Google Maps back on iPhone!

They had promised, they did: the Google Maps application is again available on iPhone . The new version of Google Maps is available for iPhone and iPod Touch on iOS 5.1 and above in 40 countries and 29 languages, including French.

This new version of Google Maps for iOS includes the features we already knew, including Street View, with the added bonus of a failover 2D 3D option available on Apple Plans, but until then reserved to Google Android smartphones.

We remember that the application auparant integrated natively in iOS disappeared from Apple's mobile OS to suit the version 6. This is the application that Apple plans had changed.

The Mountain View company has put the package by incorporating Street View, transit routes and traffic information in real time in the biggest cities in the world.

App will, for sure, knowing a huge success as it is complete. Google has done everything to make it perfect with a new user interface. App Apple plans may suffer from the comparison. Remains that the Cupertino company has not said its last word. Apple could include Tomtom acquire and develop its application will attempt to climb up to that of Google.

A mano a tight man committed on the grounds of Apple definitely will benefit users.

When I write these lines, the application is not available on the App Store France, but this should not delay.

A Chrome extension for saving web content on Google Drive

The Mountain View company yesterday released a new Chrome extension developed by his team, allowing users to save any type of web content directly to their Google Drive.

After installing the extension, simply named "Save to Google Drive" adds an icon to the toolbar in the browser extensions, allowing users to save after clicking on it an image, an entire page, or even a screenshot of the page visible in their space Google Drive.

An import window informing about the status of the download of relevant content automatically opens and offers thereafter consult the file created by opening it directly from Google Drive, or by locating the directory in which it is located, to rename or remove it (if error).

Google has the same time made a small update for its management of images on Google Drive, now allowing users to zoom in by scrolling directly on the images to view them in adjusting to the page or in high resolution ( new buttons) and add comments on specific parts of an image (after selecting).

For more experienced users, the extension allows you to retrieve the entire HTML page in a web archive format files (. Mht - MIME HTML).

The extension adds an option to the passage in the context menu of the browser perform the same functionality as described above and the button to save the content faster.

Google unveils its ranking of popular search terms in 2012

1The other search engines, including Yahoo , have already published their annual rankings of the respective most searched terms in 2012, but we're all hanging on the lips because Google is first and foremost one that we expect.

Google has unveiled yesterday its famous Google's Zeitgeist, the classification of terms most often entered in the world in 2012 in its search engine. Another opportunity to see the Google search - but it's true in other engines - is primarily, if not exclusively linked to the news. Indeed, whatever the category, we can not find words not related to an event or a personality who made ​​headlines during the year, whether Whitney Houston in the standings, Lance Armstrong in sport, or the infernal duo iPad 3 / iPhone 5 in consumer electronics.

But for this year, Google has gone a step further and continues to innovate by offering an interactive map that allows you to navigate through the highlights of 2012 from 1200 billion searches in 146 languages, by country and month using the a timeline.

For France, if we also find Whitney Houston (but only in ninth place), there is a good half of the rankings for national news, including Free Mobile, short, Secret Story or Mappy France and McDonalds.

Here is the ranking of the most searched terms on Google in 2012:


4. 3 iPad

10. BBB12

Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 down to Free Mobile

The Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 have their price reduced in the operator Free Mobile. An effective concept for a few days holiday at the end of year, which could guarantee a certain number of sales.

Xavier Niel has integrated two catalog Free Mobile Smartphones that meet a real success since their launch. These models are also the two flagship Korean. With a sales volume large enough, the operator decided to implement a series of promotions. Thus, the Galaxy S3 was sold 549 euros, customers now have the opportunity to benefit from a reduction of 16 euros. It will therefore pay 529 euros to get the most acclaimed Smartphone on the mobile market. Regarding the model halfway between a tablet and a smartphone, the Galaxy Note 2, the drop rate is a little more interesting.

A small reduction

Indeed, it is proposed 599 euros on Free Mobile catalog. The operator carries a price reduction, the mobile therefore 569 euros. You should know that cashback is applied to model, so you should pay 499 euros to get the latest Galaxy Note, which has many advantages such as a large screen and the famous S Pen. Certainly promotions displayed by the fourth operator is not very important, but with the ODR, the Galaxy Note 2 is interesting. At this time, Free Mobile is a small restructuring of its two euros. For the same price, consumers have the opportunity to have two hours of calls and unlimited SMS. This price drop Samsung's flagship smartphone is therefore the policy.

Free Mobile also apply these changes to a few days holiday season. A method that may allow to increase its volume of subscribers. Free Mobile should now focus on the development of its network. Customers are not all satisfied with the quality, the operator will have to cover up French soil to meet customer expectations.

SFR Nexus 4: Availability and prices charged

The Nexus 4 is SFR on December 18. As promised, the information is confirmed by the operator. Customers will have the opportunity to buy the new flagship Google next week, but the rates are high.

The Nexus 4 has become a scarce commodity, it could become a collector's item if the shortage continues on this path. In all cases, the new Google smartphone arrives in preview at the operator SFR has made the official information. It will have to wait until December 18 to get the mobile as successful on the web and in the world. On the official store, it is displayed to 299 euros in the 8 GB and 349 euros for the 16 GB version must multiply the price by almost two to get the prices charged at SFR. It is therefore likely hurt some budgets especially during periods of financial crisis. Certainly, offers refunds are very attractive and can get the smartphone from the euro.

Nexus 4 a fairly high

Rather it gets stuck at the package price. For the Nexus 4, you will have the opportunity to pay a euro to buy mobile with Square offers 6 GB is rather good news because ODR is 178.90 euros. For cons, the package costs 89.99 euros per month for a commitment period of 24 months. Relying on the price charged on Google Play , your package will cost you a year or about 3 Nexus 1079.88 4-299 euros. Lower formulas are proposed with the formula Square 4 GB The package costs 69.99 euros per month for a 24-month commitment. Nexus will cost 29.90 euros with an RDA of 150 euros. Repeating the calculations, your package will cost you 839.88 euros this year, or about 2 Nexus 4-299 euros.

Finally, the last formula SFR Square offers 2 GB to 49.99 euros for a 24-month commitment. You will pay 599.88 euros over a year or two Nexus 4-299 euros. You will still need to pay at the registration package at 179.90 euros, because there is no RDA.

iPhone: Edjing is the first application of music in 25 countries

Edjing is an original concept that reinvents the field of music via an application. It is available on Android, iPad and iPhone for several months and it continues to generate a real craze.

Edjing found himself at the heart of LeWeb 2012 event a few days ago. After a presentation noticed the application was acclaimed at the Mobile Growth Panel by Facebook. It was thus one of the three start-ups who were more integrated functionality made ​​available by the social network. Thus, successful Edjing over weeks to climb the stairs and increasingly successful. Launched on Android, iPad and iPhone, Edjing reference 2 million downloads and nearly 600,000 users. Daily application of mix can boast seduce 10,000 additional users.

Number 1 with the iPhone version

The concept has managed to convince music lovers. These can get professional equipment on their favorite products. Thus, in transit, traveling, during a coffee break or sitting comfortably at home, you can build a piece with ease using the many tools and effects. This application won the ranking since the beginning of December confirms infatuation, Edjing is:
  • In Top 25 best apps in the USA
  • In first place in 23 countries on iPad
  • In first place in 5 countries all categories
  • In the first position in 25 countries with the iPhone version
Edjing to download, just follow the links:

Assassin's Creed 3: 82 centuries of playing time referenced in 1 month

Assassin's Creed 3 is the best selling game in the history of Ubisoft. This has indeed referenced nearly 7 million copies sold after only 30 days. The game also carries other statistics incredible.

Assassin's Creed 3 received an exceptional welcome, fans are indeed sent to buy the latest installment of the saga. The game has invested retail shelves last thirty days, yet Ubisoft will display a record with 7 million copies sold in sell-through. With this statistic, it becomes the best-selling album in the history of Ubisoft. After acquiring the third part, players are then directed fervently in different missions. The open world was searched from top to bottom and fans found a environment rich in adventures.

Outstanding hospitality

This allows Ubisoft to reference it in the single player campaign nearly 82 centuries of game time, the number of murders is equally impressive as virtual easily reaches over 3 billion. The single player mode is not the only concept offered Assassins around the world, in fact, they had the opportunity to experience the multiplayer. In this phase of the game, the number of murders has soared to 250 million. Ubisoft also found 5 billion sessions.

The figures therefore replace long speeches, they show strong enthusiasm generated by the third installment of Assassin's Creed. According to the director of marketing and sales at Ubisoft, Geoffroy Sardin, reception of this album   was exceptional, and this success has been a top seller this season. The editor was aware that the game was something special, but it was far from imagining that success is equally impressive, We are very pleased and proud to see how the fans enjoy this new episode of the series. 

Fans can also get many offers for Christmas. From December 10 until December 23, a decrease was recorded exceptional price in most shops.

iTV Apple could make a TV in 2013

The iTV Apple could be a reality according to information from the Wall Street Journal . Apple work with Sharp for the design of the TV. That makes echoes previous statements to Tim Cook.

Apple CEO stated in the press that there were things to do in the field of television. The rumor of an iTV could therefore be confirmed in the coming months, according to sources cited by the Wall Street Journal . Prototypes widescreen HD would be studied in collaboration with Sharp and Foxconn. Thus, the new product from Apple could emerge in 2013 and give a boost to the firm which integrates a new domain. An interesting concept that would allow it to reach another segment of the population. Made in Apple TV would also benefit from all the features that can be found on other devices such as iTunes. Further information quite interesting from Jefferies, who believes that the Apple iTV could be launched in September or October 2013.

The iTV could become a reality

This year would also be responsible for some analysts as Apple announced a possible release of a low cost version of iPhone. He would find himself in the entry level with a rate of between 200 and 250 dollars. The iPad could also undergo an update at the beginning of September. Apple has so many projects and 2013 could be the year Apple. Regarding the iTV, Foxconn and Sharp collaborated for several years on the design of a television labeled with Apple. The first could not be reached and the second does not comment on this type of information.

The data transmitted by the Wall Street Journal about echo the CEO, Tim Cook. He believes he has the impression of being a good twenty years back when the television lights. This could be a new source of inspiration for the company that offers a housing connected to the Internet. The TV market is already intense since manufacturers are engaged in a real war in search of new technologies . It would still be interesting to know the vision of the Apple TV.

Guaranteed success?

A survey was interested in the will of Americans. 1568 people were interviewed by Morgan Stanely. The results highlight a rate of 47% for the iTV. Television would have a greater success than the iPad or iPhone according to experts. One in 10 people surveyed believes it would be very interested in an Apple branded model. This new TV would also take the opportunity to forecast at 13 million copies in the U.S..

Yahoo! launches new Yahoo! Mail interface

Yahoo! has announced a new version of its messaging service Yahoo! Mail, it wants faster, easier and adopts the same on the platforms namely main Web, Windows 8, iPhone / iPod touch and Android.

The CEO of the company, Marissa Mayer (a former head of Google), stated that "The new Yahoo! Mail is fast, easy and accessible wherever you go." Inbox is more intuitive (the number was reduced button) and allows faster navigation to focus on the messages. Research has also been improved and it supports auto-completion.

The new application for iPhone and iPod touch is available now, it is the same for the Android and Windows 8. Regarding the Web version, the user must wait for cons to discover.

Yahoo! Mail claims 281.7 million active users, with this new version, the company wants to tackle Gmail remains the market leader with 287.9 ​​million accounts, but also to Hotmail / and 286 2 million users.

Angry Birds on the big screen in 2016

The famous video game billion downloads continues to decline. On the occasion of the third anniversary of the release of Angry Birds , Rovio Finnish studio has not confirmed a new version of multiplatform game, but the output in 2016 a feature film.

Angry Birds leave the small screens of iPhones to be on the big cinemas. During the three years of Angry Birds, Rovio, the Finnish game publisher has formalized the upcoming release of a film about his famous game for mobile devices.

The preparation of this animated 3D film project was awarded to John Cohen. Producer has shown recently with the feature film animation Me Despicable.

He is joined by David Maisel, former Chairman of Marvel Studios who endorse the cap executive producer of the film. This has produced the latest blockbuster Marvel, including Iron Man, The incredible Hulk, Thor or Captain America.

Rovio project 100%

Mikael Hed to CEO of Rovio, John Cohen and David Maisel form "the duo wanted to create this film outside of the major studios" in Hollywood, he said in a statement.

Rovio has not yet announced how it plans to invest in this production, but has already said he would himself pay 100% of the film, expected in theaters in summer 2016. The publisher hopes to keep hold of the baby and have the last word on decisions.

question is who will be the realization of this project and how will the script. Presumably, this should be a story of birds that do not like the pigs.

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