Wii U: 400,000 sales in a week in the United States and then ...

Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo in North America, was on stage at E3 2012 to showcase the Wii U and now he announces that its sales for the first week of marketing.

It is far from the record sales of the PS2 on the first day of its release but sales of the Wii U however very good start in the United States. Are 400,000 of these consoles were sold in the space of a week. During this same week, Nintendo has sold more than 1.1 million consoles if we add the 3DS (250 000), DS (275,000) and the Wii (200,000).

Unclear how the console will be hosted in Europe and if sales continue at the same pace in North America. In its favor, Nintendo has the perfect timing with the holiday season, however if stocks are not depleted. Wii U also benefits from the lack of new consoles competing. Future Xbox could happen as early as 2013 (announced at E3 and available at year-end) as well as the PS4.

But if sales seem to go overseas, returns are mixed. As usual, Nintendo has not seen fit to equip the console with a powerful hardware (and even "horrible programming" and posting a developer on the processor). The first ports of existing games on PS3 and Xbox 360 revealed identical except worse ( Mass Effect 3 , for example) on both consoles output in 2005 (Xbox 360) and 2006 (PS3). Straw!

There is also the issue of storage: 8 GB on a console € 300, knowing that a portion is available for the user. In the same period of time, Nintendo states that games can be installed on an SD card and it is not recommended to install on USB storage devices! Remains the version with 32 GB which costs € 350!

Finally, the selling point is the GamePad, this tablet which is not one but acts as secondary display (streaming). Only the game ZombiU seems to operate correctly.

The use of GamePad seems disrupt the gaming experience that bringing the desired immersion. In addition, with a resolution of 854 by 480 feeble pixels (those far from our shelves and our smartphones) and an obligation to stay relatively close to the console, it failed to convince overseas.

It remains doubtful to face a console that was yet so much hope in it. Wii U tries to address gamers without providing more and leverages its franchises without renewal. Communication calamitous Japanese society since the announcement of the Wii U was so in tune with the limited interest of the console.

At the end of year (in early 2013), the surprises coming games on Xbox 360. It is believed the sublime Halo 4 for Xbox 343 for 360 Industries, the excellent Need For Speed: Most Wanted in Hitman Absolution , the highly anticipated Far Cry 3 and MGS Rising (early 2013). It is often in the old pots (PS3 and Xbox 360 here) that makes the best soup.

On Xbox 360, the application SmartGlass can replace (with different functions but must evolve) GamePad for the nominal sum of € 0 (the app is free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 ).

The Galaxy Note II sells like hotcakes!

Despite a lawsuit over a billion dollars and the release of the iPhone 5, Samsung continues to panic sales statistics with its Galaxy range. In fact, the South Korean firm announced it had sold almost 5 million units of Galaxy Note II!

This unit 5.55-inch half-way between a smartphone and a tablet really sells like hotcakes: the phone manufacturer had already sold 3 million units in 24 days and 5 million units just 37 days after its launched.

Note that Samsung regularly publishes statistics on the number of units that were purchased by vendors and not end users. It is clear difficult to compare these figures with those of the latest iPhone, for example, even if they have the merit of an idea on sales of Samsung.

The firm predicts 20 million sales for the Galaxy Note II, more than double its predecessor, the Galaxy Note, which had passed the 10 million units in 9 months. One thing is certain: the best-selling brand is the Galaxy S III with 30 million units sold in 150 days.

Galaxy Note 2: 5 million units sold in two months

Output end of September the Samsung device that sits between a smartphone and a tablet continues to sell very well. While Samsung announced at the beginning of 3 million units sold , it is now over 2 million announced by the Korean manufacturer.

Samsung is above 6 million Galaxy Note II passed by the end of the year, a goal that should be achieved if sales continue. It should also be much better than its predecessor, the Galaxy Note has surpassed 10 million units, a year after its launch.

As a reminder, Note II runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and has a 5.5-inch screen (against 5.3 for the first score) Super AMOLED 1280 x 720 and a quadruple heart SoC 1.6 GHz ( 1.4 GHz dual heart against its predecessor).

The  Galaxy Note 2  will also have a version of Dual Sim from China on December 3 for a price of 5699 yuan, about 710 euros. However, no information regarding a release for Europe was transmitted.

RIM launches BlackBerry Apps Challenge 10

Today, Monday, November 26, 2012, RIM launched the Blackberry 10 Android Challenge. Got an Android application? You can now turn it into a Blackberry application with one click and 10 and enter this contest.

BlackBerry 10 announced the comeback of RIM. This OS, which is scheduled for launch January 30, 2013, was announced as one of the best operating system market by developers who have tried it, thanks to its browser and ergonomic innovations made ​​to the navigation between applications.

RIM has created the runtime , a tool that transforms in one click your application in Android BlackBerry 10. If you created an Android app, simply submit and RIM will send you an application ready to be posted on BlackBerry App World. In addition to an application now available on millions of new smartphones and tablets, you can earn a promotion on the App World worth € 8000 and the BlackBerry PlayBook.

To register, is simple: just fill out the form available on the website dedicated to BlackBerry 10 Android Challenge before December 14. Online voting will take place in the following 14 to 17 December to elect the two best applications win highlighting and tablets offered by RIM.

Windows 8: A "Start" menu hidden

Windows 8 is a number of paris Microsoft has dared to do. The interface "Modern UI" (previously called "Metro") is put forward to introduce the vignettes and the Windows App Store has passed the milestone of 20,000 apps.

The classic interface "office" is still present. But she is an orphan of the 'start' button. Willingness to Steven Sinofsky recently goodness outside the company, its absence (the button) still disturbs. However difficult to correlate with the difficult beginnings of Windows 8.

However, we discover a single click option that is present in a certain way. More precisely, it is a menu already present but less sophisticated Windows 7 (accessible in the same way) that is present. Microsoft has not hidden but has not really promoted. You can also access it from the desktop and Modern UI interfaces with the key combination Windows + X. The menu is very useful if you do not want to remember the myriad shortcuts Windows 8 or if you simply take your first steps on this new version.

But if you want to find the "Start" menu, be aware that many vendors offer solutions to install a version often free. Note that the startup Pokki that is easy to install and offers a plate a "Start" menu it is possible to customize.

A button missing from the official version of Windows 8 has not finished talking to him. There are whispers and Sinofsky party, the button could him back (on Windows 9?).

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