LG Optimus G Nexus Android 4.2, flight characteristics?

The LG Optimus G Nexus could be the next Smartphone Android with version 4.2. On the web, some specifications have emerged. According to rumours, it could be unveiled next month.

The new version of the Android OS will be accompanied by several terminals optimized for this edition. Thus, the LG Optimus could embark G Nexus Android 4.2 and be unveiled next month. It was produced in collaboration with Google and in the characteristics, the following flows:

  • HD IPS screen 4.7 inches
  • A resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels
  • S4 Snapdragon processor 1.5 GHz Quad-Core
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Two versions: 8 and 16 GB
  • A camera of 8 Mega pixels
  • A battery of 2100 mAh
  • A weight of 145 grams
  • A thickness of 8.45 mm
  • Disappearance of the microSD slot
  • Integrated wireless charging

All this information is still in speculation, but the smartphone could be unveiled next month. Characteristics were similar to the LG Optimus G. The site Android and me explains that the name could be changed as well as the design. It will have to wait a few weeks for more information.

Angry Birds Star Wars imminent?

On 8 October, is in Times Square in New York that Rovio will unveil "something big". The Finnish publisher likes surprises. We remember before Pink Bird unveiled his new Angry Bird belonging to the fairer sex, a terse tweet let us discover her eyes. Pink Bird has since joined the ranks of other Angry Birds in Angry Birds Seasons.

More recently, Piggies, the spin-off of Angry Birds was launched. About Angry Birds Space, it was expanded from Mars at the discretion of collaboration with NASA. Rovio does not hesitate to join the greatest. NASA's Star Wars, there is not a society that seems to have done.

A mysterious tweet (from the account Twitter @ Angry Birds  coupled with information about the event which will be announced on October 8, are the only things to put in their mouths.

Indeed, on his Tumblr, Rovio says: "Welcome to the Angry Birds Tumblr. In the coming weeks, we will content "behind-the-scenes", animations, cartoons, and much, much more. But what will he exactly?! Here's a hint ...  "We also discover what you might think to be a Angry Bird covered with sackcloth and wearing a Jedi lightsaber (see animated gif below).

One can think of a new album of Angry Birds Space . But it might as well be an animated film in the Star Wars universe or a TV series. Reply on October 8.

"Star Wars: A New Hope" was released in theatres in 1977 (October 17 in France). Rapprochement with Rovio for a special episode of Angry Birds could therefore be part of the celebrations of the 35th anniversary of the first film (shot) of Star Wars.

Steve Jobs: First anniversary of his death

Steve Jobs died October 5, 2011 as a result of pancreatic cancer. It is known worldwide for his company whose logo is an apple. This contractor was also an American inventor who has been a visionary in offering products that have revolutionized the field of high tech.

The birth of a vocation

Steve Jobs was born February 24, 1955, after a turbulent childhood, the young man joined the Pathfinder Club of Hewlett-Packard. A mythical place since computer engineer company is presenting its work every week. At age 13, his vocation is found when visiting any laboratory and discovers the 9100A, the first PC desktop of the brand. He tries to join the President, William Hewlett, because it builds a frequency parts and wants, but it offers a summer job. He met Steve Kolonia  together, they decided in 1971 to study the production of a blue box. According to Steve Jobs, it is the beginning of the creation of the company Apple.

The birth of Apple

Several experiences during his life explain a product or function of the brand. During his schooling, he had to take courses that were sometimes quite boring  but the one on the calligraphy allowed him to create all the handwriting fonts in Mac. In 1975, Apple I was born. The creation starts up since 1st April 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Kolonia and Ronald Wayne signed the founding act of the company Apple. Mike Markka take the place of Wayne and inject 250,000 dollars in the company. Why the name Apple? Steve Jobs was a vegetarian and had decided to follow a diet of apples.

In 1977, the Apple II is born. A few years later, Steve Jobs launches the Apple Lisa and Macintosh. The entrepreneur wants to surround himself with the best and opt for a more destabilizing recruitment of a candidate. So he asked questions specific enough to try to find someone who matched his desires. The charismatic and persuasive side also allowed Steve to climb the ladder to reach the top with products that were always one step ahead of the competition. After leaving Apple, he proposes the NeXT Computer, the NeXt Cube, but it will be soon in his company.

A catalog at the forefront of innovative technology

In 1997, Steve Jobs said I think we have the opportunity to take the next big step beyond technology and Microsoft and all the other. The company is on the verge of bankruptcy, but the iMac was released in 1998. The brand is growing every year with products that enhance its image. It was then the turn of iTunes, the iPhone and a multitude of technologies to reach the Apple catalog. The iPad will make a grand entrance in 2010 and a year later Apple is the richest company in the world. This thirst for creativity is blocked by the disease. Steve Jobs has been fighting for seven years, he underwent a liver transplant and his health deteriorated over the months.

Steve Jobs takes its Terrance

August 24, 2011, Steve resigned from Apple, it marks a significant turning point in his life and society Unfortunately, that day has come. At this point, Tim Cook takes over, but it remains the chairman of the board. October 5, 2011, Apple and the world of high tech lose Steve Jobs, who is carried away by the disease at his home in Palo Alto. Since tributes succeed. Many celebrities have expressed their pride in having an innovative product created by a talented inventor. December 21, 2011, a bronze statue was erected in Budapest by the company Graphics.

Jeremy Pons wanted to pay tribute to Steve Jobs for the first anniversary of his death. It was inspired by a speech he gave at Stanford University. The author of the video has used quotes and composed music. The concept is very original and very well constructed set.

Facebook celebrates one billion members with advertising

Facebook meeting a great success since its launch in 2004 . Zuckerberg has said there was 1 billion people every month who crossed on the social network. To celebrate this milestone, advertising has made ​​its appearance.

It is 12:45 local time on 14 September that Facebook reached the level of one billion members. This network has become an indispensable tool for users, it allows them to share, discuss and stay connected with their surroundings. The companies have also invested in Facebook to promote a shop or a website. Artists, whether they work in the field of cinema and music, share their daily news. It is an effective concept to reach a maximum number of people in a very short time.

A Unique

When the cap is reached, Mark Zuckerberg says, "This morning, more than a billion people are active on Facebook each month. If you read this message, thank you for allowing me and my small team had the honour to serve you. Assist a billion people to stay connected is incredible, humbling and this is by far the thing I am most proud of in my life. "So he wanted to celebrate the people to whom he renders service." For this pattern of twenty years, this moment is unique and he wanted to mark the occasion with the first commercial.

Today, Facebook is also growing on the side of tablets or smartphones, as 600 million people log in to their account with this method. Thus, 265 billion photos were shared on the network and there are millions of Jaime were distributed. In this spot, Facebook is compared to everyday objects, the system today is part of our life as a chair, a dance floor, a deck of aircraft. It's like these places, it promotes contact and sharing.

iPhone 5: Video version of 24-carat yellow or rose gold

The iPhone 5 costs around 670 euros for a naked version. It is also possible to obtain a concept with a much higher price in 24 carat gold. This is the company Gold & Co has unveiled a few days ago, the little marvel.

Have you dreamed of an iPhone 5 gold 24 carats  ? Gold & Co society should fulfil your desires. On September 27, she proposed this concept in the UAE Collector's Palace at the Dubai Mall. This limited edition is available in yellow or rose gold sold respectively 5100 and 4700 dollars. These figures are very close to those offered by Apple , but you will not have any scratches on your device. It will be sold in a wooden box and will have a unique number and a certificate of warranty. For that amount, you will have exactly the same features as the standard version and a storage capacity of 64 GB.

Windows Phone 8: Confirmation of launch October 29

Windows Phone 8 will be presented on October 29 in San Francisco by Microsoft. The company must make a splash with this new OS, with the aim to compete directly with Google and Apple .

Invitations have been sent by Microsoft. The new version of its mobile OS will be presented on October 29 in San Francisco and the stakes are high. At the mobile market, the Redmond company is lagging behind competitors Apple and Google. It must therefore strike a blow with WP8 to successfully obtain market share. Some manufacturers have already incorporated this into their OS devices as Nokia Lumia range with or HTC . Microsoft will detail all the new features, including customizable interface, support for NFC.

For now, Microsoft is able to exist through partnerships with manufacturers. At last, the firm would change strategies by launching the United States, an area Phone. It could also involve themselves fully in the telephony sector. This rumor has been taken by the CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop. The latter stated that the company had the exclusive on the OS, Microsoft or other vendors can not operate. For its part, the Redmond left the doubt cast by evoking "  plan B  ". For now, Microsoft wants to focus on the launch of Windows Phone 8.

In this presentation, the company will attract the general public and prospective builders. This new ecosystem seems very unique and could fit into that market or Android and iOS are present.

Windows 8: Microsoft updates the native apps

This is the October 26 Microsoft will launch with great fanfare Windows 8 . A break with previous iterations of Windows and the emphasis on integrated directly into the OS as native apps. In order to enhance and improve the user experience, Microsoft's most recent key to these apps.

Thus, in a contribution blog dated today, the Redmond company said that the new features and improvements will be made before October 26 applications that come with Windows 8.

The updates will be done via the Windows Store (already expanded to thousands of apps according to Microsoft) whether the RTM ( Release to Manufacturing ) of Windows 8 comes to PC manufacturers or those who have to a TechNet or MSDN subscription.

The updates will be spread by October 26 and it will be the search engine Bing, which tomorrow, will benefit from including more results for local searches content and photos.

Will then update to SkyDrive features that benefit to rename and move files and directories and improved search directly in the app. Cards app will be updated with the inclusion of oblique views (it is aerial to 45 °) but also with the inner planes (more than 3000).

Deployment until October 26, which will cover SkyDrive, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Messages, Photos, Maps, Bing, Finance, News, Sport, Travel, Weather, Video, Music and Games.

Firefox for Windows 8 preview version available

Mozilla did not hide its desire to offer a version of Firefox tailored to the interface Modern UI (formerly called Metro). This is done with the beta version available before the official launch of Windows 8 on October 26. This version runs both under Windows 8 desktop environment but also in the environment "Metro".

Those who have a RTM version of Windows 8 can now download this nightly build of Firefox. It is part of the development channel said Elm which will future updates to this version.

This preview feature supports synchronization Firefox Sync , support for touch related to Metro interface Australis , the use of vignettes "charms" to own Windows 8. Mozilla says that this is a preliminary version and as such, bugs may be present and still missing features. The foundation also invite users to submit bugs they might find.

For Facebook, this privately share is "love" Twice

On Facebook , your private messages are supposed to be private, but they are perhaps not for everyone. According to a news flushed out at Hacker News, a funny feature would be integrated into the algorithm that records and account "Like" Facebook.

This feature is for Facebook from sending a private message containing a link to a web page as a "Like" on this page. In other words, you send the URL e.g. http://www.techiebuzzie.blogspot.com (randomly of course) a-friend e-e private message and hop counter Press Like lemon s' incremented by one.

In fact, Facebook believes that when sharing a page, whether public or private, the effect is the same: it is that you like this page, and this has the effect of giving more value. Even though Facebook says it does not change the general algorithm, and that the confidentiality of private messages is not affected by this behaviour  it can cause problems of click fraud, and induce behaviour "Like jacking" . This was demonstrated guys Hacker News, who were able to mount a counter Likes 1800 site in less than an hour. Because in addition there is a bug.

Swell Like its counter easy: the bug that sees double

Ashkan Soltani is, editor of the Wall Street Journal, which detected this bug : when sharing a URL via private message, not only it is counted as a Like (so far so good according to Facebook) but the counter Like increments of 2. So annoying bug that allows anyone to quickly, which detonated his counter. Ashkan Soltani has also set up a test page to demonstrate. I tried, and actually sending a private message I saw the counter go from 520 to 522, but I have no way of verifying whether this increase is due to my actions. Facebook reacted by stating that the bug would be corrected quickly, this is probably the case, sorry guys, you will not be able to blow your meter easily.

Besides, I'm not sure it was that easy. Except in the event that we can develop a small script that sends alone private messages with a link to a page, I do not see how you can quickly raise the counter with this method. On the other hand I imagine that Facebook quickly detect manipulation and fraud, and in this case I would not give much account of the author clicks and the page in question. But hey, there may be other possibilities, I do not know.

In his private life, I do not know whether to move that machines and software scan our private messages. Of course this will thrill some idea, which is quite understandable, but those usually are not on Facebook or more. From the beginning, I never had any doubt that everything that passes through this site (and others), including what is supposed to be private is scanned or peeled and dissected by algorithms. I never believed for a second that my private messages on Facebook were truly private, but that does not bother me. Just be aware and do with being very parsimonious about what we share. As they are machines who officiate for statistical purposes or to improve the service and customization, why not after all.

85% of Google Chrome users have already installed the new version

The latest version of Google Chrome has been well adopted by the users Chitika Insights study shows that the 22nd version of the browser has an adoption rate of 85% only a week after its release. Released last week, the most stable version and consists among other improvements for video games in 3D, with the support of the JavaScript API Pointer Lock, as well as numerous bug fixes and security.

Chrome 22 was used by 22% of users nearly a day after its release, while Chrome 21 had an adoption rate of 25% during the same period. The latest versions of Google's browser is more fast adopted by users since the vast majority (or 85%) of users have switched to the previous version in 10 days.

As rightly pointed out this study, the high adoption rates are probably due to the function of automatic update of the Google browser in the background (without user action). Chitika Insights analyses hundreds of millions of impressions advertising network Chitika Ad to quantify, as accurately as possible, the adoption rate of Google Chrome.

Social Good Week: How to use the internet to finance solidarity

New technologies can change the world, but they will not do it without you! It is up to you.

September 26, SFR greeted him at the Apart SFR (Paris-Madeleine), to discover new ways of financing the solidarity offered by digital technologies, in the presence of Barnard Fishmonger founder Babylonia Lea Thomas, responsible communication Mail-order , Shortening Grand Babel door or Fabric Caregiver, founder of Arizona.

This evening meetings and discussions took place within the framework of the Social Good Week, which includes events organized throughout France, to invite them to follow the initiatives that leverage the tremendous potential of digital technology to build a world best.

Internet gives us the opportunity to be an actor and not just spectators

The conference, hosted by yours truly [1], highlighted the range of solutions that exist today to help support good ideas, or contribute to the great initiatives. That you want to give, lend, contribute financially or even provide a bit of time, today we have all the tools to be an actor and not just a spectator of the world around us.

Take its destiny in hand with knowing internet communication

Today, crowd funding allows a collection active, transparent and fun to finance the project. Olivier, project Remarkable showed us through his video, when we had an idea that we were ready to share, engage to make live, participatory financing in the era of social networks allowed to happen.

How to help when one has no money?

Tell you that all this is interesting, that you'd like to help an entrepreneur in Senegal and India to work and feed his family. But you do not have money, you have no economy. As Mail-order that Human games responded to this major challenge in a positive way

How to give without pay?


The platform provides many tools to associations for fundraising and all free. Beyond the classic gift that is always possible to make the platform offers users to watch video ads, respond to polls (in exchange for a contribution is paid to associations) is what they call donation minute. If you want to support these initiatives beautiful and you have time, do not hesitate.

Happy life

Better yet, if you like to go on Facebook , and you regularly play social games on your page when you are bored at your job, there Happy Life developed by Human games first game social solidarity.

Launched in June 2011, aims to promote micro finance to the public. It offers help and have fun, you feel guilty enough to spend time on Facebook.

The principle: the player manages a virtual trade him to develop his world. As you progress through the game, he became familiar with the principles of micro credit  Reality gradually joined fiction, because the player is invited to discover the profiles of real micro-entrepreneurs through partner platforms Baby loan and Kiva . He has the opportunity to use the points earned in the game to make a donation to these entrepreneurs. Virtual currency that turns the player wins thanks to partners for specific impact of project and soon projects of solidarity associations.

The objective of this event, beyond the meeting of this panel solutions that emerge through internet for solidarity fund was to sow the seeds of solidarity. To see the smile of the public, the bet seems successful.

The main risk today, while stories are written and meetings every day, is that this dynamic jams, or runs out of steam. It is vital for these new solutions they are no longer only alternatives, but they are fully adopted by users, as they are already in the United States. This evening showed what could bring new technologies to build a better world.

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