Google Play Music All Access: catch the web service and mobile application

Among the various new products announced earlier in the week at the Google I / O, there's All Access Music Play either the new service listening music streaming Google. A service that is very close to a Spotify or Deezer but which is, for now, available in the United States. A terrible injustice, of course, but all is not lost as much as a good reader of the Fredzone managed to access the platform. He has the opportunity to take a number of catches featuring web portal concocted by Googlers and mobile application available on Android. Catch you will now be able to find later in the article.

As you can see by looking at the pictures accompanying this article, the interface of Play Music All Access is quite similar to that of Google Music. We are faced with a service playing the card of minimalism, with some gray and orange shades.

The functionality of the service is accessible through a fixed control located in the left side of the sidebar window. With a few clicks, it will be possible to access the latest albums added to the catalog of the platform, but we can also go dig into our personal library if your heart tells us. Same, always in this area, there will also be a shortcut pointing directly to radio stations Play Music All Access, thematic radio created by you or by other users of the service.

Play Music All Access: for all playlists

A little further down, we can also get their hands on the playlists. The latter can be of two types: on the one hand, we have the auto-generated playlists by Play Music All Access, on the other playlists created by the user. Regarding the latter, there is not much to say except that it will be possible to share with our friends, or on Google+, or by relying on a specific link. The auto-generated playlists, in turn, should eventually allow us to more easily discover new music, new artists. It would appear that the platform is able to trace the most popular titles, the latest titles added or even titles donated by record labels. Best, by clicking on the appropriate option, it will also be possible to display the playlists shared by our friends.

Always in the same place, we also have a "Explore" module will aim to make us discover new things. A module that will highlight popular content, the latest releases or even recommendations. Recommendations based on our tastes, and therefore totally customized. A little further, we can also take a walk in the catalog of Play Music All Access by selecting the type of interest. It also most musical genres are represented seem, can be warm and ears with R & B, Blues, Folk, Pop the Gospel or even if your heart tells us.

Whatever the topic in which we find ourselves, we generally entitled to the same display. All albums will be displayed as well as miniatures, with beautiful covers that we will want to click on it. By selecting the album of our choice, then it will be possible to display all tracks list. Again, the result is quite interesting, and quite visual.

I have not even tested the service, I can not really tell you what it is but it seems at least offer all the features found on other platforms like. However, I have a little more trouble with the interface seems rather austere and rather gloomy. I would have very much preferred that Googlers are based on the new version of Google+ to design the interface of their new platform.

Good, and the Android application then? Here, it is very simple, we find exactly the same visual identity and the same interface as the web portal. Basically, it is very similar to Google Music, but with all the features we just mentioned.

And a big thank you to those who recognize reading these lines!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: it will be well presented at the IFA 2013

If one believes the figures given by Samsung, while the Galaxy S4 would be a huge success and the manufacturer would have been more than 4 million units in five days after its launch. Not bad, but it is not finished because it has another Smartphone in preparation, a Smartphone that is none other than the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 3 . But in fact, if you wait it with impatience, you will no doubt be pleased to learn that he will indeed be presented at the IFA 2013, somewhere between 6 and 11 September next.

And be careful, because this information comes from an official source, as we learn by reading the article in the Korea Times earlier in the day. It is therefore not a rumor, or even a hallway noise, so that means you can start to prepare yourself psychologically to empty your CODEVI.

Then of course, for the moment, no one really knows what will offer the Galaxy Note 3 but if we are to believe what is rumored since the beginning of the week, so it could be presented as a Wholesale Galaxy S4 . Contrary to rumors from the beginning of the year, so it does not benefit from an aluminum hull and is well contented to play the card plastic. All with a metal edge, like his little brother. Surprising? Not so much as the previous Galaxy Note was all housed in the same boat, in pretty much.

The technical specifications of the alleged Galaxy Note 3

Okay, and technical specifications. Again, it is better to go with tweezers, but be aware that the Galaxy Note 3 should normally enjoy a full HD 5.9 inch screen and a chip octo-core Exynos 5 , the very same team that some Galaxy S4 and was presented by Samsung at the last CES. RAM, in turn, should turn around 2 GB or 3 GB, all with plenty of storage between 16 GB and 64 GB depending on the model.

Also in the same vein, the Note 3 should also inherit much of the applications and features developed for the S4. It is also possible, that makes Samsung developed its S Suite so that it takes a little more part of the stylus that comes with the device. Well, anyway, given how things work today, Note 3 should be leaked well as it should in August, and perhaps even from the month of July. There remains no long wait to know everything about it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 3: an image and informal specifications

If one believes what is rumored on the web since the beginning of the year, while Samsung is expected soon to launch a new touch screen tablet, the Galaxy Tab 8.0 3. A tablet would benefit, as its name suggests, a 8-inch screen and would be positioned alongside the Galaxy Tab 7.0 3 announced in recent weeks. Yes, and if we talk about it, this is absolutely not a coincidence since Sam Mobile managed to get their hands on a photo and the data sheet of slate. A particularly complete data sheet and gives us a clearer idea of what will happen in the South Korean manufacturer. Everything is in the rest of the article.

Be careful though because all this information must be taken with the utmost caution. 3 The Galaxy Tab 8.0 is not yet official and even if these specifications seem pretty consistent, it is only a rumor, and nothing but a rumor.

According to Sam Mobile, the Galaxy Tab 8.0 and 3 benefit from an 8-inch WXGA screen with a resolution of 1280 × 800. Besides that, we also would be entitled to a dual-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz and 1.5 GB of RAM. It's not bad, especially since the slate we would enjoy a storage space of 16 GB, complete with a port for micro SD card space. A port that can accommodate cards up to 64 GB regarding the sensors, they are two in number: a 5-megapixel sensor on the back of the tablet, and a 1.3 megapixel sensor this front.

Connectivity, meanwhile, is quite limited and we could and a micro USB port and a 3.5 jack. For networks, the tablet would integrate a WiFi chip 802.11 a / ​​b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0 chip, a chip a GPS and even 4G for some models. Level autonomy, could rely on a battery of 4450 mAh and slate turn out more about the latest version of Android Jelly Bean is 4.2.2.

And design then? Not much info on the subject, except that the Galaxy Tab 8.0 3 should provide quite compact (209.3 x 122.2 x 6.95 mm). For the rest, it will be the official ad, which could take place next month.

The Nexus 4 white and Android 4.3 for June 10?

The Google I / O ends today and it is clear that this issue really worth its weight in gold. Just for Google+ and Google Maps, frankly it was worth the detour. However, and contrary to what foreshadowed the latest rumors to date, Google has not introduced the new version of Android, or even the famous white Nexus 4 which has caused much ink since the beginning of the year. It's terrible, necessarily, but know all de same as the site Android and Me has apparently managed to get a little more information on the subject. 4.3 Jelly Bean and the new Nexus 4 could then be presented at the 10 June, during a dedicated event.

This rumor, like all others, should obviously be taken with caution. It seems that the site is able to obtain this information from a source anonymous, close the file and working for the company altogether, a source which is obviously knows nothing. Suffice to say that in this context, it is better not to pack too quickly.

However, the interesting thing is that Android and Me is downright managed to get hold of a copy of the white Nexus 4. According to the site, it would be an exact copy of the current Nexus 4 and thus benefit the same lines, the same materials and the same technical specifications. It is thus a question of a 4.7 inch screen with a resolution of 1280 × 768, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2 GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel sensor and so on. Note however that the site did not mention the storage capacity of the terminal and this is normal because there was talk for a time, that it takes advantage of 32 GB of disk space, against 8 GB or 16 GB the current version of the device.

Jelly Bean 4.3: just an update

Although we do not really know why Google has not made ​​Jelly Bean 4.3 during its Google I / O, the site sources indicate to them that the "reveal" will take place on June 10. However, do not expect a revolution since the new version of Android will be a simple update, an update which will land elsewhere on the Nexus 4, Nexus and Nexus 7 from 10 next month.

In short, with a little luck, you should be able to enjoy the white Nexus 4 before going on vacation. And that's still cool. Otherwise, if you like white, you can always fall back on the Galaxy S4 "Pure" presented at the Google I / O.

Google Now and Siri will face off with the help of a Galaxy S 4 and an iPhone 5

iPhone 5 and Galaxy S 4 , Siri and Google Now ... the stakes are high and the rivalry between two brands, models and platforms seems to know no end, for the benefit of the user. One of the pillars that have supported the major mobile phone manufacturers have been monitoring them using voice commands. Apple bet big with Siri in its day and the Mountain View did the same with Google Now.

Both systems offered from the perspective of the user, basically the same, but both have been smoothing roughness and improving their performance over time. CNET has seen fit to conduct a face-off between the two systems and to add a little more of curiosity to the subject, employing their shining stars in combat: do not miss the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S 4 fight copper in the video you'll find after the jump. There is no clear winner, but each is brighter than the other depending on the tests to which they are subjected.

Appears a supposed Samsung Galaxy Tab August 3 inches

The launch of the new Galaxy Tab three has not been well received by the public, and Samsung wants to solve this uncomfortable situation. How? Well, as best: releasing another greatest-inch model. Reveals so a leak published by Sam Mobile, announcing a Galaxy Tab August 3 inches. If you think that this course model would be an identical copy of the newly released Galaxy Note 8.0, do not walk too far off, but it seems that there will be some differences that will help differentiate them.

One is that the bezel is somewhat thinner and the position of the front camera and speaker would be different. In addition, the specifications sound and speak of a dual core processor at 1.5 GHz, 16 GB of internal memory (expandable to 64 GB), cameras of 5 and 1.3 megapixel, Bluetooth 4.0, 4,450 mAh battery, and WiFi and 3G versions. Of course, lack the charismatic S-Pen, which seems to be totally unique to the Note range. What else is left to get to Samsung?

BlackBerry: iOS and Android version of BBM will be the first smartphone-based tablet version later

We look forward to use the BlackBerry BBM service on your iOS or Android tablet ? Temporary look at this matter may be less likely to achieve. BlackBerry software portfolio in charge of Vivek Bhardwaj before in the TrustedReviews interview that other versions of BBM in the summer, on-line will be the first main iOS smartphone Android 4.0 and above system, As for the tablet version will have to wait until the right time will be put into development (the first test the water temperature in the smartphone platform Hello).

According to Bhardwaj, the smartphone is their current "most concerned" platform, because the true value of the "action" is the BBM. But nevertheless BlackBerry does not completely rule out the BBM possibility of landing the big screen, Bhardwaj said "table, smart TV and other areas worth exploring," So we'll see.

Sony shows its e-ink tablet screen for students

Not even five days ago I talked on here about the new Sony interesting proposal for the education sector, consisting of a tablet with e-ink screen of 13.3 inches . Today luckily we teach and a first running video team, thanks to the presence of the manufacturer in Educational IT Solutions Expo being held these days in Japan. Developed in conjunction with E Ink, the prototype has, as you know, with A4 size and has a Mobi E Ink flexible display that only weighs 60 grams-talk about a reduction of almost 50% compared to other similarly sized conventional screens -, thus helping to achieve a device really light (358 grams total) and portable (its thickness is 6.8 mm). Its range is estimated at three weeks.

Obviously this is a prototype and as it clarifies Sony, their software still does not work as well as you'd like, despite this, the answer seems acceptable and certainly represents a promising team for the student sector-indeed, hope to make the first tests on three private universities in the country in the second half of the year. So you see with your own eyes how the team responds to the stylus scribbles and scriptures that accompanies it, have a video, recorded by the folks at DigiTimes , waiting after the jump. Do not miss it.

Razer Announces Atrox Xbox 360 Arcade Stick

Razer welcomes a new (and special) product in your catalog. Atrox is the Arcade Stick for Xbox 360, a peripheral that after a long period of testing (as the manufacturer recognizes) finally announces its availability for purchase. This command is nourished components Sanwa, has ten control buttons, joystick movements 8-ball and offers numerous customization options or modding , including well-inside-accessible storage space for a screwdriver, bat top joystick alternative and a USB cable of 4 meters. This treat for fans of arcade sticks can be booked online store Manufacturer from next May 21 at a price of 199.99 euros / dollars. Shortly begin its distribution in Japan, being intended landing in the other markets for the month of June.

Fitbit syncs already Galaxy S 4 and more devices soon

Those who like to measure your daily activity well known to Fitbit, and the manufacturer seems determined to solve the shortage of Android devices that wirelessly synchronizes. A few days ago we informed you that it was already possible in the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, today we announce that the brand new Galaxy S 4 is already among the supported devices. Why should these problems be increasing the catalog? As we read in the blog, this is due to the differences existing software across multiple computers Android , which causes problems regardless enjoying Bluetooth 4.0 or not. In this sense, we echoed yesterday's announcement regarding Bluetooth SIG that Android will soon feature Bluetooth Smart Ready , which both Fitbit as other peripheral manufacturers greatly appreciate.

Pinterest to send 'pins' directly to your friends

Pinterest is one of the most successful social networks, that's no doubt, however, has a thorn that could not be removed: their structure does not allow you to share content with ease, and the 'pins' had to be sent to family and friends using the (ahem) old e-mail. However, never too late to catch up and social network allows from now send 'pins' directly to your friends using mobile applications or web. The email option is still available for those accustomed to the old school and You can send to your Facebook friends. Users of the social network also receive notifications of the reactions of their environment either through phone or by email. Source: Pinterest

iTunes 11.0.3 with better mini player but without streaming

If Apple does not now sometime soon with its streaming service, then they are last. Why Google that - despite their known tense situation with the music industry - riff before, we can only be attributed to the fact that gradually gives an idea of Mobile First there too. Best, but Apple is waiting out there to introduce the same in several markets.

But the 11.0.3 version of iTunes has at least an improved mini-player, where you finally see where you are in the play and gets a little more control over playback functions and active playlist. In addition, there is a new view for albums on several CDs (yes, there are still). The update comes as usual via software update in the App Store.

Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus S4 with Android 4.2.2

Who what everything on a Samsung Galaxy S4 makes so so happy to Samsung's proprietary software in favor of a Nexus -waived Experience, which has from 26 Google Play and the possibility to buy a Galaxy S 4 June without skins like. The specifications are of course with 13 megapixel camera, 16GB storage, 1080p display and LTE exactly the same as in other Galaxy S4. It's a little faster than TouchWiz, but here it's all more of a setting than about pure speed. Why Google is not known to us the thing as Nexus still a little unclear, but we call it pseudo-Nexus. Maybe even a family out of it.

Xenon Archos 80 Tablet with Jelly Bean and 3G

Archos has now brought out next to a kitchen tablet still a low-end tablet with impressive specifications for 200 euros. The Xenon 80 comes with a 1.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm processor, Android 4.1, 1024x768 IPS display and 4GB memory (expandable to 64 via microSD). Of course, with Google Play but unfortunately only me a 2 megapixel rear camera.

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