Samsung Galaxy Note 3: it will be well presented at the IFA 2013

If one believes the figures given by Samsung, while the Galaxy S4 would be a huge success and the manufacturer would have been more than 4 million units in five days after its launch. Not bad, but it is not finished because it has another Smartphone in preparation, a Smartphone that is none other than the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 3 . But in fact, if you wait it with impatience, you will no doubt be pleased to learn that he will indeed be presented at the IFA 2013, somewhere between 6 and 11 September next.

And be careful, because this information comes from an official source, as we learn by reading the article in the Korea Times earlier in the day. It is therefore not a rumor, or even a hallway noise, so that means you can start to prepare yourself psychologically to empty your CODEVI.

Then of course, for the moment, no one really knows what will offer the Galaxy Note 3 but if we are to believe what is rumored since the beginning of the week, so it could be presented as a Wholesale Galaxy S4 . Contrary to rumors from the beginning of the year, so it does not benefit from an aluminum hull and is well contented to play the card plastic. All with a metal edge, like his little brother. Surprising? Not so much as the previous Galaxy Note was all housed in the same boat, in pretty much.

The technical specifications of the alleged Galaxy Note 3

Okay, and technical specifications. Again, it is better to go with tweezers, but be aware that the Galaxy Note 3 should normally enjoy a full HD 5.9 inch screen and a chip octo-core Exynos 5 , the very same team that some Galaxy S4 and was presented by Samsung at the last CES. RAM, in turn, should turn around 2 GB or 3 GB, all with plenty of storage between 16 GB and 64 GB depending on the model.

Also in the same vein, the Note 3 should also inherit much of the applications and features developed for the S4. It is also possible, that makes Samsung developed its S Suite so that it takes a little more part of the stylus that comes with the device. Well, anyway, given how things work today, Note 3 should be leaked well as it should in August, and perhaps even from the month of July. There remains no long wait to know everything about it.

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