iPhone 5S: A keynote scheduled for June 2013?

The iPhone 5S is now the subject of several rumors. Just weeks after the release of the iPhone 5, the sites already address the presentation of his successor. According to the latest information circulating a keynote would be held in June 2013.

The iPhone 5 is released, everyone knows its design, tests were performed while the eyes are now turning to the next version. The rumors on the web a few weeks after the official launch of the Apple smartphone. A first information was in this sense, it put forward the output to an iPhone 5S in 2013. Today is Digitimes who shares this data. A keynote will be organized in June 2013 to introduce the new Apple device. Rumors also mention the appearance of iPad 5th generation. This new tablet is presented along with the Smartphone. Of course all this information is currently rumors since Apple has absolutely no news about a possible device.

A Galaxy S4?

In all cases, the next iPhone is already in conversations enthusiasts. They expect an improvement of the iPhone 5, so it could be labeled as 5S happened to the 4 and 4S. Impossible to know what changes would be made ​​to this new product. The market is becoming increasingly competitive, the products multiplied over weeks. Rumors indicate the upcoming release of a Samsung Galaxy S4 proposed. The two enemies should therefore meet again in a competition of technologies in 2013, however, if the rumors are true.

Apple must also take into account the competition with Android which dominates the market. The Windows Phone 8 has a beautiful entry alongside the Lumia 920. Thus, Apple could make changes to iOS. Apple dominated the smartphone sector, but the arrival of the S3 completely upset the market. You should know that 3 e quarter of 2012, the phone Samsung has sold 18 million copies against 16.8 million for Apple.

iPad mini: Samsung adds to its complaint with the iPad and iPod Touch 4

The iPad mini is added by Samsung to the list for violation of patents. Korean wants the procedure takes into account several devices, including the new tablet, the iPod Touch and iPad 4. The war continues.

Between Samsung and Apple, the patent war is declared for several months. With the latest launch, the two companies have updated their list for various violations made by the competitor. The appeal filed in June 2012 grows as Samsung wants to integrate the iPad mini and iPad 4, which were presented on October 24 during the second keynote. The digital music player, the iPod Touch is also covered by Korean. First addition was made in early October with the integration of the iPhone 5. The judge, Paul was asked Grewel could therefore allow Samsung to add these 3 products.

Endless war?

With regard to the complaint, it does not change. Indeed, Korean highlights the same technology patents and stated that Apple has infringed its intellectual property . In this war, the iPod Touch is targeted because of the volume indicator and the reference headphones. This conflict lasted for two years, a multitude of procedures have been completed and the war is growing over the months.

Samsung and Apple have released at the end of several products, so companies are updating their list according to different outputs. It is difficult to imagine that this situation could actually finish. This summer, the first bounce occurs with the heavy financial penalty aimed Samsung. He had decided to call, it will be December 6 to hear the verdict.

Nexus 4: Be informed of its availability through this alert

The Nexus 4 is out of stock for several days. At launch, the store was robbed of Google in minutes. The Mountain View company has not indicated deadlines for replenishment, but this application is useful.

The Nexus 4 will soon integrate the Google store. The company has not communicated on this point, but a few days ago the Nexus 10 was replenished, the concept should be similar to the Smartphone. It is widely expected by consumers, it will be keen to get valuable model when making its appearance again on Google Play. This can be quite restrictive multiply return on the shop to see if the Nexus 4 is available. This application called Nexus 4 Stock Alert could therefore help future buyers to obtain one of the two models.


The application is available at no cost and the user can customize the alert. It weighs 133 kb and working from version 2.2 of Android. The method is very simple, the application makes every X minutes (configurable) and checks for the availability of your product. When the Nexus 4 is present on the Google store, the yellow star in the upper left of the screen appears. You should know that the application checks the availability of the smartphone in the store of your country.

Of users have already used this application. It has a rating of 3.9, nearly a fifty users have assigned a rating of 5 stars and a dozen have one star. Some have had problems with the installation, application greatly mobilize the battery. Others are excited about the application.

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