GTA 5: information on the "collector" versions

The delay of GTA 5 has some teeth gnashing and it is perhaps for this reason that Rockstar distills more information about his upcoming title. This time, the publisher wanted to shed light on both editions "collector" Grand Theft Auto 5, editions it is possible to pre-order now and that will give some very interesting bonus. Bonus "real" or "virtual" because it will also issue weapons, uniforms and additional vehicles, as well as some very interesting bonus. Needless to say, all the information that go are just a little later in the article, eh?

We must admit, at this time, means a lot to talk about GTA 5. Just last month, we were treated to three trailers featuring the three heroes of the game, or Michael, Trevor and Franklin. High colour video and also allowed us to better understand the personal history of these three thugs.

Today, Rockstar has decided to give a layer, this time, information on the two versions of "collector" of GTA 5. As often with titles so popular - and expected - that he, the editor has actually decided to launch no less than three different versions: a standard for players who do not necessarily want to empty their bank account, and two versions a little more "rich" and taking advantage of additional content.

These are the characteristics of these two special versions:

Special Edition - € 79.99: Contains artbook and a map of Los Santos in poster format, a plan that will no doubt soon to adorn the wall of your bedroom, your living room or office.
Collector version - € 149.99: This edition includes everything that can be found in the special version, with a few additions like playing in a metal case, a baseball cap and a pouch which can be locked.

Well, from this perspective, one might think that it's a bit of a scam, but be aware that these versions also incorporate a lot of bonus "in game". With them, each character will have their special ability bar to increase by 25% , a bar that also recharge 25% faster. In addition, players will receive new weapons, new outfits, new tattoos and even new vehicles.

Not bad, right? True, and if you are interested, know that both editions will be available for pre-order in the coming hours, all with delivery scheduled for September 17.

Xbox One: up to Xbox Live Gold subscription?

Until now, Xbox Live is declined in two distinct offerings: the Silver, to download demos and bonus and Gold, for the right to play in multiplayer. Thereupon, there was also a special solution for the whole family and to ensure that all players in a single household should buy all their subscription. Friendly, yes, but the Xbox One will change everything. If one believes Polygon, Microsoft would actually change strategy by eliminating altogether the offer dedicated to the family. And both say that this could have an impact for all players on Xbox officiating.

The first thing to know to begin with is that the Xbox Live Gold subscription will work as well on Xbox One on Xbox 360. If you decide to splurge on the new console from Microsoft, so you will not need to iron to the body and you can find your subscription, your profile and all related information. It was pretty predictable, but it will not fail to comfort all players who posed the question precisely.

Another novelty is the removal of the offer Xbox Live Gold Family. An offer that will disappear very soon in the intricacies of the "cloud" and will no longer be available at all. The question you should definitely ask yourself is whether it will be replaced by a new subscription solution and finally the answer is one word: no. Rest assured, however, because it does not mean that all members of your family gamers will purchase their own subscription. No, actually, once the offer is associated with Gold console, above all configured profiles can enjoy.

Xbox Live Gold: A subscription for the whole family

If you and your brother / father / mother want to play multiplayer on Xbox One, so you will have to pay one Gold membership will be automatically shared among all family members.

Here, one might think that Microsoft gave us a huge gift, and it may be the case, but it must nevertheless temper that good news since the company has not yet announced the price of its offer Gold, there therefore know how it will actually cost us and u will increase is perfectly conceivable . Especially when you know that Microsoft has invested in no less than 300,000 servers to support the launch of its new console, and allow players to compete in the best possible conditions. A significant investment, which will of course be profitable in one way or another.

Mailbox is now available on iPad

Mailbox caused a sensation at the beginning of this year and mail client designed exclusively for iPhone has attracted millions of users before being bought by Dropbox in March  this year. Nice, but the publisher of the application was a little further last month by announcing the imminent arrival of a specially optimized for the iPad, a version of which we have not heard since release. And indeed, if we talk about today, it is not for nothing, since the latter has just made ​​its debut on the AppStore. Mailbox is available on iPad now and no doubt this news should please a lot of people.

Level features, no big surprises, the iPad version of Mailbox aligns with the iPhone version. We thus find that interface if these famous stripped and multitouch gestures that have contributed significantly to the success of the application. In a few moments, it will be possible to archive your messages, remove them, add them to a list, or even create a reminder if you wish.

Tablet requires the application developers have obviously made ​​sure to adjust the resolution Mailbox and the size of the iPad screen. So it looks like any client of the same kind with a window divided into two areas: the message list on the left, the content of the messages right. At the top, on the left, we also find a button that allows us to access the different files in our account. In short, nothing new to that side, we finally found the same logic as for ergonomic Mail and all the other tools in the industry.

Anyway, this is a new step has been taken for the couple Dropbox / Mailbox and it will now be able to focus on new ports. Here, also, while we're at it maybe would not hurt to attack Android.

Download Mailbox on iPad

HTC Desire 600: It's official!

I have not had the opportunity to talk to you but they are no less than two new smartphones HTC who were "Leakes" on the web late yesterday afternoon, the 200 HTC Desire and HTC Desire 600. Two new terminals that would target the entry and mid-range, thus completing the offer of the manufacturer. But in fact, imagine that it took advantage of the calm early morning to lift the veil on one of these two mobiles, and more specifically on the HTC Desire 600. Great, of course, but be careful because it does not necessarily come out in all markets. That said, if you want to learn a little more about it, then know that you could not be better.

On the aesthetic level, the HTC Desire 600 does not look like the HTC One. It was to be expected, huh... well it is heavily in plastic and he enjoys relatively clean lines, but much less sexy than its big brother. On the front face of the terminal, can be of any self-note the presence of two colored liserets located on either side of the screen.

Okay, and then under the hood? Again, there is not enough to break a three-legged duck. Desire 600 and includes a Super LCD2 4.5 inches with a resolution of 960 × 540, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 1.2 Ghz 200, an 8 megapixel sensor on the back of the device and a second sensor 1.6 megapixel front, a sensor capable of shooting 720p. No word, however, on the amount of RAM or storage space onboard. It is also a shame. Besides that, the HTC Desire 600 will also benefit from the latest version of the overlay home and therefore the HTC Sense 5. All with BlinkFeed, BoomSound and Beats Audio bonus. Another feature new smartphone integrate two ports for SIM cards to allow you to jump from one subscription to another.

As mentioned above, the Desire 600 not out in all markets, at least not at first. If arrive in Russia and Ukraine from June, we do not know when it will be possible to enjoy the rest of the world.

Shazam for iPad is updated including local maps and integration with Spotify and Rdio

The famous song recognition application has released a new version specifically focused on the iPad. And the new Shazam comes with a completely revamped interface that will bring our musical discovery directly to our accounts Rdio (in the free version) or Spotify (in the paid version). In addition, we have included a curious geographical exploration mode that will allow us to see what they're listening to people around us. Definitely an interesting way to learn the musical trend in your neighbourhood  but unfortunately there are times when the odd neighbour takes care to show your tastes blaring. I leave you with a video review of the application after the jump.

Facebook cancel the launch of HTC First in the UK

The rumors surrounding the HTC First talk of a spectacular failure of sales in the United States, and although the manufacturer has not yet officially expressed, the next move to be held in the UK could clarify any doubts. And that is as advanced in Mobile News, reservations have been canceled terminal, not HTC or operators, but by the Facebook to our knowledge. So it seems that HTC is back with his second attempt crashed the Facebook Home. Will learned the lesson?

Android and iOS version of Foursquare usher UPDATE: adding more search filtering options

Foursquare recently on their Android and iOS versions have been updated in the new version added a new location search filter options that allow the user to position App according to familiarity, price and other information to provide users with the most appropriate search results. For example, you can search to a friend visited App senior Korean barbecue grills. How about? Sounds pretty good, right?

Google Play Magazine interface major changes to purple tone

When Google Play Books and Play Music when there are new designs, Play Magazine how can we not? Face-lift of its removal of the original 3D UI, put on a streamlined design, borders and buttons of the main colour is also the same with other Play apps spend flag colours  with a light blue like Books, Music with a yellow and Magazine is to use purple. Unfortunately, a direct jump from the 1.3 version of the UI 2.0 which in addition, there have no functional change. But the more streamlined UI for at least allows visual comfort to everyone's point of tablet processor UI is also easy to drive this little bar.

Microsoft updates Windows Phone version of YouTube, but it seems just to satisfy a portion of Google's requirements

Last week, Google was because Windows Phone version of the YouTube terms of service violation causes letter require Microsoft will be applied under the frame , and also bluntly Microsoft in May 22 must be stopped before its installation and make the appropriate correction. Today, time is up, modified, such as about the new version also re-appear in the software shops.

But it is worth mentioning that, although Microsoft has removed the download video feature (previously installed legacy applications users will also not be able to download the video), but the problem is a major focus: Advertising still does not appear in the new version of applications. Microsoft is only mentioned in a press release on their own "equipment limited video" and "off-line video" function has been modified, and that "together with Google's YouTube for users to create a great experience." And Google aspects have yet to comment on the matter for I do not know that they will not ask Microsoft recycled remake it?

HTC officially launched mobile custom machine Desire

Following Desire 600 (that is, China Unicom customized version of the Desire 606w) officially unveiled, we are again in HTC's online store in China found another Chinese mobile custom machine Desire 608t figure. And previously the Ministry website published information, this product resembling One SV, using a dual card dual standby design, support TD-SCDMA / GSM networks. The measurements are 135.75 x 67 x 84mm, weight about 130g, the fuselage is equipped with BoomSound dual speakers, a total of black, red, purple three color options. 

Desire 608t uses Qualcomm's quad-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB built-in storage capacity (supports up to 64GB microSD card expansion), 4.5-inch 960 x 540 Super LCD screen, 800-megapixel main camera f/2.0, 1.6 million pixel front camera (back-illuminated, 720p video) and a 1,860 mAh battery, FM radio, Beats Audio, DLNA, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC. As the system is based on Android 4.1, then the Sense 5, BlinkFeed, Zoe, Video Highlights and other new features are also readily available.

HTC released Desire 600,1.2 GHz quad-core equipped with Sense 5.0 and BoomSound the mid-range models

In our report HTC Desire 600 relevant information shortly after, the company today officially announced its existence. The phone with HTC China Mall of Desire 606w exactly the same, using the 4.5-inch 960 x 540 resolution Super LCD 2 panel, Qualcomm MSM8625Q 1.2GHz quad-core processor and 8-megapixel main camera, with Video Highlights feature - in HTC One also has software features, optional theme music after photos and videos can sink down into a 30-second clips.

In addition to this phone with dual sim dual standby modules, it is the first HTC phone in the end carry Sense 5.0 - One and the same built-BlinkFeed home design, and brings several new features; dual speakers with BoomSound types of aircraft. Currently HTC Desire 606w mall has started selling price of RMB 2,499 million.

New iPad wired keyboard from Logitech comes in August for Classrooms

It's big, small, and without cables or be it. Logitech sees the application of the new keyboard especially in education. This is omitted the Bluetooth wireless connection to the tablet. The advantage: no battery trouble and compatibility with the Lightning and 30pin connector. And of course, full size keys that will absorb up to five million keystrokes. Happy typing! Although one sometimes also can overturn a coffee. With splashing the keyboard can be well understood by the manufacturer. Only you have to wait quite a while for the new keyboard. In August, the Lightning version is expected for the sprightly 30Pin Connector unfortunately only in November. $ 60 will be due on availability in Germany is nothing currently known.

MSI launched using AMD Richland A10 processor gaming notebook GX70 and GX60

MSI, today officially launched the GX70 and GX60 both the world's first use of AMD Richland A10-5750M Processor (2.5GHz - 3.5GHz) computer. Both notebooks are the main gaming areas, including GX70 uses a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 17.3-inch screen with AMD Radeon HD 8970M graphics card, 750GB hard drive, 8GB DDR3 RAM, Blu-ray drive, SDXC card slot, HDMI 1.4 Interface, 720p webcam, backlit keyboard, and a nine-cell battery, and also supports Bluetooth 4.0 and The Killer E2200 networking technologies. GX70 thickness up to 2.17 inches (about 55mm), Weight 8.6 lbs (about 3.9kg), as it is the price of U.S. $ 1,399.99 (approximately RMB 8,630 million).

Another dimension smaller GX60 is using a 15.6-inch 1080p screen, and the remaining specifications basically consistent with the GX70, weight 7.7 pounds (about 3.5kg), the price is 1,299.99 U.S. dollars (approximately RMB 8,010 million). Both products now officially listed, interested friends can look at.

iPhone 6: still a new concept

The iPhone 6 seems to fascinate our creative and so we have seen passing over the past few weeks a number of interesting concepts all over each other friends. This time it is Uygar Kaya and Ran Avni who tried to imagine what might look like an upcoming Apple smartphones, and the pair have made a nice video to illustrate their vision and all that it should appeal to some of you.

What is interesting with this concept is that it does not look like the previous iPhone products by our friend the bitten apple. We are thus faced with a smartphone built entirely around a metal frame that goes on the top and bottom of the screen, a metal frame that includes the various buttons on the terminal, but his microphone. All in an extremely thin case.

Well, but that's not all because our designers have also integrated on each side of the iPhone 6 LED notification can alert the user when receiving a call or even a message, and also visually represent the state of charge of the battery. The result was not lack of interest and say that this is typically the kind of feature that could improve our lives. With this kind of LED, it would be possible to know the state of our smartphone without having to unlock it, or even take it in hand.

Our two guys are obviously not stayed there. Like the Sony Xperia Z, the iPhone 6 has been designed to resist water and dust. Better, the terminal also embeds a wireless charging technology similar to that found on the latest Nokia Lumia.

Finally, the only thing that can be blamed for this video, it is undoubtedly the pace a little too slow.

A wonderful concept Nintendo smartphone

Nintendo , it's not really right now. If the 3DS has sold quite well, it is quite another for the Wii U and it is all the more worrying that it had no real competitor in front so far. What will change soon with the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And if we add to this the explosion of smartphones and tablet PCs, it is said that the Japanese giant is likely to have trouble keeping his footing. The solution, finally, it might be that he is interested in other markets and creative T3 must be thinking the same thing since I have developed a wonderful concept featuring smartphone Nintendo.

We must admit, this concept should appeal to many. On the question of design, T3 opted for a mobile with very clean lines and is reminiscent both of those HTC One and those of Samsung Galaxy S4. The two mixed together, of course. The result is very pleasant and this concept and has nothing to envy the most beautiful devices currently available on the market.

However, no offense to Jony Ive and his henchmen, the design is not everything. And a smartphone meet the expected success, it really needs a strong ecosystem on which to build. The smartphone is designed by T3 pretty strong on that side because it was thought to be able to act as well ... handheld. The opposite would have been surprising, of course, but the idea of being able to run a small Mario on his mobile, and therefore in any event, not lack of interest so far.

So of course, this concept is also nice to share all the tools and all platforms, developed by Nintendo. Through it, users would have access to manage their profile, a tool for instant messaging as well as much other all the more fun than the other stuff. All in a very "Nintendo-esque" atmosphere, even if the interface of the platform could be a little more successful ... and more original. There, the state was especially the feeling of being faced with a theme found on Cydia and it's a shame.

Anyway, for the rest, this video should delight all those who remained loyal to the brand, and hopes that it will manage to return to the front of the stage.

Panasonic Lumix GX2: The first informal specifications

As mentioned earlier in the week, Panasonic could benefit from the torpor of summer, and more specifically from the summer heat of August to present a brand new hybrid camera that would be aimed primarily at experts looking for a device with compact dimensions. Connoisseurs will have understood, this is obviously the Lumix GX2, or who will succeed... GX1. And even if his name is not actually confirmed yet - so we're not immune to a reversal of last minute - the home of nosy Digicame managed to get the first informal specifications of the beast, specifications you will naturally be able to discover later in the article.

As usual, however, it should be noted that any rumor must necessarily be taken with the greatest prudence. If Digicame is rarely wrong so far, and if the manufacturers seem to have the greatest difficulty in keeping secret their new products, nothing says that the following information will prove to be accurate. Morality, you'd probably better equip you to think of your tweezers rumors before going further.

Also, be aware that this is not the complete data sheet GX2 you'll discover here. Not yet, at least. For the moment, only four features of the new Panasonic case would be known:
  • New 18-megapixel sensor.
  • Maximum shutter speed to 1/8000 second.
  • Built-in image stabilizer.
  • Integrated tilt viewfinder.

The most amazing thing with this noise corridor, from my point of view, it is the supposed presence of an integrated housing viewfinder. On the GX1, the only way to enjoy a sight it was to buy option dedicated accessory, an accessory that therefore not incorporated in the casing. Digicame If sources are true, then Panasonic have finally changed strategy by integrating directly to the viewfinder housing. Knowing that it is rather an expert public, or at least enthusiastic, it is fairly consistent but nonetheless it would be better not to pack too quickly.

Xbox One: when Microsoft pays the players' heads

The Xbox One was presented before yesterday and now we know almost everything about her, except of course the price. If the new console from Microsoft is not unattractive, it nevertheless suffers from some rather annoying limitations, limitations that affect the lending of games , of course, but also for backward compatibility . Yes, because this naughty little slut will unfortunately not be able to make the titles of Xbox 360 turn, which is sure to infuriate those who had a well-stocked library. The funny thing of course is yet to come because not content with limiting players, Microsoft has apparently decided to pay their cum ... Everything is explained in the following.

In reality, everything is pointed out in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Don Mattrick, head of "interactive entertainment" at Microsoft, and was allowed to speak on the backward compatibility of the new console. According to him, the lack of backward compatibility is not really a problem since it is relevant only 5% of players. In this context, it was not really necessary to spend time and spend money to develop technology capable of running games designed for the Xbox 360 on the Xbox One.

Well, then again, everything is fine, but then things go wrong. For indeed, Don would have concluded the interview by releasing a terse "If you're backwards compatible're really backwards" . What does that mean? Well, in good French, it looks something like: "If you are backward compatible, so it is that you are really retro" . This is not necessarily a literal translation, of course, but the idea is there. In essence, this means that all players wishing to play their old songs, even those who reported the money to Microsoft.

Microsoft: as communication problems?

However, it is important to note that these statements were extracted from the interview mentioned a little earlier. His comments are out of context, and it will take with the utmost of prudence.

Finally, and speaking of the Xbox One, you should know that Gamespot UK has posted an interactive poll so people can vote for their favorite console. A survey that takes place on Twitter, which is based on two simple hashtags: # GameSpotPS4 and GamesSpotXbox . Yes, last night was the PlayStation 4 which carried with no less than 89% of the vote. And even if it is not necessarily a reflection of what people think all the players around the world, we can not help thinking there as discomfort.

Google Drive: a new interface for Android app

Google loves maps, and you can even say that he loves. Proof is, after entering Google Now, the latter eventually landed on Google+ and it seems that the giant does not want to stay there. Yes, because it has deployed a new version of Google Drive, a version that takes advantage of a redesigned interface that is based on the famous card. The result is obviously not lack of interest and if you have a terminal in Android, well aware that you will be able to enjoy it now. Great, is not it? Certainly, and this is why we talk about it.

As you can see from the picture that accompanies this article, the new Google Drive is not unattractive. No, contrary to recent updates to the application, it is a complete redesign and pushes the concept far enough. Oh, of course, at the top, you always find the good old horizontal bar that allows us to access the main features of the tool, but it is quite another for a list of documents stored on the account.

These are actually the latter that is now displayed in the cards when you switch over to the new view mode, or the "Grid" mode. The interesting thing is that we allow each thumbnail to preview the associated document without having to open it. Better for us to make a clearer picture, we can also start quick overview to briefly examine the contents.

Google Drive: a scanner and saving documents locally

Not bad, and it is not finished because our friends Googlers have also added a feature that should please a lot of people because it is... a scanner. When you want to create a new document, so you can select the "scan" option and then photographed in the process, the document you want to scan. Last but not least, as told by our friends eating pudding, it may also save a copy of the selected document... locally. Very handy, especially for those who spend their lives in the subway.

Well, it's not all that, but we would like to have the same thing on iOS.

Download Google Drive on Play Store

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