our machines will be equipped with five senses. It is in any case think that IBM released Monday its annual "5 in 5" establishing  "a forecast of five innovations that will change your life, your work and leisure in the next five years".

To achieve this record, the U.S. firm is based on its ongoing work in its research and development labs. Thus, according to the software giant, our computers, smartphones and other tablets will be equipped with sensors and algorithms that simulate or interpret the five senses.


The screens can simulate certain textures in the coming years, particularly from vibrations. Using haptic technology of the future, it will be possible for example to feel the difference in texture between different clothes that you want to buy online, just by passing his finger across the screen.


It is now possible to record video or take photographs, machines are still struggling to interpret their contents. But in the near future, they will be able to do so. IBM sees particular interest in medical imaging machines then suggest diagnoses after MRI or radiography.


Again, the software giant believes that the machines will soon analyze the sounds they hear. With an application, a smartphone will for example be able to understand why a baby is crying. A patent has been filed for the same software.


IBM researchers are working on a system to break down food to the molecular level. The machines can then create new food combinations. Scientists argue that the firm living with diabetes will be greatly improved, thanks to machines that compose them for foods that are adapted, while maintaining the taste.


On the same basis as the taste sensors analyze each molecule in the air. Researchers see this as American group as a medical tool: by dissecting the breath of a person, computers determine whether the patient is about to catch a cold or another illness.

Instagram sell your photos without your consent

Subsidiary Facebook will change its privacy policy January 16, 2013. The service provides including the right to sell personal data and photos of its members.

It must be a return on investment of 747 million dollars in Facebook Instagram. The vice-director of solutions marketing social network, Carolyn Everson formalized Monday the new group policy.

"Many brands use Instagram now for an overview of the public response to their products. We will certainly find a monetization strategy", she said, adding that the new rules will come into force on 16 January 2013.

Instagram users will certainly appear in the coming months advertisements within the application. In addition, data on their profile will be made available to Facebook, who can monetize with advertisers. They will be able to better target their ads.

"This means that we can act more effectively and rapidly, especially in the fight against spam and detect problems system reliability. We can also build better functionality for all, including how Instagram is used", was justified under the ruling.

No compensation

But the new policy at the most controversial image rights and intellectual property. As part of an advertising campaign, Instagram will award the permanent right to sell the photos posted on its service without paying the authors or even inform them of the transactions.

To help us to provide or pay Sponsored content, you agree that company or other entity to pay us for the use of your user name, your like, your photos and their metadata, and / or actions that you carry out in connection with such content, or sponsored pay, without compensation to you, and can be read on the new conditions.

The only way to escape these new rules is to switch his Instagram account to "private" (only invited people can view it) or just delete all his pictures and his account before January 16.

WordPress: 10 things to check before installing an extension

A small article on using WordPress, which is more than a list, it's been awhile, right? The idea came to me naturally installing, configuring or modifying several recent blogs and WordPress, for my part or that of partners or friends.

In fact, each system returns its attendant research and integration of plugins, which will respond to a specific request or complete a given feature that is not in the original script. But we know that with thousands of extensions available, it is feasible to do everything with WordPress, practically without touching the code, as long as it still has some knowledge about this CMS.

But we also know that it is better to avoid any-and that we must always be careful with extensions that are installed on a WordPress, because sometimes you can watch bizarre behavior or have surprises. This has happened to me, and you too, surely. So it is better to adopt a method and apply it systematically to each new installation of WordPress plugin.

Here are 10 things to check before every installation of WordPress plugin:

1. Look at the date of last update

Check if the plugin has been updated recently. A distant last update does not necessarily mean that the plugin is outdated or dangerous, but it is never a good sign. At best its author keeps most at worst it is not compatible with your version of WordPress. All this is not fatal nor playoff but if you have the choice between several plugins the same function, pick the one who has been updated more recently. Beyond the last update older than 100 days, I begin to distrust.

2. Check the number of downloads

An index that does not disappoint: the best plugins are often those who are most often downloaded and installed. Between several plugins providing similar functionality, do not take a chance and do not make sense, the underground it has a lot of charm in the music or film, not in the plugin: go direct most downloaded (except s' it does not meet criteria 1 and 3 of course, but this is rarely the case).

3. Check the number of stars

Another significant clue. Prefer plugins with at least 3 or 4 star who displayed zero, which are a little scared, you must admit. What you prefer, dark alleys or streets well lit? Well, here it is.

4. Check compatibility with your version

If you're running WordPress 3.5 (released a few days ago) and the plugin announces compatibility with WordPress 1.5, courage, fly! This is an extreme case, and it is precisely the subtlety - or difficulty - the year. Because there are more difficult cases, when a plugin displays compatibility with a previous version of one of your installation. Most of the time it will work, but nothing is guaranteed. Caution, therefore.

5. Browse related forum WordPress plugin

Other reflex to have: the plugin page on, click on the green button "View support forum" and go read the thread to see what is said about the plugin. Usually the main bugs and incompatibilities are raised, and sometimes even the author of the plugin responds directly. A good way to know the reliability of an extension.

6. Go to the website of the author

Still on the plugin page, check if there is a link to the website of the author (or authors) of the plugin. The link is called "Plugin homepage." If there is not is not very reassuring, unless the plug plugin itself is very complete, fully documented and updated. If there is a link, but it points to a 404 or a site that no longer exists, do not push and pull you politely but firmly (looking behind you). If the site exists, but nothing has been updated for several months (sometimes years), it smells musty, avoid too. See if there is a blog, and identify the date of the latest comments and responses of the author. If the last post dated 27 June 1997, also avoid, unless you like the atmosphere zombies, of course.

7. Are there screenshots?

The page / factsheet plugin, click the "Screenshots" at the top of the page. If it exists, is usually the third. It must show screenshots of the plugin, mainly its management interface or dashboard. It is reassuring to see what the thing looks like it will graft on his blog darling, is not it? If there is no tab Screenshots, see point 6 above and go check on the website of the author. If there has not, brrrr.

8. Is there a dashboard for easy editing?

Let's be clear: usually when installing a plugin is to avoid having to type code, especially if do not the slightest notion of beginning, otherwise why bother? Hence the important criterion. Make sure the plugin is installed and setting easily using a WYSIWYG editor or visual form, without having to tamper with the different files in PHP, a fortiori files "core", the heart functional WordPress. If we just add a shortcode or a piece of PHP finished well to put somewhere in the loop, it's okay. If we start to change files like settings.php or functions.php , it does not smell very good, and this means that the plugin lacks a bit of finishing. That this is not necessarily dangerous, but in this case why bother to install a plugin? Code as its function la mano, right?

9. Check that the plugin ... is not already installed

You laugh but this is serious indeed. Sometimes under certain installations or WordPress themes, some extensions are already present natively because they are part of a basic package. So check before the list of plugins in your WordPress installation, to avoid duplication history.

10. Check that the plugin is really necessary

The purpose of a plugin is to simplify the integration of functionality. But ideally you should avoid to install too, even install at all. Moreover, some plugins complicate or simplify more than they weigh down or thinning. This is why it is best to check before installation that the function you want to integrate is not already included in your chart, or if it can not be simply implemented by a simple piece of PHP ready to use that it just paste it somewhere in your code. It is more common than we imagine, and do without a plugin is always interesting for the operation and the lightness of its site.

That's it. Surely there are other points that you can add comments. Anyway, anyway you should always observe the rule must before installing any plugin: make a full backup of the site and its database. I confess I do not always do because I'm not an ideal, but it is wrong. Interesting alternative if you do not have a copy of your site on a local EasyPHP for example, install a blog test in a hidden address that allows you to try all sorts of things live, even the most shameful before adopting them on your production site.

More than 10 million downloads in 48 hours for Google Maps on iOS!

Google Maps return was highly anticipated by users of iOS for a few weeks or months ... Fortunately, the famous mapping application was back on the App Store in the middle of last week, just before the end of the world so and was already the most downloaded application on the Apple store just one day after its release.

This is Jeff Huber, Vice President Commerce & Local at Google, which revealed this statistic as impressive as expected on your Google Account Plus: Google Maps application for iOS has been downloaded over 10 million times in less than 48 hours. This represents approximately 2.5% of iOS devices ...

It must be said that the application has many qualities with Street View integration, routes in public transport or even shake function for comment, so it is not surprising that it is currently rated 4.5 stars on the French App Store.

And the fact that the application mapping Plans developed by Apple and integrated natively in iOS 6 is so mocked and criticized upon its release at the end of September may have prompted more users to download the application Google.

Samsung can still sell its products in the United States

Samsung is authorized to sell its products overseas, but will still have to pay $ 1.05 billion to Apple for patent infringement.

Samsung will continue to sell its products on American soil. Last night, the American courts rejected the claim that Apple would ban many products Samsung particular tablet Galaxy Tab, as well as smartphones , mainly older generation.

The Korean giant will still pay some $ 1.05 billion in damages from Apple for patent infringement on the iPhone and iPad. In August last year, Samsung was convicted by a California jury, but he appealed the decision. Victorious, the Apple brand then you want to ban the sale of Samsung products 26.

Round 2, Fight!

A request that was rejected by Judge Lucy Koh in charge of the case. "phones at issue in this case contain a variety of components, only a small fraction is protected by patents Apple", justified the judge, explaining that consumers were not based solely on elements patented by Apple in their purchase decision.

Obviously, Samsung has welcomed the decision of the judge, although she rejected the request of the firm for a new trial. The U.S. market is strategic for the Korean group. Indeed, he represented $ 7.5 billion in sales in 2011, with 21.2 million handsets sold.

However, this small victory marks only the end of a battle in the war between the two giants. Many other trials will take place in various countries of the world and a second confrontation will take place overseas in March 2013. And this time, the action aims directly flagship device from Samsung, the Galaxy S3.

YouTube Capture launches an application "Instagram Video"

When the giants come treading flowerbeds startups taking up the concept that made ​​their fortune, it is not always good news. This is similar to what happens with Capture, the new YouTube app for iPhone, which may well be a bit of shade at all Instagram Video as a SocialCam example.

YouTube Capture on the fact that shooter and quickly share a little video with his smartphone still maneuver somewhat slow and tedious, even if we know that in the latest versions of iOS and other mobile platforms just two clicks, without having to unlock the security code.

With YouTube Capture, you can capture video from the launch of the application and send it on its social network in just three taps on the screen. It is also possible to choose a video already stored on the smartphone, to retouch using simple filters and even add a soundtrack. The trick to good: it is possible to activate a lock in landscape mode so that you prevent these horrible film clips in portrait mode.

Once the recorded video, the sharing is immediate, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It is quick and easy. But it will still have a little more time to launch the app for the native use of the iPhone, which requires only drag the lock screen up.

It seems clear, however, that YouTube wants with this new application, Instagram itself as the video at the expense of all those who have tried. Recall that SocialCam example, just one year after its inception in San Francisco by three young entrepreneurs including a French, was acquired by Autodesk in July 2012 for the modest sum of $ 60 million ... Also remember that Vimeo offers a long-standing excellent video editing application for iOS, even though the latter has not really sharing the same set of immediate YouTube Capture.

Youtube Capture: Share your videos with ease

Google also makes capturing and sharing media. Available on the App Store, YouTube Capture is an application for recording and editing videos.

If Instagram is so much talk these days, it is because many firms envy his phenomenal success. Facebook's competitors begin to turn to offer applications for sharing and photo editing, as is now Twitter.

As for Google, it just put unveiling a similar program, but which is dedicated to video. Capture Youtube called, the application makes it possible to record video from the iDevice and can then broadcast it on Youtube. The cameramen enthusiasts can also share their achievement on various social networks (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter).

To generate excitement, the Mountain View company plays on the simplicity of the application. In a few taps, users can register, and then directly share its socket without having to enter a security code only.

It will also be able to edit their videos by adding various filters and a soundtrack. It is possible to crop, correct color and stabilize videos, software Google can not get their catch.

Free Youtube Capture is already on the App Store. Users of Android devices will have to wait a short to test the application on their smartphone.

Gamebit Show: Far Cry 3 and the Top 3 of the best games of the year

The Gamebit Show returns for the last time in 2012. The pair will attack for 3 weeks feasts and to optimize their site. They propose discovering test Far Cry 3, Modern Combat 4 and the top 3 games of the year.

Far Cry 3: test

The Gamebit first part begins with a test on Far Cry 3. This season is marked by the Ubisoft game. Players will have the opportunity to see Jason, who is transported on an island. The latter is infested with pirates, so he must try to escape from this hell. The pair offer a demonstration while highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of this game is released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 since late November. Thanks to Gamebit Show, visitors can discover the tricks, the various possibilities offered by this Far Cry 3. It still gets the score of 19/20 FPS fans will greatly add to the list for Santa Claus.

Modern Combat 4

The Gamebit Show returns in a second part with the mobile application. Optimized iPhone 5, the game makes no real change since 3. The graphics have evolved and still mobile users might be surprised. Players will be transported in the chaos, they will deliver the world's leaders. They are in fact held captive by terrorists. The application is available on Android for Google Play and iOS App Store.

The Top 3 of 2012

The year 2012 ends with the Top 3 best games. They give each album and the Internet offer different strengths. Thus, you will find some of the best, Max Payne 3, Minecraft , Rayman ... You can discover the latest episode. Stay connected on Gamebit, novelties and improvements are planned.

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