Windows 8: Adjust the size of home screen and tiles

Windows 8 enjoys lots Automation supposed to make life easier for the user and, among these, there is the automatic resizing of tiles, and therefore the home screen, depending on the resolution of the display. Great, of course, but we would still be able to take hold of this option and set and according to our desires. It is not possible, at least not natively, but there is just an application that will allow you to adjust the size, scale, or rather, from the home screen of Windows 8. His name? Metro Scaler and it is completely free.

Before going further, it should be even all-of-state that Metro Scaler will allow you unfortunately not to go beyond the resolution of your screen. More concretely, if you work for a laptop with a 15-inch screen, you can not adjust the size of the home screen to make him believe that your screen is bigger. The opposite, however, work perfectly and you can significantly increase the size of your tiles if you wish.

What is the advantage of larger tiles? For Geeks, true, there are none. However, for beginners or even for those who suffer from visual problems, it can be very interesting. Tiles larger , the tiles are indeed more legible . Well, then there's always the option to go poking around the registry system to correct the situation, but everyone is not necessarily comfortable with this stuff and it is precisely for this reason that developers have created nice Metro Scaler.

Once the application is downloaded, you will need to start with ... the launch. The big advantage of Metro Scaler is that the tool is available in a portable version and it is not necessary to install it to enjoy. Better for our friends technicians. Caution, however, because if you SmartScreen enabled, then Windows 8 will refuse to run the program and you will need to click on the link "more information" alert message to override this limitation unpleasant.

After giving the authorization goes to the utility, it will display a window showing schematically the home screen, a window that includes a slider that you can simply drag left or right to change the size of your tiles. Then, well it is enough to click on the button that goes and restart the machine so that the new scale is introduced. At any time, you can of course go back to running the tool again and click the button to reload the default settings.

Megabox: things become clearer

Only Mega service on track, Kim Dotcom resumes teaser for his next project: Megabox. Halfway between a site streaming music (Spotify, Deezer, Google Play ...) and a site participatory financing (MyMajorCompany) Megabox is expected according to rumors this summer. The next service Kim Dotcom allow artists to self-produce and reach 90% of the revenues generated by the listening and downloading their songs. For the user, the service is free and the revenue generated would be by advertising. System enabled through its advertising house Megaclick. If the formula works, the artists could then move from record labels.

Who says upcoming launch said necessarily teasing, especially Kim Dotcom. It has posted on Twitter a screenshot of the service. The latter tells us that it would be possible to store their music in the cloud and unlimitedly listen on any device (computer, smartphone , tablet ...). Not surprisingly, social networks seem to be also at the heart of Megabox. The "secret element" in the middle of capture should not remain secret for long when you know the character talkative man.

Box: 50 GB of storage space available

Good news for fans of the "cloud" and more specifically for those who have not yet taken the plunge, decided to launch a major operation to provide 50 GB of storage space for all new students. If you do not have an account yet on the platform, and if you begin to feel cramped on the solution you put in place, then this is a good plan that you should not miss, of especially since it is unfortunately limited in time. Yes, and all that you'll have to hurry because interest that there will not necessarily work for everyone.

Whatever, we do not know anything really. No, the only information we have is that this offer miraculous is actually the fruit of a partnership between Box  and manufacturer Dell . When you arrive on the registration form, and we see that the two companies have decided to join us to offer 50GB of storage space without any time limit. That said, given the nature of the offer, one can legitimately wonder how long it will last.

For a few words, Box works on exactly the same principle that all its competitors. Basically, just as a web browser to access the online space and to manage directories and files. However, if you want to go further, it is also possible to connect to the app store to get stuff very friendly. Stuff like clients or applications for Mac, for Windows, for iOS to Android or even BlackBerry, but also more specific applications and allow us to directly integrate the tool in some applications.

Why? Well there are a few, say that it is possible to find Salesforce extensions for Office or even for Google Apps. In the end, it is sufficient for a few minutes to skim the shelves of this store to find a few gems that will make our life much.

Intel is going to be on TV

Intel has for a long time reigned undisputed master of the chip industry, but things are different now and the famous founder must therefore deal with some big names such as Qualcomm or Nvidia. For it must be confessed, the company is struggling to impose on the mobile technology sector and it is perhaps for this reason it has decided to tackle a new project. For indeed, Intel will soon launch a new housing that incrustera in our living rooms and allowing us to enjoy television via our internet connection .

Like all such boxes, the Intel device cover various fronts. If it will allow consumers to access TV programs through their connection, they will also get their hands on several applications dedicated. All in a neat box, elegant and will have only one goal: to make us melt and make us want to pull our credit card.

More interestingly, one of the leaders of the division of Intel Media also reported that the device will carry a camera. The latter may be off course, but it will aim to offer an array of new services to viewers services that offer them the opportunity to interact with other users in a "real social experience". It is not me, but him. He obviously did not add anything more but we can finally imagine many things, like trading live before similar programs or perhaps even competitions grimaces.

Not forgetting, of course, advertising. And yes, because filming its viewers, Intel could - note the conditional - better understand their habits , or their reactions to different face commercials aired. Information that could not fail to attract brands and companies since they could adapt their campaigns to the expectations and desires of the public. A tool that would open new perspectives, of course, but also raise many questions.

That said, if you want to install a camera in the living room of a viewer, it's probably not for her beautiful eyes.

Bluestack is now available on Windows 8 !

Bluestack , for those who do not know yet, there is like a Android emulator for Windows and Mac OS. Its sole objective is therefore to allow you to enjoy your applications developed for smartphones and tablets on your computer. This is also a little over a year that the solution exists and we'll talk today, it is not no chance. No, because Bluestack is now available on Windows 8, and this means that you will be able to give you their heart and tweak your bike with all the games and all the applications available on the Play Store.

But how does it work, exactly? In reality, the operation is quite simple Bluestack since the only thing you have to do is to install the solution on your machine. Then, after properly configured, you will only have access to launch a virtual desktop where you can install Android applications browsing the Play Store as you would from any smartphone or any touch pad.

In a certain sense and for those who know, it works like a Parallels Desktop or VMWare. It's pretty cool and the arrival of the tool on Windows 8 is obviously a good surprise, especially as it is specially optimized for touch. Yes, and a mobile application with touch behind, it's still much more comfortable with the old field mouse.

It can also be noted that the solution developed by Bluestack has been specially optimized for Microsoft Surface Pro. Note that the RT area is unfortunately not supported, requires ARM. In all cases, if you have a bike in Windows 8, you can throw over your eyes closed.

Jailbreak iOS 6.1 Cydia tweaks for the best iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad has become very easy thanks to the incredible work of evad3rs but installing Cydia is ultimately only the first step in a long and wonderful adventure. For indeed, after unlocking your BlackBerry, you will still get your hands on the tweaks that will change you life. A long quest, of course, and this article is just for those who do not know where to start. Yes, because what you will discover a little further down in the article is a list of my favorite tweaks .

But above all, it should be noted that this list is not intended to be exhaustive. And it is quite logical since I obviously did not test all the tools that can be found on Cydia. So, if you know of any tweaks super helpful and does not appear in this list, it is important not hesitate to share with us through comments.

Prepare the ground by adding the proper sources

What you need to know about Cydia is that it presents itself as an open platform . Each developer has the possibility to create his own deposition and to benefit the community. The trick, of course, is that these deposits are not directly added to the platform designed by Saurik and it is up to the user to do with small mimine.

So naturally, for a beginner or someone who learns slowly to jailbreak, this may seem complicated, but just know that I wrote a full article on the issue, with a small selection of useful sources which you will enjoy hundreds of additional tweaks. If you want more information, the better it is click here . Note that all the following tools can be found on these deposits.

How to install a tweak from Cydia

However, before proceeding, we will also take the time to explain how to install a tweak from Cydia. The procedure is quite easy, but it is perfectly possible that you feel a little lost if you had never had the opportunity to jailbreak your device.

So we will assume that you want to install the tweak "XXX". Obviously nothing to do with the eponymous film:
  • Open Cydia.
  • Expect that the latter gently to update.
  • Tap the "Search" button.
  • Type in the search field at the top.
  • Enter "XXX" with the keyboard.
  • Tap the "Search" button on the virtual keyboard.
  • Tap the name of the tweak you want.
  • Tap the "Install" button in the top right.
  • Tap the "Confirm" button at the top right.
  • Wait a moment.
  • It's done.
Once the tweak installed, it will reside either directly on the home screen of your device - like any application on the AppStore recovered - or it will find its place in the settings.  actually all depends on the such tools mentioned. It is sometimes found funny things on certain deposits, eh ...

The list of tweaks that go

Phew, that's the end of the preliminaries. Now that everything is clear in your mind, in any case it is hoped, we will be able to pass to the chase and focus on those famous tweaks that allow you to take full advantage of your iDevice. Awesome! The best is to come also because some of these tools have been presented in other articles, you may find a small link that will allow you to learn a little more about them. Which will also very much in my bounce rate.

For interface

We'll start with the tweaks that affect the iOS interface , and tweaks that will allow you to change the face of your device and then show off to your friends, your colleagues, your family or even strangers as you go sometimes when you take public transportation.
  • Auxo - $ 1.99: If there is nothing revolutionary, Auxo should still appeal to some of you because it allows you to integrate your applications thumbnails multitasking, all for a much more visual result that which is offered natively by iOS.
  • Barrel - $ 2.99: A tool pretty nice since it will give you the ability to customize the transition effects when changing iOS home screen.
  • X Dashboard - $ 1.99:  If you are a fan of widgets, then this tool is for you because you will integrate the home screen of your iDevice the same kind of widgets as those on found on Android.  
  • Forecast - $ 0.99: A nice tweak that will change the lock screen of your iDevice adding the weather or the base clock comes with iOS
  • FakeOperator - Free: This is undoubtedly one of the most used tweaks in the world as it will allow you to customize the name of your operator and thus impress all your friends. Or not, actually.
  • Unfold - Free:  The release system iOS has not changed much in recent years, smart kids had the idea to develop their own system, a system that is simply to replicate the home screen on itself. However incompatibility with the iPad.  
  • Winterboard - Free: If you are looking for something to easily customize your iDevice, then this tweak is for you. The guy will actually allow you to install themes on your terminal history make it unique in its kind.
For operation

A nice interface, it is but an interface practical and smart is better. And again, it is possible to find on Cydia deposits a ton of really interesting tools and more should save you a lot of time every day.
  • BadgeClear - Free:   If you are allergic to notifications pellets found on the icons of iOS applications, then this tool is for you. Simply remove the notifications actually an application from the center to the integrated platform automatically transfer the badge icon.  
  • CyDelete - Free: This is the first tweak to install, since it will allow you to delete Cydia Applications downloaded in the same way as you recover from the AppStore.
  • iFile - $ 4: A must for the scene "jailbreak" that will offer you the opportunity to tweak happily in all the files on your device. A book connoisseurs, of course ...
  • Infiniboard - $ 0.99:  Another handy tool because it allows you to create as many home screens as you want. Very convenient for those who consume a lot, really, applications.
  • Infinidock - $ 1.99:  Exactly the same principle, but this time the dock. With this tool, you'll be able to cram as many applications as you want in it.
  • InfiniFolders - $ 1.99: Again, this is a tweak particularly useful since it will allow you to store as many applications as you want for your records. 
  • IntelliScreenX - $ 9.99: A real killer that costs a little expensive, it is true, but that will make you proud of services allowing you to integrate the center of the platform notifications cool widgets.
  • MusicCenter - Free:  A tool very well thought out and should delight all those who swear by the center of notifications since iOS will let you take control of your iTunes through this one.  
  • Overboard - $ 1.99: If you have trouble finding your way around the different home screens on your device, then this tweak is for you because it will allow you to view them as a mosaic to easier to navigate.
  • Quasar - $ 9.99:  Another tool that is multitasking. Only available for iPad, and it will allow you to view each application in a window flying. With it, you can use your touch pad like a real computer and work well on multiple applications at the same time.  
  • SBSettings - Free: If there is a tweak to download now, this is it and this is normal since it will give you the opportunity to cram all the shortcuts of your choice in the center of notifications platform, shortcuts that can point to some terminal settings. In the center of notifications, or else ...
  • Switchy - Free: Multitasking integrated into iOS could have been better thought out, it is a fact. And if you can not satisfy you, then this tweak should interest you as it will allow you to change a lot of things. Icons for running applications will appear as two lines and you can even access the settings of your device "slidant" completely to the left. 
For keyboard

It is rather well thought out, the iOS virtual keyboard does not shine by its originality and necessarily if you let your hunger, then you will probably be very pleased to learn that there are lots of tweaks to modify its operation.
  • Octopus Keyboard - $ 4.99: Probably one of the best tweaks and the like because since it will allow you to find the functionality of the keyboard of BlackBerry 10 on your iDevice. 
  • DismissMyKeyboard - Free: A tweak very useful since it will allow you to hide your keyboard in a single step (scanning right from the space key) .
  • SwipeSelection - Free: Unavoidable, this tool will add some "gestures" on your keyboard to facilitate the selection of words, phrases, letters. To move the cursor, you'll have to keep your finger pressed against the screen and then move to the right or to the left. Same to easily select the text, except that this time you will press your finger on the "shift" key. 
For Siri

When bitten apple was unveiled Siri, a lot of people were excited about finally being able to converse with their smartphone. Since then, the wizard does not necessarily changed much but there are just a few tools on Cydia that will allow you to make him take advantage of new features.
  • Hands Free Control - Free: A must that will allow you to initiate a discussion with Siri without the need to press the "home" of your terminal. 
  • Permanent Assistant - Free: Another handy tool. Once installed, you will need to press each button once Siri to give a new direction. 
And now, this list is nearing completion. With that, normally, you should have plenty to do. Finally, note that the interest of the jailbreak is that new tweaks are constantly out on the market. Do not hesitate to spend time on other Cydia to keep you abreast of the latest in date. Alternatively, you can also rummage here if you feel like it.

Okay and uninstall a tweak?

We obviously could not finish without mentioning this little tutorial method to uninstall a tweak. because good test full of tools is great, but this is not a reason not to do a little cleaning from time to time. Yet precisely know the procedure to turn them absolutely nothing complicated. In fact, simply follow these steps:
  • Open Cydia.
  • Tap on "Manage".
  • Tap the "Packages".
  • Scroll down to tweak you want to delete.
  • Tap it.
  • Tap the "Edit" button in the top right.
  • Tap the "Delete" button at the bottom.
  • Press the "Confirm" button at the top right.
  • Wait.
  • Tap on "Restart SpringBoard" if necessary.
  • And voila!
Note finally that you can also use this method to reinstall a tweak is very useful in case of crash.

Google Now: Android widgets soon

Google Now has been one of the big announcements from Google I / O last year and attending received a rather warm from the Android community. Quite logical given the features it offers. But in fact, we know that Big G ​​will not stop there and that the company is working hard on his assistant to make it more relevant and complete. But in fact, if one believes Android Central is a widget that could soon make its entry on its mobile platform, a widget that you can even discover a little picture in the article below ...

But before going further, it should be noted that this widget does not fall from the sky. In fact, Android Central has not had to go far to get their hands on it since the site editors were content to browse ... Google's documentation . This is obviously on the latter they have retrieved information on this widget and capture that accompanies this article. Since then, of course, Google has corrected this and any reference to it has been removed from this famous documentation.

Interesting, no? Certainly, all the more that this widget is very interesting. As you can see, if the course plays the card of minimalism - it's still the Google and do not forget - it integrates all de same number of elements. And what we know, the widget Google Now should really take all cards open in the tool by the user. If you have never used the tool, it may be recalled that the latter is in the form of a wizard that refers to mobinaute custom maps based on their research and based on several criteria. Sometimes it is the weather, other times it is the traffic from the road that leads to the workplace, these cards are of different types and you can get the list on the official website devoted to the tool.

These cards would be left thus directly integrated widget, allowing the user to more easily monitor their condition. It would therefore not need to open the tool again - or through its terminal multitasking - to get the day's weather or the birthdays of friends. No, all he would have to do is take a glance on this widget.

So of course, for the moment, we do not know any more and it is not so when it will be possible to enjoy this famous widget. With a little luck, Google will soon deploy an update to its tool through the Play Store, otherwise it will probably take the Google I / O 2013 June to enjoy.

PlayStation 4: connected to our phones and our tablets?

As its main rival, the PlayStation 4 is already shown repeatedly in recent weeks and we think know everything about it. Technical specifications, price or release date yet, just to mention it. Sony would have kept a few tricks up his game console and the new firm could and some surprises. Surprises that would affect mainly its functionality and more specifically its connectivity with our handheld devices, so with our smartphones and our touchpads ...

For some time, the key word Sony is ... connectivity . The firm is actually present in several sectors - mobile, TV, music - and it wants to build on its different facets to build a complete ecosystem and in which every product, every service, could communicate with its neighbors.

In this context, there is no doubt that the PlayStation 4 will play a central role in the new strategy of the firm. More than a console, it should naturally emerge as the junction point of the entire ecosystem Sony, a junction which eventually impose as the cornerstone of family entertainment. A console, media center, all together in a single case and can, in addition, to communicate with our mobile terminals.

How? The question is there, but Sony probably opt for a new application that will allow us to quietly take control console from our or our smartphone touch pad. An application may also make its debut on the PS Vita and propose a lot of features. Why? whole question is, of course, and we do not know much at the moment. As for me, I think we will probably get the universal remote - as proposed by the Xperia tablets - but hopefully Sony goes a little further than that.

And what would be really great, finally, is that the manufacturer allows us to use our smartphones, our shelves, our PS Vita GamePad as the Wii U.

Xbox 720 "Durango" a Kinect in every pack, multi-tasking, facilities and whatnot

The Xbox 720 "Durango" is much talked about in recent weeks and we have thus seen a lot of information about it, information relating primarily to its technical specifications and more precisely to the GPU . This time it is a little different since Kotaku managed to get their hands on some new particularly truculent and put this time focusing on merchandising and the functions of the console. This is much more exciting, obviously, and it should interest all those who are eagerly awaiting the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

But before going further, it should be noted that Microsoft has not yet confirmed its new console, and officially, the Xbox 720 does not exist. Surprising? Not so much as acknowledge the existence of a new console to cut back sales of the existing console and its games. In this context, it is of course why Sony and Microsoft are rather secretive about everything related to them. However, given that both firms strictly not unleash any information about them, all the rumors about them should be taken for what they are, that is to say, mere rumors.

What you need to know about the information collected by Kotaku, is that they all come from a single person, a person who you probably know as this is ... SuperDae ! Yes, the same SuperDae that tried to sell last year a development kit for the Xbox 720 and which is shown at the beginning of the year by contacting the technical details of the PlayStation 4. Although we do not know much about him, it would seem that SuperDae is very well established in the field of video games. However, this is not a reason to believe everything he says, huh.

Kinect, multi-task, hard drive installations and maybe more

According to him, therefore, every Xbox 720 sold worldwide in its pack should include a Kinect. Until now, it was sold as an accessory, but it seems that Microsoft has decided to implement a new strategy by incorporating it in all boxes sold commercially. The best is to come elsewhere since the console may not work without it. It would therefore be more optional and all players who want to enjoy their console and should have one at home.

Concerning the technical details, the Kinect sold with the Xbox 720 should be significantly more powerful than the Xbox 360. It could also capture gestures maximum of six players (25 joints) and offer full HD resolution in terms of colors . All with a focus that would be between 0.5 and 4.5 meters. On paper, this is quite promising.

We now storage. According to the same sources, the Xbox 720 should include a hard disk of 500 GB on which the player can store its media, of course, but will also be used in games. For indeed, to work, they must be installed on the console , just like a computer. Do not forget, by the way, it is also a question that each title is protected by a unique key and attached to the console, a key that would directly affect the market opportunity and to all the people who are trying to make a living.

This is not just because the Xbox 720 would integrate apparently true multitasking mode that allows players to start simultaneously several games or more applications. Contrary to what one might think, it's more interesting than it seems at first since it will be possible to start Skype before launching his title at the time, and to remain permanently connected to his friends.

Okay, and the controller in? This has been fairly quiet so far, but it seems that Microsoft is preparing some new to this side since the Xbox 720 controller could enjoy a completely redesigned for the occasion, a controller that remind of all- even the curves of the Xbox 360 controller, but with a new shape and new vehicle technologies. Also note that the Xbox Companion should also play a more important role and it is therefore not excluded that the company offers us a version soon most successful and allow us to transform our smartphone or tablet touch our game controller.

Silence your Android smartphone into silent according to your Google Calendar events

A smartphone, or even any mobile phone in general, but it is obviously practical has still some drawbacks ... Indeed, who has never forgotten to put it on silent during a meeting or any meeting you? We've all met at least once in this situation can quickly become annoying (  nan yes but it's not actually me ). To avoid these unpleasant moments, applications exist to modify some parameters of our smartphones automatically based on defined events. Among them, there is Silence, an Android application that is not new but has recently been updated, including a new handy feature.

Indeed, now, rather than creating the slots yourself, you'll be able to rely directly on the events that you have created on Google Calendar. At creating events on Silence, the operation is simple: you open the application, you click Add new event  and you choose between creating the event yourself or create one from Google Calendar event. Then, the procedure is the same regardless of your choice.

You will find a tab General you can specify information about the event in question: the name, schedules, etc ... Of course, all this information is already provided by Google Calendar if you chose this new possibility. The tab   Toggles  meanwhile you can select what to do at this event: adding a new switch ( Add new toggle ), so you can choose to mute your phone or simply the down, cut WiFi, reactivate, deactivate or reactivate the mobile data, and other things handy.

You may have noticed a small problem with Silence: the application is entirely in English, which is not necessarily cool for everyone. However, the interface is quite nice and uses the possibilities of Android 4.0 and higher, which is a real good point. Silence is available on Google Play Store for free, it did not incorporate additional functionality, not caring that disable the small inset visible advertising on the free version.

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