Google with its Program for Entrepreneurs, Google Wants Good for Entrepreneurs

There are approximately 400 million entrepreneurs around the world in 54 countries. Beyond the innovation that can represent an incredible pool, assuming that each successful project and creates his own job at least, it lets us imagine the potential in terms of employment.

Google has not forgotten that just ten years ago, it was still a startup become, decided to get involved in the world of entrepreneurs and has launched Google for Entrepreneurs, an ambitious and world for its support to entrepreneurs.

Google for Entrepreneurs program has three components:

partnership with organizations that help entrepreneurs in local communities
programs run by Google that are available to its staff and contractors tools
Google provide tools suitable for startups in the growth phase

Google is already a partner or sponsor of many organizations and incubators, as is the case for example with Silicon Sentier and Camping in Paris.

The program includes targeting packages including Google Apps, Google Adwords or Google+ for Business, which allows the transition to the Mountain View company to do a little self-promotion of its services to young entrepreneurs in the pocket.

The Autonomy of the iPhone 5 Under Scrutiny

If there is a point common to the best black smartphones, and whatever operating system they boarded, it is autonomy. Indeed, race performance requires, smartphones increasingly struggling to show a satisfactory autonomy. This is an opportunity to review the latest in the Cupertino: the iPhone 5.

Not talking about the iPhone 5 compare to its competitors Android or Windows Phone, but after analyzing the various tests by iLounge and Macworld how does the battery last smartphone of Apple brand. The only comparison come from his elders, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

It is therefore necessary, before rushing headlong on the results to see the iPhone 5 is no miracle on the side of autonomy and often worse than its predecessors, recalling the news brought by this iPhone 5 . Indeed, the iPhone 5 feeds a larger screen than previous models and is equipped with LTE, two innovations for the benefit of the user, but which requires more battery power always wanted one especially Apple impressive finesse (7.6 mm) and a weight lowered.

Let us initially on testing performed by James Galbraith site , the latter wished to verify the argument that Apple announced on its website up to 10 hours of video playback. The last three generations of iPhone updated with iOS 6, are present as well as the iPad 3rd generation and iPad 2 for a test that is to read 120 minutes of video in a loop until total exhaustion battery, in airplane mode, the screen brightness to 200 nits and the volume adjusted to two squares.

The result is clear, the iPhone 5 finishes last with 8:21 minutes is about 6% less than the iPhone 4S (8h54min) and 4% lower than the iPhone 4 (8h42min), it is therefore far enough away from the announcement of Apple, it is true rather optimistic, which was "until 10" video playback. The performance of the iPhone 5 is not bad considering that it has a larger screen, displaying more pixels than the iPhone 4 and 4S ship the same screen.

ILounge side, we pushed further tests and verified the independence of the smartphone on the 4G network AT & T and Verizon. Tricked by the words "up to 8 hours on 3G" for internet browsing, the iPhone 5 has taken 4 hours and 44 minutes surfing 4G AT & T (Verizon 5h15min) with two bars of signal LTE. So a disappointing score but as for video playback, the announcement by Apple is in the best case and depends on the quality of the network. An observation also applies to the results obtained for phone calls: If the iPhone 4S was pretty well up to expectations with 7h16min against 8h promised by Apple, the iPhone 5 was less with 6 hours and 15 minutes for Smartphone AT & T and 6 hours and 6 minutes for Verizon.

The side of good points, note that the iPhone 5 is better than its predecessor in terms of recording 1080p with 2 hours 30 minutes 2 hours 20 minutes against the iPhone 4S. Video playback on the other hand gives very different results from those of Macworld, the iPhone 5 doing better than the estimate of 10 hours of Apple with 11 hours 7 minutes with a volume of 50%.

If the result may depend on the settings and the video used, it should be noted that the results are generally below announcements Apple, showering optimism Wall Street Journal ( great battery life ) and Engadget ( Better battery life ? Actually, yes. ) who were enthusiastic about the autonomy of the new iPhone. The answer may come from iOS 6 if one believes the site Mashable that explains a simple Google search can see many testimonies of purchasers of iPhone 5 frustrated by the autonomy of the latest smartphone from Apple , joined by owners of iPhone 4 and 4S also note autonomy diminished since the transition to iOS6.

The Country Most Active on Twitter is China

China is one of the most powerful and populous in the world, it is not uncommon that the country holds leading positions in all kinds of lists. A new study reveals that China is the most active country on Twitter ... while the social network is blocked in this country!

For over three years now, the social network is indeed inaccessible to the average user but can be reached with various tools such as VPN that can pass the firewall. Finally, some third party services are not (yet) blocked by the government and can therefore easily post on Twitter.

According to this study Emarketer, based on figures from GlobalWebIndex dated 11 September 2012, China has more than 35.5 million active users, followed by India with 33 million and the U.S. with 22.9 million. At European level, the most active countries are the United Kingdom with 6.6 million, Spain with 5 million, Italy with 3.1 million, Germany with 2.4 million and France with 2.2 million.

GlobalWebIndex estimated that there are approximately 124 million users who have posted on Twitter during the quarter and 262 million users can be considered active. On Facebook , the numbers are higher: 400 million users have posted on the social network during the same period and 653 million are active users.

Play Google Passes 25 Billion Downloads

Google announced on its official blog that the Android application store for Google Play Android devices, had crossed the threshold of 25 billion downloads. Three months ago, American society was already celebrating the milestone of 20 billion.

If one considers the graph (see below), the growth of downloads began in 2011 and accelerated in 2012. An ascent which corresponds to the mass adoption of the Android mobile OS in the world with market shares are growing.

Google says there are now 657,000 applications on Google Play heels so closely that the Apple App Store, the apps store for iOS devices. It counted 700,000 apps according to Cupertino. If we continue the comparison, it took 3 years and 11 months Google Play (launched on 22 October 2008 under the name Android Market) to reach 25 billion downloads while the App Store has reached in 3 years and 8 months.

To celebrate this symbolic figure, Google is launching a series of promotions with special offers. Thus, ompter today and during the next 5 days, users can purchase apps from major publishers (including Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Rovio, runstatic, Full Fat and others) cost. Promotions also concern from music, movies, books and magazines.

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