Microsoft updates Windows Phone version of YouTube, but it seems just to satisfy a portion of Google's requirements

Last week, Google was because Windows Phone version of the YouTube terms of service violation causes letter require Microsoft will be applied under the frame , and also bluntly Microsoft in May 22 must be stopped before its installation and make the appropriate correction. Today, time is up, modified, such as about the new version also re-appear in the software shops.

But it is worth mentioning that, although Microsoft has removed the download video feature (previously installed legacy applications users will also not be able to download the video), but the problem is a major focus: Advertising still does not appear in the new version of applications. Microsoft is only mentioned in a press release on their own "equipment limited video" and "off-line video" function has been modified, and that "together with Google's YouTube for users to create a great experience." And Google aspects have yet to comment on the matter for I do not know that they will not ask Microsoft recycled remake it?

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