Apple against Samsung, the verdict in the United Kingdom

The war against Apple Samsung continues to rage. While threats of lawsuits are launched in different countries, the United Kingdom gave its verdict. Verdict in favour of Samsung, as the judge stated that the design of its tablet was not copied to the Apple. The trial judge had already issued the verdict in July and this time, it is indeed confirmed. Icing on the cake for Samsung, the judge demands public apology from Apple to counteract the negative image that the company has had to endure throughout the procedure.

Apple is sanctioned, say even punished, not only by being dismissed in court. The judge decided to drive the nail forcing the firm to buy advertising space where an apology will be formally presented and where the court is clearly exposed. In addition, Apple is condemned to implement a banner on its website that reflects the judge's decision, this banner will remain in place for not less than 6 months! It seems that the little war launched by Apple against rival on grounds more or less valid finds no echo among judges.

Samsung welcomed the decision of the judges, the firm estimates that Apple is not the only company to have imagined rectangular tablets with rounded corners. Even if the trial judge had said that Samsung products were not "too cool" as Apple, Apple will have to reckon with this decision. In fact, Apple threatened to launch trials in different countries but with the British trial verdicts, it could set a precedent and that the other judges decide to side with the English view.

Nexus 7: Google has sold 1 million tablets

The Nexus 7 have a real success in the words of one analyst. He believes that Google has released a volume of around one million. The Mountain View company has not provided official figures.

Publication of quarterly results Google has been disrupted by a printer error. The latter had published a document with 3:00 schedule. Thus, the Mountain View company has seen its stock exchange as suspended and action has fallen sharply. Apart from this accident, it is possible to learn by Piper Jaffray analyst that the tablet Nexus 7 has sold 1 million copies. These famous results were therefore used for this estimate. He would have used the line "  Other income  "to share this figure.

The analyst remains vague, Google could sell between 800,000 and 1 million tablets in the third quarter. This line is also encrypted by the site Zdnet to $ 666 million. A year ago, the figure was 385 million. This increase could be related to the sale of the new tablet from Google, the Nexus 7. These data are an estimate and should therefore be taken lightly as Google has not released official figures. In all cases the success was the appointment and rumours around this product are numerous.

Indeed, for several weeks, information circulating on the web. A 32 GB version could make its appearance on the market by the end of the year.

4K Ultra HD becomes

The Consumer Electronics Association has decided that 4K will now be called Ultra HD for Ultra High Definition. This standard corresponds to a display screen with 3840 x 2160 pixels. This name has been approved by the International Telecommunication Union in August, but remained in the validation, which has now been done.

So that TV can have this name, the TV must have at least one input capable of transmitting the video natively in 4K 3840 x 2160 pixels without upscaling. The screens will have 8 million pixels, with at least 3840 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels.

Ultra HD includes 4K, 8K, but also (which displays 7680 x 4320 pixels), a situation that may cause problems of understanding for the public when the two standards will be installed. We remember the early days of HD with its many appellations (HD, HD Ready, Full HD) that caused some misunderstanding for buyers.

It only remains to wait for the first Ultra HD TVs in France, which should not take long knowing that models are already marketed in Japan and the United States .

Megaupload 2: return!

Kim DotCom is known to have been caught by the FBI about his very famous site MegaUpload, by which amount of users could upload works, video or audio, regardless of copyright. Kim had not long ago announced plans to build a new website with the evocative name of Megabox. But it was useless to repeat the mistakes of the past being in total illegality and risking a break at any time of the site's servers as well as the wrath of justice.

We know a little more today on the architecture of the future website and how Kim DotCom imagined getting out of legal trouble could lead to a site whose purpose is still for visitors to grab files may be subject to copyright. Indeed, the latest have to worry about what to do with the rights holders and lawyers, as users see the files posted by users, provided they hold an encryption key to decipher what is downloaded. Indeed, AES encryption system is expected to be integrated Megabox.

The fact that users are the sole owners of the encryption keys to avoid hosting site to have knowledge of the contents of the files and the keys will be not stored on the servers of the site. But Kim DotCom says however that the rights holders will have access to the content they choose to access the encryption key. We can still say that the web designer mocks majors and justice. In addition the site will have their servers hosted in different countries to avoid loss of data and actions pure and simple cut from countries hosting. One may wonder why the majors have not looked at this encryption system when the Internet began to stammer and when it became obvious that the works were swarming the web.

Facebook continues to improve its Android application

After the opening of its advertising program for mobile application developers , Facebook has updated its Android application to fix some functions and improve the way some bugs.

The mobile social networking applications, either on iOS or Android, are very easy to use but sometimes slow. Unfortunately, this update does not correct (yet) but this recurring problem improves integration with photos.

Indeed, the social network has significantly improved the identification of pictures to make it faster, but has also changed and corrected the Add pictures which now offers the possibility to choose an album when sending photos .

At the time of this writing, the update only affects Android but should arrive soon on the App Store. Both platforms are elbow to elbow, the social network does not favour a priori any of them.

This update is focused on the photo as you can see because it is very important for Facebook to focus on the pictures on the mobile as well as the social networking giant is (yet) convinced to keep Instagram in a separate application.

The Facebook app is slow to you?

No Jelly Bean for the Xperia range of 2011

Announcements of updates to Android smartphones for different follow as serials. Small laconic sentences manufacturers leaving a little hope and ads more or less contradictory.

In this game, it's Sony who gets stuck about the Xperia range 2011. At the time not so long ago, it was still the entity Sony Ericsson (which became Sony Mobile Communications late October 2011). Bad news for owners of Xperia devices of the 2011 range, they can not enjoy Jelly Bean. Reason given: Sony believes that the transition to Android 4.1 on these terminals would be detrimental to the user experience worse than Android 4.0.4. Mean simply that the Japanese auto maker excuse a lack of power of these smartphones to "support" the update. Sony does not, however, abandon support for Xperia 2011 and continue to deliver updates to the firmware.

For owners of these smartphones, an alternative is to turn to a ROM AOSP ( Android Open Source Project).

The good news is for owners of Sony Xperia range 2012. Updates to come will allow them to become the host of Android 4.1. This affects T Sony Xperia, Xperia TX, V Xperia, Xperia S, Xperia Acro S, Xperia ion, Xperia P and Xperia Xperia go J. However, the three most recent models, namely T Xperia, Xperia Xperia TX and V, will see this update that happen to February 2013.

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