Prepare a Nokia Windows Phone smartphone 6 inches, RT and Windows tablet

Unidentified sources have confirmed to The Verge the arrival this year of a new Nokia Windows Phone 8. This follows the publication at the end of last month, allegedly stolen photos showing a screen Lumia about 6 inches.

The device in question is a Windows Phone 8 Smartphone 6 inches, called the moment "Bandit", and intended to come compete goblets that bloom on Android. It is equipped with a 1080p screen, quad-core Snapdragon processor. This would be the first device providing such screen resolution, while several are in preparation.

Addition to Android goblets

Other features expected by The Verge: a camera with a sensor at least 20 MP, with a shape similar to that found on the Nokia Lumia 925. The "Bandit" therefore present a hump on the back to accommodate the camera.

For the rest, the website believes that the device is thin and light enough, and should benefit from the achievements of Windows Phone in development that would support such screen sizes, such as a column " Additional tiles "on the home screen.

The Nokia is a pledge of renewed allegiance Microsoft mobile ecosystem. While this seems pretty good to succeed him in the field of Smartphones, it is interesting to note that last weekend, a rumor has revived the possiblearrival of a Windows tablet RT in the Finnish manufacturer.

If we understand the desire to diversify from Nokia, this announcement is a little surprising. Windows RT is far from unanimous, and struggling to find its place on the market. Collective complaint has even been launched against Microsoft by investors following the very poor performance of tablets surface.

Google will not be entitled to the domain name

There will be no exceptions to the rule, even for Google. A few months ago, the Web giant has asked ICANN, in the context of applications for new domain name extensions, you can use the simple word "search" as a domain name. That is to say, to grant him the address "http://search/" without any suffix or prefix, so no points. These addresses are technically possible and called "doubtless domain name", domain name without dot (NDSP).

A few days ago, ICANN responded to this particular request is not. Manager prohibits the use of such addresses in the DNS ( Domain Name System ) for some time now, mainly for use and safety. And there is no reason to change his mind. Indeed, NDSP already use in local networks. The corporate IT department may well define "http://search/" as an address to an internal page of the information system. There would be confusion between the local address and one that wants to have Google, which wants universal.

Risk of data loss and theft

Another obstacle in the authorization of NDSP: algorithms automatic completion in browsers. They can transform a single word entered in the address bar at the FQDN. But this transformation is not unique in the world, but can vary depending on user habits, geographic area, etc. It is therefore likely that, once again, generate a lot of confusion.

Finally, a recent study commissioned by ICANN points to a series of security risk. Possible authorization of NDSP could compromise user cookies (data loss), the spread of XSS ( cross-site scripting ) and Facilitate attempts at usurpation.

Google: failure 11 minutes drops the web traffic by 40%

One person is missing and everything is depopulated saying goes. And when it's a giant web which "absent" is all the users who are clueless. On the night of 16 to August 17, 2013, all of Google's services has been affected by a failure eleven minutes revealed.

This incident was enough to bring down the web traffic by 40% the company said GoSquared observing Internet traffic in real time. The incident is bound to have economic consequences for the Web giant.

Sixteen applications were affected Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Drive, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings, Sites, Groups, the Administration Console, Postini, Analytics, Maps, Voice and Blogger services. A few minutes after the incident, the Web giant has published on its dashboard a message of apology stating that everything was in order.

This is not the first time that Google's services are dysfunctional but it is the most important long. Thus in April 2012, it is the service that Gmail was interrupted for one hour. Another serious failure had occurred in 2009 , making the search engine unavailable again for an hour.

Flexible screens: Samsung launches a competition to find new ideas

Invent new technologies, it is one thing. To put them into practice in everyday life is another. This is why Samsung has launched a competition to find new ideas to use its flexible AMOLED technology. At stake: a first prize of 10,000 dollars. Two other projects will be awarded prizes ranging from 5,000 and 2,500 dollars.

This contest is open to entrepreneurs, designers and developers. Their suggestions should comply with a set of very precise: the products must use a flexible screen whose maximum size is 20 inches, do not go beyond a definition of 1920 x 1080 pixels, do not belong to a market niche and will be produced on a large scale.

But that's not all because the projects will be economically viable and initiators must claim no royalties on the future development of their ideas. Ah yes ... the last detail, and not least to participate in this contest, you must reside in the United States!

Mobile payment test soon on Facebook

Users of Facebook in the future could use their account on the social network to make payments over the Internet via a mobile phone.

According to AllThingsD, Facebook plans to test in September or October 1st mobile payment solution PayPal competitor, in order to increase still further its presence in the mobility sector.

Few users register their bank details 

This test was confirmed by Facebook to AllThingsD. However the site belies frontally attack his "partner" Paypal. Facebook and indicates that the product is "just to test how we can help our partners app to provide an easier shopping experience. "

The social network says so do not consider extending the payment beyond those purchases. To receive such a payment service, users will have to have their Facebook and having previously experienced bank details on their profile.

They would for few have reported such data to social network according to Forrester time (less than 10 million in the U.S., 101 million users of Facebook mobile application).

Apple iPhone 5S Gold Color Confirmed

Failure to completely change the design, the iPhone 5S may be entitled to a new color in addition to traditional black and white. This is indeed a few weeks we hear of an iPhone "gold", which would be a first since the addition of a second color at the time of the release of the iPhone 3G.

Rumor is certainly echoed by analysts at KGI Securities  quoted  by 9to5Mac. It also contains information about the hardware configuration of the new iPhone we mentioned the last week  : the introduction of an integrated home button, which would lose the way the white rectangle and take a convex shape fingerprint reader, a sensor photo that is 8 megapixels, but with an opening scope to f/2.0 and a double flash.

The analyst added that the iPhone 5S will be equipped with a system on a chip A7 with 1GB of RAM and will be available with 128 GB of internal storage. According to him, Apple will sell 35 million units of the new model by the end of the year. According to the blog All Things Digital, the  presentation  of the iPhone 5S will be held on September 10.

Updated Google+ for iOS

Google+ for iOS has been updated to version 4.5. On the menu of this update, the ability to view, edit and share photos and videos stored online in the cloud Google Drive service.

As for the update to Android Hangouts replaces Messenger for instant messaging and VoIP calls. Users can start a Hangouts directly from the profile of a person. Those who wish can save the history of their messenger conversations using the Google Takeout tool. The new version of Google+ for iOS is  available  on the App Store.

Facebook: Zuckerberg hacked into the wall to indicate a security

This is a security that the founder of Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg, has not been able to ignore. It it was indeed reported directly to the page by an expert in Palestinian security Khalil Shreateh.

To bring this bug, overlooked by Facebook's security team, to the knowledge of the owner of the social network, the researcher has just published a message on his page. Except that, in principle, it would not have been able to do so.

No reward for the researcher 

This is thanks to the identified vulnerability he could. The flaw allows users to post messages on the timeline of other Facebook members, even if they are not on their friends list.

Khalil Shreateh has therefore demonstrated thus issuing this warning in the message thread from Mark Zuckerberg himself. This bug had not yet been adopted in the framework of Facebook security where bonuses are awarded to researchers for their responsible disclosure.

A few minutes after his demonstration, Shreateh was contacted by IT security social network - and Facebook account disabled by "precaution". The flaw has also since been corrected.

But no reward for the security expert. Facebook has held that the researcher had violated the rules of use and had also not followed the principles of responsible disclosure.

Watch connected: Samsung Galaxy Gear unveiled on September 4

We already knew that the Galaxy Note 3  will be presented on September 4 in the preamble to the IFA (September 6-11), but repeating a rumor that had been circulating for some time, Bloomberg  said  that Samsung will also use this opportunity to unveil his watch connected Gear Galaxy.

Animated mobile operating system Android, it can surf the Web, manage email and voice mail calls. The article states that the Galaxy Gear does not have a flexible screen but Samsung is working on this technology.

Leaving such a product, the manufacturer would surpass its main rivals, starting with Apple. Bloomberg said that the firm Apple is also working on a project shows that should not happen until next year.

iWatch Concept : Apple Intelligent Design Wristband Highly Attractive

The iWatch is it really you? Nobody knows. What is certain, in any case, is that we had no right to steal pictures of the beast. Of two things, either Apple has managed to keep secret his first shows connected, or it is an illusion, a mirage. It was not until the autumn to find out, but it obviously did not stop the creative and not a week goes by without that we see emerging new concepts being dedicated to him. The last was designed by a Stephenolmstead and should not leave anyone indifferent. This is normal because it is simply the best concept iWatch ever imagined.

With this new concept, Stephenolmstead wanted to create a watch that looks like... connected to any shows. And we must admit, when take a look at the first visual image was actually the impression of being a watch face more mundane. A round dial, hands that indicate the time..., a fine bracelet and discreet, two buttons, nothing out of the ordinary.

Finally, nothing except the lens, the microphone and the speakers located at the top and bottom of the dial. For indeed, this iWatch not only display information from an iPhone, iPod Touch or even an iPad, it will be able to recognize the voice of the user and even the films it wants. The best is to come also because it is even possible to make calls through it! You'll understand our creative brave pushed the concept too far by producing shows connected discreet, intelligent and especially complete.

By default, so this is a watch that is displayed on the board, a screen display designed to consume the least amount of energy possible. In case of notification, it will flop and displayed on the second hand the number of messages waiting. The user will then have to tap once on the screen of his watch to access embedded applications. There, well he will be spoiled for choice as can access to its SMS, its agenda, its pictures, the weather or even a compass. Better, leaving your finger on the screen for a few seconds, which is Siri gets underway.

And then there is the bracelet watch, interchangeable and available in several colours bracelet. A detail, certainly, but that its importance and should eventually attract all those who attach great importance to their "look."

Apple Releasing iOS7 Gold Master on September 5

The beta version of iOS7 succeeds at a frantic pace and the question everyone asks, finally, it is released when the Golden Master. BGR has seriously addressed the issue and the site has taken the initiative to contact his best sources to learn more about the subject. And if we are to believe the latter, then the GM of iOS 7 is scheduled for September 5 to Apple employees and partners. Developers, meanwhile, should be able to benefit from the September 10, just days before the launch of the final public version, a version that will be deployed at the same time as the iPhone and the iPhone 5S 5C.

But before the Golden Master, we should be entitled to a new beta version - the sixth - expected next week, probably Monday or Tuesday. Following this release, it is a GM that will be given to employees and partners of the firm, a GM should be deployed as of September 5.

Five days later, so the September 10, these are all people with an iOS Developer license should be able to get their hands on. An interesting time since AllTingsD believes, however, that the iPhone 5S and 5C iPhone could be unveiled at the same time. And Apple would kill two birds with one stone. However, it should wait a few more days before the final version of iOS 7 is deployed on all terminals of the firm. Interestingly, the deployment of the platform should be done in conjunction with the marketing of two new Smartphones cabbage. There is a good chance that they do not arrive on the market on 25 October, as suggested by the latest gossip dated, but towards the end of September.

It is obviously preferable to remember that all this information should be taken with caution. BGR has often flown in the past but this is not a reason to get excited too fast.

Update: Apple has deployed the sixth beta of iOS 7; it would appear that the organization is a little ahead of schedule BGR. This update would also only one goal; fix the bug that some users encountered with iTunes.

GTA 5: Official Gameplay Video For Online Multiplayer Modes

The output of GTA 5 is fast approaching and the new title of Rockstar arrives on our consoles on 17 September, is a little over a month. Meanwhile, the editor is determined to raise the sauce and so it just puts online a new gameplay video, a video this time concerning the "online" mode and thus its multiplayer mode. Like what, August 15 is not a holiday for everyone and this is ultimately a good thing because this new video should appeal to a lot of people. Morality, if you scan the web on the lookout for any information about the next GTA, well you should get for your money.

GTA 5 is undoubtedly the most ambitious title of the entire franchise. Rather than repeating the same ingredients in the same recipe, Rockstar decided to dust off the genre and push the concept as far as possible. We think especially this huge map, in which we can walk us freely, or all three playable characters and therefore Franklin, Michael and Trevor.

And today, it's the multiplayer mode of GTA 5 that reveals a mode that seems pretty well designed. First point and not least, Grand Theft Auto Online will map the persistent universe, just like any MMO, but with a limit: each party will be limited to 16 players. Players who can do what they like, associate with other offenders, complete missions, customize their character or even buy an apartment, a private garage and more. More than ordinary multiplayer mode, it is ultimately a play within a play, and the result looks just stunning. Rockstar also well emphasized that this universe is constantly evolving, with content that will be added at regular intervals. Otherwise, GTA Online will be free for anyone who bought GTA 5, necessarily.

As a reminder, GTA 5 will be available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at first, but a PC version is obviously not excluded and it even seems that the latter is already planned for fall 2013. Also note that several DLC released in the coming months, the DLC also brings their share of innovations.

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