Facebook: Cover Photos landed on the events

One relatively recent features among the most interesting Facebook is adding the ability to improve our visual profiles with a cover photo, a feature that has since been extended to the pages . But there was another section which hitherto resisted the onslaught of coverage: events. Indeed, the events pages could be customized with a kind of profile picture. This is no longer the case since you can now add a cover photo to your event , a photo which will therefore entire width of the page and that will not complement the current picture but instead : unlike profiles and pages, you can combine the two and add a cover photo.

Not to mention revolution, that change is going to help a little better customize our events, a wide picture with more likely to be useful as a small image.

To add a cover photo to your event, the procedure to follow is quite simple as you just go to the page in question and click on "Add a photo to the event" more difficult to clear . You have the choice between upload a new photo or choose one from those already online. You can then adjust the position of the image and then delete it or change it later without any problems.

If the new can leave more than one indifferent, it should nevertheless be of interest to some, those who like to customize everything that moves, including.

Three new tablets from Lenovo

Lenovo is a manufacturer relatively quiet, it is a fact, but it is nevertheless present in many markets, including that of mobile technologies. Proof is, it took advantage of the Mobile World Congress 2013 to unveil three new touch tablets: two 7-inch and 10-inch. Their name? Well there's the Lenovo A1000, the A3000 Lenovo and Lenovo S6000. Although we will talk now and you'll be able to find a little lower technical specifications of these three slates.

Before anything else, you should know that Lenovo has not indicated or the release date of these three tablets , or even their price. This is obviously very sad, especially for the price actually, but it may be correct in shooting hours in the day or in the coming weeks and it is possible that we'll talk very quickly these new slates. In the meantime, although he will settle their characteristics.

We start with the Lenovo A1000 which will be positioned on the entry level and thus offer a screen of 7 inches with a resolution of 1024 × 600, a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2 Ghz, 16 GB of storage space and a port for micro SD cards. The A3000 Lenovo, meanwhile, offers basically the same, but it has the good taste to embark a quad core chip and it will be more broken down in several models, one of which will compatible with HSPA +.

Remains the Lenovo S6000, which features a 10-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 × 800 and a quad core processor clocked at 1.2 Ghz. In the end, therefore, that sin on these new tablets, it is their screen. Because, well, now offer resolutions as faiblardes is still uncommon, especially when you see what the competition offers. We think including Nexus. Remains to be hoped that Lenovo make a (big) effort on the price of its new terminal.

Alcatel One Touch Idol X: a smartphone colorful

Alcatel is not really present on the high end, but the manufacturer seems determined to change this situation and this is how he presented at the Mobile World Congress 2013 a new smartphone and very attractive very ... colorful. The One Touch Idol X and it should eventually interest since a lot of people take quite correct specifications. And if you want to know more, well, we can say that you are the right place because we will talk about it right away and a little further down in the article.

What is striking in the Alcatel One Touch Idol X , in addition to its name extension is particularly attractive design and leaves no one indifferent. Of clean lines, a rear shell with bright colors, it would almost feel coming face to a mobile Lumia range. Speaking of which, you can also specify that the One Touch Idol X will be available in three colors at launch: orange, yellow and blue. There will be so for everyone, or almost.

Okay, and then under the hood? Well, there's good and less good. One Touch X Idol benefit and a Full HD screen of 5 inches , a quad-core processor clocked at 1.2 Ghz , with 16 GB of storage , a micro SD card slot and a 13 megapixel sensor on top of that. On paper, this is not bad even if the chip board will not necessarily be the fastest, and even if you know nothing about the amount of RAM onboard.

However, the problem is that you have absolutely no idea what price will be offered the One Touch Idol X, or even if it will be possible to enjoy in Europe. And that, ultimately, it is very unfortunate. Now, if Alcatel's not stupid, then it will make its new mobile offer a very attractive price history to distinguish themselves from the competition. So we will cross our fingers.

HP Slate 7: tablet with Android

If the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 do not believe, then it is possible that the HP Slate 7 retain your attention. For indeed, it appears that Hewlett-Packard is determined to get back in the race and the manufacturer has used the Mobile World Congress 2013 to unveil a new touch pad and interesting enough to be offered at a rate above particularly attractive. For indeed, to enjoy, you will have to pay only the modest sum of $ 169.99 and that of particular interest to those who may not have a big budget at hand. And if you want to know more, know that everything is explained later in the article.

Design side, it must be confessed, the HP Slate 7 is not necessarily very attractive to look at. Well, it is a matter of taste, it is true, but we must admit that these wide borders that frame the screen are not particularly pretty to look at, especially not when you see what the competition offers that side.

And if not, the technical? It is important not to expect miracles, especially not for that price. HP Slate 7 embeds and one 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 × 600 feeble, a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 clocked at 1.6 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB of storage space, a port microSD card, WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1, a 3 megapixel sensor on the back of the slate and a second front VGA sensor. We do not know the capacity of the battery, but according to HP, the tablet should be taken at least 5 hours in video mode.

I do not know what you think, but in my case, I'm not particularly impressed by this new slate and, ultimately, we say that the Nexus 7 is much more interesting since it enjoys a processor and swifter, more importantly, a better resolution.

Firefox OS: the first mobile available this summer

The Mobile World Congress 2013 looks busy. Proof is yesterday is that Mozilla has started the ball rolling with a series of announcements on its new mobile platform, namely Firefox OS. Even Firefox OS mentioned, and finally looks like an alternative to all current platforms. But in fact, if you dream to ask the tabs above, then know that you will not necessarily have to wait long as the first dedicated smartphone arrives in Europe this summer, and it will be even Alcatel One Touch Fire for those interested.

Great course, but still know that all countries will not benefit at the same time. In reality, the One Touch Alcatel Fire will first entry into Poland before landing quietly in the other countries of the old continent. Again, everyone will not necessarily be served at the same time and apparently our friends are Spanish and German will be the first opportunity to play with Firefox OS.

So of course, Mozilla has not stopped there and the foundation took the opportunity to highlight the first applications to be ported to Firefox OS. Because, well, a mobile platform, it is but a mobile platform with a nice app store is even better. The list is not exhaustive, of course, but we already know that Firefox OS will benefit a client Twitter and an application for Facebook. In addition, some games should also be part and it will be the case of Cut The Rope. Same for Airbnb, Box and SoundCloud.

Not bad, but be aware that Electronic Arts has also announced plans to ensure good porting its shares on Mozilla's mobile platform, and it proves that at least some publishers are very interested Firefox OS.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0: the official technical specifications

After a few weeks of waiting, and after countless rumors of all kinds, Samsung has finally decided to unveil its new tablet Touch Panel: The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 . Great, is not it? But as downright notify you immediately if you have carefully followed all that is said about the slate, then you will not learn much since all the rumors lurking on the web since the beginning of the year were accurate. Yes, but the pretty nifty thing is that the South Korean manufacturer had still kept a few tricks up his sleeve...

On the question of design, no big surprise, Note 8.0 eventually resembles a Note 2 which would have taken much overweight. It seems that the designers working for the company did not want to take the lead. It's a bit disappointing, obviously, but it will do with. However, this is very positive is that the 8.0 rating it as a benefit S Pen stylus that will reside directly in the hull rear.

Now for the technical specifications of the beast. This is what offers the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0:
  • 8-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 × 800 (189 ppi).
  • Quad-core Exynos processor clocked at 1.6 Ghz 4.
  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • 16 GB or 32 GB of storage depending on the model.
  • SD card reader.
  • 5-megapixel sensor on the back of the tablet.
  • 1.3 megapixel sensor on the front.
  • 4600 mAh battery.
  • Jelly Bean 4.1.2.

As you can see, the rumors had therefore been right. However, what may indicate is that Samsung has brought a lot of changes in its wrapper and its stylus. This will allow us to now manage the physical button "home" with the two buttons that accompany sensory and without the need to touch. Some improvements have also been made ​​to the firm offering software and new features should make their appearance. It is for example possible to use the tablet as a remote control for infrared his television.

Is obviously the question of price. Samsung did not reveal anything at the moment, but we know all de same as Note 8.0 will be available in two models (WiFi and WiFi + 4G), all for an arrival on the market somewhere in the second quarter of 2013.

Google: Towards a listening music streaming?

Listening to music in streaming is fashionable at the moment and is well on the market a lot of services offering such features, services like Deezer or Spotify to name a few. Google, for its part, did not really marketed but this could soon change if we are to believe the Financial Times. According to the latter, the search giant and should launch in the coming months, a new service that would allow all users to listen to music online by going to draw in a large catalog. And even if it is only a rumor for now, we say that it would still make sense.

I know what you'll say. No, really, it's clear as water trickles down from the glaciers of Nepal. Google already offers an online service related to music, a service called Google Music and is even available in Europe since last November. You are absolutely right, of course, but it finally approaches a more iTunes / iTunes Match as an Radio or Pandora.

But here we are not talking about an online shop or service oriented "cloud" music, but rather a tool or service that would allow us to access a wide Catalog negotiated directly with record labels. A catalog is available directly online, or even on our mobile terminals through dedicated applications. The distinction is important, and it deserves to be highlighted.

The question is of course how this new service could arise. And for me, I think it would be natural that the firm integrates directly to this offer Google Music. In any case, what is certain is that it has all the resources and all the infrastructure necessary to implement this type of project. After all, Google is all for himself at the head of the largest video streaming platform. No, actually, the only thing it lacks is the agreement of record labels.

Record labels that would probably delighted to be working with one of the largest firms in the world ...

PlayStation 4 will not be compatible with the DualShock 3

If Sony introduced its PlayStation 4 in the world earlier in the week , the manufacturer has unfortunately eluded some topics, such as the design of its new console, its price or its compatibility with existing accessories. Yes, and the question everyone asked was of course whether the PlayStation 4 would be able to connect to the PS3 controller and thus the DualShock 3 . Finally, the information has fallen during the night and the answer is pretty clear, it is even a word: no . That way, at least, is clear.

It is now official, it will be impossible to use a DualShock 3 with PlayStation 4. Why? The whole question is, of course, but some think it is actually very logical considering that the PS4 will offer no backwards compatibility with the PS3 games. Why not, after all, but it is nevertheless very regrettable.

As you probably know, the DualShock 4 brings a number of new features among which we can mention the inclusion of a touchpad or the presence of a sensor similar to the PS Move . It's great, obviously, but it also means that the new controller will cost a bit more expensive than its predecessor. Knowing that the PlayStation 4 should be sold with one controller, we need to invest in a second controller if we want to play with friends, or even family.

And the problem is finally here. New, the DualShock 3 is proposed around 50 €. Given the specifications of the DualShock 4, it should cost a bit more expensive and the price could range between € 60 and € 70 in the best case. Is the price of a new game. Obviously, if the PS4 was able to support the DualShock 3, we could refrain from this investment and all would have been much simpler.

Ultimately, it is a shame and while we're at, we also know that the PlayStation 4 should not be able to play audio CDs.

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