BlackBerry 10: Presentation of the new new BlackBerry OS

When the BlackBerry Jam, dedicated developers conference that took place this week in San Jose, RIM unveiled the new features of the new version of its mobile operating system, BlackBerry 10.

From my side I have had the opportunity to attend a presentation and demonstration of some of the new RIM BlackBerry 10 in France.

The Canadian firm is listening to developers and actively working for months to propose a new stable platform and open to its 80 million users around the globe.

You should know that it is possible to develop applications on BlackBerry 10 Native (C, C + +), HTML 5, Adobe AIR or Flash, and do not forget Accounting Android.

New in BlackBerry 10

Instead of displaying a grid applications on the home screen, the new platform is the latest in display applications running under dynamic thumbnail but the full list of applications is easily accessible.

In place of the famous "Home" button found on the major mobile operating systems, BlackBerry offers an alternative called Flow. By simple gestures with fingers, for example, can view notifications without leaving the current application view messages without leaving the notifications and return to the home screen.

The Hub, meanwhile, includes all SMS, BBM, emails, messages on social networks and even events in a single application. Contact management is intuitive, you can easily find the information for a contact, the latest news on the company and its work flow.

In addition, the keyboard has a predictive text works in several languages. Basically, it learns according to what you type and function of messages on social networks (if you make mistakes, it will tend to take!).

The browser, which has undergone a facelift, is much faster and fully compatible with HTML 5. Score of 465/500 HTML5Test demonstrated, while Chrome is a score of 371.

The company has not forgotten most professionals as a system called Libra makes it possible to move from one environment to professional staff and each environment has its applications and data. Finally, the work environment, encrypted remote can be deleted if you leave the employer without such personal environment moves.

Future BlackBerry Phones

BlackBerry should come first full touchscreen smartphone with a screen greater than four inches and a front camera, and then a smartphone with a physical keyboard.

Specifications for future phones should be similar to those of Development phone (the one you see in the photos), but the design should be radically different.

These are of course a part of the new BlackBerry 10 because the firm wants to keep things on hand for the coming weeks.

How to take advantage of the new Twitter banner

Twitter recently offered its users a new profile page , introducing the banner ("header"). Here is what you need to know to take full advantage of this feature.

Like its competitors from Palo Alto and Mountain View, Twitter offers its users the possibility to better highlight. Users of Facebook were able to be creative with the launch of the Timeline ("Journal") and his famous "coverage. "It is now the turn of twittos further customize their profiles.

Change its banner

Users not really excited about the image the default egg on the famous microblogging site probably already know the settings menu "Profile" and "Theme. "This is also where there is the possibility to change the background image of user profiles. So now, a new line was introduced.

Go to the gear icon in the upper right, then "Settings", and then in the menu "Theme. "There are a few pre-designed themes to apply directly, or the ability to set its own colors and upload images of their choice to apply wallpaper or as a banner (called" header").

A banner of the coat

The purpose of these banners is at the base, stand out from others. Also choose just a pretty picture, match an original or funny with his avatar image header is the most beautiful effect.

For optimum, know that the banner on Twitter measuring 520 pixels wide by 260 pixels high. The avatar, he is a square of side 73 px. It is located at 223 px from the left edge of the banner and the top 24.

For your convenience, here is a file. Psd (Photoshop) with the required dimensions and frameworks already exist, in which just drag and resize the images you want. Once the desired effect in place, some "Layer via Copy" in a new document duplications and other trims if necessary, followed by registration (JPG, PNG or GIF) layers the right size, will provide 2 image files corresponding to the image header as well as the avatar, which incrustera in the banner at precisely the right place.

Find inspiration

You now have all the keys in hand to create a beautiful banner Twitter. In inspiration? Find below some examples of headers original relayed by BuzzFeed and Mashable . And if it really was not enough, as some services TwitrCovers allow hardest to find their happiness in a bank of images and themes elegant diverse and varied, displaying the ideal dimensions to save as a traditional image after clicking Download now.

The HDD Market is Doing Well

Remember, in late 2011, devastating floods hit Thailand, a country which accounts for the hard disk manufacturers since it is the second largest producer. The year 2011 was also marked by a high concentration of the market with Samsung or Hitachi buyouts to leave the place to a duel between American Western Digital and Seagate (Toshiba does well but resistance remains to deal with the trouble these two giants ).

We had been following the adventures of two brands in the first and second quarters of 2012 to fight the world number one. Western Digital is who eventually take the lead through the acquisition of Hitachi after being strongly affected by the floods in Thailand. 
Whereas the CEO of Seagate announced a return to normal  by the end of 2012, it seems the world of the hard disk is ahead of schedule ... to the detriment of the consumer.

Indeed, according to  iSuppli , 524 million are expected to be delivered this year against 502.5 million in 2011. The year 2012 is not complete, it is an estimate but the arrival of Windows 8 and the market for ultrabooks , booming, should allow the 2012 to sign a new record. Two important factors in the world of hard, pushed by falling prices of SSDs and growing market for smartphones and tablets that continue to take share in that of netbooks and laptops.

The estimate goes even further than 2012 because it allows us to see that the HDD market should continue to rise until at least 2016 with 575 million units announced. Information that must be taken however in hindsight as it is difficult to predict in a changing environment. SSD and storage services in the cloud should offer real competition to the last piece of our mechanical computers that has a price / size almost unbeatable, despite rising prices of hard drives.

Prices that do not fall!

This is one of the consequences of the floods in Thailand, the significant increase in the price of hard disk. In any case, the justification announced by the two leaders because we realize that if the return to normal is initiated, any price reduction is the order of the day. 
Worse, the two brands have revised down the length of warranty that accompanies their hard drives. 
A very bad news for users and companies, but a good way for manufacturers to maximize their margins by the end of the hard drive?

The new Myspace: Revolution or Stillborn Project? This is the Weekly Music and Web

This Web Chronicle Music & number 13 will be devoted to the event of the week: the return of the giant Myspace . I could not miss such a comeback. Web 2.0 activists, surfers and musicians have commented on this news. Analysis and explanations on Presse Citron today!
We all know (at least in Europe), the social network with 75 million users no longer the dream for a few years. In loss of traffic constant, the firm has seen its business fall by half. And because the advent of Facebook has led to the migration of the majority of its users, probably looking for a network simpler but equally or more interconnected.

While Rupert Murdoch, News Corp. , sold in June for $ 35 million - only 6% of the purchase price of 580 million - at the American Society MySpace Specific Media , the singer Justin Timberlake came to the rescue of the social network in 2011. The love story between the site and the singer has been going on since the early 2000s. And as a faithful husband, Justin wants to straighten his partner.

The star then shareholder return grandiose promises, and under the video presentation of the "New Myspace", released this week, we want to believe.

Myspace will have a design at the forefront of the current aesthetic, with all the technology you love on different sites: galleries kind Pinterest / Tumblr , bar music to Grooveshark , or a system of circles the Google+ . Navigation is primarily horizontal scroll. Smells like HTML5 and CSS3, full nose, and we love it. More fluidity for ergonomics further.

Strong point of this new version: MySpace finally realized that it is better to rally the cause of much of the world - Facebook and Twitter - and thus directly integrate with the platform. This is now done.

Ok, we have a beautiful design. Ok, the platform has integrated new features. But is all this enough to attract users who have left Myspace for a long time? Nothing is less certain. For several reasons.

Firstly, competition is ubiquitous in the category "social network." Between us, who have the motivation to pack his bags and move to Facebook or Twitter to post on MySpace? Your opinion interests me!

Personally, I took my habits, I check my Facebook to be aware of my surroundings in news, Twitter or cultivate for me to enjoy myself and Spotify loop for a good time, earphones ears.

Google+ - also known as "No Man's Land", was also well broken teeth trying to reverse the social. Myspace happen then a little later. At least it does not seem to show developments such as the game is worth the candle.

Competition is also ubiquitous in the music industry, sector specific Myspace since the beginning. To name a few: Spotify , Pandora , Rdio , Bandcamp , Deezer , Soundcloud , and many others. It has beautiful site have a music library online richer - more than 42 million songs - a musical reference back fan for lambda is a risky challenge.

Rupert Murdoch has lost millions adventure with MySpace and had indicated in late 2011 that the 2005 purchase of MySpace was a "huge mistake" and that the social network was poorly managed.

It is true that we can ask some questions about the economic viability of such a network. Myspace can no longer be beneficial, and this has been for a number of years. So, today, what business model?

Myspace has more or less worked with advertising. I guess it should still be the case for this new version. While I admit I can not imagine inserting advertisements in a design already pretty full. We are waiting to see how the site is going to head out of the water financially speaking.

In summary, Myspace plays all out, and they are right. However, not sure that the enthusiasm is apparent as the platform of meandering web. And you return you on MySpace?

Plans icon in iOS 6 in Unison the Proposed Service!

Plans, mapping app natively integrated into Apple iOS 6, was the focus of criticism since the last iteration of iOS is available. Multiple errors and other inconsistencies raised many criticisms from users. So much so that Tim Cook has stepped into the breach to present more apologies: "We are very sorry for the frustration this has caused to our customers and we do everything we can to make better plans."

It is common to let go easy on the criticism a product or app that poses serious defects. Criticism often also leaves room for ridicule. Do not give in to this facility and try to find the positives setbacks Plans. The first is that Google probably in an attempt to drive the nail logic, plancherait on a specific version of Google Maps iOS 6. Less constrained when the application was integrated natively in iOS (iOS before 6), Google could offer a more sophisticated version of its service (to follow). Seen with the YouTube app available on the App Store before disseminating iOS6. This is best done as the application that previously there were native in iOS 5. Go through the App Store makes it possible (subject to the rules of the Apple Store) for Google to have the freedom to offer services on iOS.

The semi-failure plans will also allow users to turn to alternatives and discover. Tim Cook is going to mention in his letter: "  While we are improving Plans, you can try downloading alternative mapping apps from the App Store as Bing, MapQuest and Waze or using Google Maps or Nokia by going to their websites and create an icon on your desktop for their service. 

Reacting the competition is the first positive. Then the excuses of Apple CEO are rare enough to be noted. A dose of humility to be welcomed and helps to make the giant Apple a little more "human".

Finally, as Tim Cook said in his letter, Plans will mature and provide more long-term at least a genuine alternative to Google Maps and other Bing. Competition always welcome for the user who is now quite incredible mapping services and which, moreover, are constantly enriched (recent example with Indoor Maps for France in the app Android Google Maps ).

Finally, note that if Tim Cook has put his foot in it with his letter of apology, Apple also put the dishes in the large in terms of inconsistencies, until the icon for the app.

The accuracy of the navigation turn-by-turn would be most perfectible like the icon of the app month surprising if we observe more closely. The area described is located near Infinite Loop, Apple's headquarters in California. To exit, you take Anza Boulevard and then to reach Route 280 toward San Francisco, you have to take a strap passing over a bridge. Gold icon, no bridge, it goes directly to the bridge over the motorway at 280 located below.

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