Google Now and Siri will face off with the help of a Galaxy S 4 and an iPhone 5

iPhone 5 and Galaxy S 4 , Siri and Google Now ... the stakes are high and the rivalry between two brands, models and platforms seems to know no end, for the benefit of the user. One of the pillars that have supported the major mobile phone manufacturers have been monitoring them using voice commands. Apple bet big with Siri in its day and the Mountain View did the same with Google Now.

Both systems offered from the perspective of the user, basically the same, but both have been smoothing roughness and improving their performance over time. CNET has seen fit to conduct a face-off between the two systems and to add a little more of curiosity to the subject, employing their shining stars in combat: do not miss the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S 4 fight copper in the video you'll find after the jump. There is no clear winner, but each is brighter than the other depending on the tests to which they are subjected.

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