GTA 5: Official Gameplay Video For Online Multiplayer Modes

The output of GTA 5 is fast approaching and the new title of Rockstar arrives on our consoles on 17 September, is a little over a month. Meanwhile, the editor is determined to raise the sauce and so it just puts online a new gameplay video, a video this time concerning the "online" mode and thus its multiplayer mode. Like what, August 15 is not a holiday for everyone and this is ultimately a good thing because this new video should appeal to a lot of people. Morality, if you scan the web on the lookout for any information about the next GTA, well you should get for your money.

GTA 5 is undoubtedly the most ambitious title of the entire franchise. Rather than repeating the same ingredients in the same recipe, Rockstar decided to dust off the genre and push the concept as far as possible. We think especially this huge map, in which we can walk us freely, or all three playable characters and therefore Franklin, Michael and Trevor.

And today, it's the multiplayer mode of GTA 5 that reveals a mode that seems pretty well designed. First point and not least, Grand Theft Auto Online will map the persistent universe, just like any MMO, but with a limit: each party will be limited to 16 players. Players who can do what they like, associate with other offenders, complete missions, customize their character or even buy an apartment, a private garage and more. More than ordinary multiplayer mode, it is ultimately a play within a play, and the result looks just stunning. Rockstar also well emphasized that this universe is constantly evolving, with content that will be added at regular intervals. Otherwise, GTA Online will be free for anyone who bought GTA 5, necessarily.

As a reminder, GTA 5 will be available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at first, but a PC version is obviously not excluded and it even seems that the latter is already planned for fall 2013. Also note that several DLC released in the coming months, the DLC also brings their share of innovations.

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