Angry Birds Star Wars: Launch Thurs, November 8

Angry Birds and Star Wars were unveiled this weekend with a mysterious statement from Rovio . This appointment gave fans October 8th to discover new links in with a lightsaber. These are not fluff, but a real version of the game which is available soon. On 8 November, Angry Birds Star Wars version will be available on PC, iOS and Android . Fans will discover a multitude of products such as figurines, stuffed animals and lots of other gadgets.

The game remains a mystery since the specifications are not yet known. Fans will find all the characters in the saga, Luke Skywalker, and even Darth Vader. Rovio has proposed a fairly short video which shows the launch of the new game Several photos featuring the characters were also shared. It is therefore possible to see their transformation into Angry Birds, a nice concept that should appeal to fans of the series and fans of the game

Subsidized smartphones: scams are growing

The subsidized Smartphones are at the heart of a new controversy. Scams are increasing and operators are increasingly worried by the trend that began early in the year.

In France, a new practice began gently in place since January as 100,000 were referenced scams. People tend to subscribe to a mobile subsidized. They get a smartphone and nine last generation, paid a ridiculous price compared to the bare version. Several schemes are then implemented for not paying a subscription while keeping the mobile. Operators do not want to estimate the damage, but it would be 30 million with an average mobile 300 euros. The scammers must still be organized to perform well in handling. Generally, the documents submitted are false, bank accounts are closed a few days after registration...

The response of operators

People then have two options, sell the smartphone at a profit really interesting or subscribe to an offer without commitment to a lower cost. Such scams have been boosted by the multiplication formulas without engagement that are relatively affordable, but no smartphone is proposed. Faced with this situation, the operators desired response including increased selling prices.

And some operators like SFR and Bouygues Telecom, smartphones are offered at a higher rate. Mobile phones are sold with 150 to 200 euros. When the client passes the 3-month subscription, the difference between the purchase price and the original price is paid on the invoice. For example, the iPhone 5 at Bouygues Telecom could rise from 189.90 euros to 339.90 euros. The difference of 150 euros would then be made ​​in the form of a credit on the next invoice.

What do you think of these scams and response operators?

Android 4.2 in the starting blocks?

However, according to our colleagues for Android Police, log files of Internet traffic on their site have uncovered devices running Android 4.2. There would be a total of four different devices that run smoothly within this release mysterious.

It would be a Samsung Galaxy Nexus , the latest smartphone Nexus date, a Nexus 7 tablet from Asus, a terminal codenamed "occam" and another device identified as "manta".

The four devices were running Android 4.2 builds beginning with the letter "J". This indication is a priori rather inconsistent with a major update since the "J" would imply that it is a version of Jelly Bean (a new version called "Ham Butter" seems unlikely to say the least, but "Jaffa Cakes" could be a good candidate!). Indeed, for each major iteration of its mobile OS, Google runs the alphabet "F" Froyo, "G" Gingerbread, "H" Honeycomb, "I" for Ice Cream Sandwich and "J" Jelly Bean .

In addition, the terminal "occam" would be a smartphone since its user-agent (text sent to the server to identify the user agent) contained the word "mobile". We can think about the future Nexus LG Optimus based on G (read our article ). It could also be a smartphone Motorola Razr range ("Razor" means "razor" in English). "Occam" would thus refer to Occam's razor (or Okham) which is a principle of philosophical reasoning.

As for the "manta", it could be a new tablet Motorola stamped. Indeed, the Motorola Xoom tablet had two different code names (depending whether 3G/4G LTE or WiFi) "Stingray" and "Wingray." "Manta" come to "Manta Ray" ("manta" in English), while "Stingray" was referring to the sting of the line and "Wingray" his wing. A little far-fetched, admittedly, but we also know that manufacturers like to play with the code names of their products.

The hypothesis of a fake is not excluded, but since Android Police spotted many devices with this version 4.2, it seems unlikely.

Your inbox becomes a task list with Taskbox

To effectively manage its e-mail and his list of tasks generally used two distinct applications. But Taskbox, email client, hybrid, chose to stand out by offering these features in a single application.

This service allows concrete to structure and organize their inbox, in particular by providing a task manager and piggybacking on existing messaging services (only Gmail and Google Apps are supported at the moment but other services will be added soon ). The ultimate goal is obviously that her inbox shows unread zero (or close to ...).

In the list of emails for example, if you drag your finger to the right, you can send the message in the task list (and possibly prevent the person you work for it), or to delegate mark it as completed. Conversely, if you drag your finger to the left, you can include or delete the message.

Today Taskbox is more a concept than anything else. Certainly, an iOS application already exists but it is buggy and pay ($ 6.99). So the company is working actively on this application and preparing versions for Android and HTML 5 next year.

Finally, the company hopes to raise $ 30 000 on the site of collaborative funding Kickstarter to fund future improvements. I think the idea is relevant and rather ambitious implementation remains to be seen. This is the kind of service that could be bought by Google?

Star Wars Angry Birds for November 8

Lemon squeezer had echoed the teasing Rovio on the theme of the Jedi . Could not be guaranteed with certainty that it was indeed a Angry Bird hiding in the curvature of the Jedi gif (read our article). Amazing after Alex and Piggies, a spin-off of the license Angry Birds, it is in the mythical world of Star Wars that Rovio will bring forth his new game.

Following Angry Birds Space is a new game - or say a new version of Angry Birds - the Finnish publisher will launch. Launch, there should always be a question when one discovers the sword / catapult Star Wars Jedi worn by Angry Bird.

Them the most symbolic space opera will be revisited sauce Angry Birds. Feathers for the Rebels and snouts to the wicked of the Empire, Darth Vader figurehead. We discover, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia but C3PO, R2D2 and Obi Wan, they echo the colors of birds from previous games (except Chewbacca). The vessels are also present: Millennium Falcon, Tie Fighters but Death Star. Some of the original trilogy purists cry scandal ("the worst attack against Rovio") while some will rejoice at this foray of Angry Birds in the mythical space opera.

The game will be available on iOS , Android and PC on the 8th November 2012 (the return of Thursday). Its output will be accompanied by a merchandising provided (it is seen just before Christmas).

iPad mini: The real visual tablet?

The iPad mini is the new buzzword in recent days. Photos and videos are linked to high speed. Today, it is a pretty nice concept that was designed by Martin Hajek in collaboration with Giz.

To share this video, various rumors have been used. They also took into account the new design of the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G. This is an effective strategy since the Cupertino company wants to keep some cohesion in its catalog. The iPad mini should align with previous products. Thus, the tablet was available in several colours (white, gray, black and blue). It also sports a anodized aluminium shell provides a very elegant touch that should appeal to many users. The system was also used for buttons and borders.

A video inspired by the iPhone 5

The result is quite nice and could quite match the reality. The visuals are similar to those usually offered by Apple . Thus, the iPhone 5 should be the model for designing the mini iPad, the new tablet should approach this design. A few days ago pictures of the rear seat had been shared on the web. It was possible to see that the iPad mini was inspired greatly from the latest Smartphone from Apple.

This is not the first time Martin Hajek offers its services for Apple products. A few months ago, he proposed a concept of the iPhone 5, which had some success. Knowing now, product design, his work really like the final result. Thus, if the iPad mini can really see the day, it should look like the one shown in the photos.

The next Nexus produced by LG and announced before the end of October

October 5 is the anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs , but a year ago, Google announced the Galaxy Nexus was at that time (the ad was therefore postponed for a week). A year has passed since then and the Mountain View company could unveil the new Nexus smartphone by the end of October.

According to, which is based on sources close to the case, the next Nexus would be based on the new terminal manufacturer LG Optimus G. Other alleged leaks go further and specify certain characteristics of the future Nexus.

LG Nexus, which has not yet official name would display 1280 by 768 pixels on its IPS screen, which translates into a pixel density of 317.6 ppi (pixels per inch). The "plus" in "True IPS +" means that the screen will have a matrix of pixels called RGB (not PenTile like the Galaxy S III for example). It embark SoC Snapdragon S4 Qualcomm processor with quad core, 2GB RAM and a main camera with sensor 8 Mpixels (against 13 Mpixels for Optimus G). In this, it would be comparable to the LG optimus G (except for the camera). However, it would have a wireless charging device in the image of what Nokia Lumia 820 with and 920. Storage side, it would be available in versions 8 GB and 16 GB instead of 32 GB of Optimus G. It should not rely on any microSD slot to expand the product line Nexus (Nexus One only had such a location).

In all likelihood, it should run on Android 4.1 (probably a minor increment), aka Jelly Bean, though some were rumors of Android 4.2, hypothesis seems unlikely.

After the original HTC Nexus first with the Nexus One and Samsung has developed the last two models: the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus and Asus produces the Nexus tablet 7, LG would be the fourth manufacturer requested by Google expand the range Nexus.

But the South Korean manufacturer could not be alone. Some rumors suggest that other manufacturers could offer Nexus smartphones based on their own models. We take this information as required in the case before any rumors. For now, neither Google nor LG has made any official statement about this.

A smartphone inserted into a magazine page!

This is not the first time and it is new Entertainment Weekly who gets stuck: thousand copies of its latest issue contained a page displaying a screen on which videos and tweets scroll the CW Network.

The novelty here seems to stem from the fact that the screen is in fact nothing other than the visible part of a smartphone. Yes, totally encapsulated EW smartphone, or rather its components without the shell in a page a little thicker magazine.

It does not take more sharpen the curiosity of most guys at Mashable, who boned the gizmo to discover that it was a mobile phone manufactured in China, ABO 810 smartphone input range, even when equipped with Wi-Fi, 3G sim card, a camera, a speaker and even a QWERTY keyboard. Estimated at a set price between 40 and 90 dollars.

n the demo video below torturers device even come after dissection, to make it work and to make a call with it. Nothing very surprising end to a phone, but this is the approach in terms of marketing on the part of Entertainment Weekly, which is more.

Recall that the first experience of magazine including animated screen was conducted by Esquire ago four years of this, the number of time collector who had used the time to the E-Ink technology, or electronics. I still have this copy but unfortunately the screen no longer works, probably because the battery of the device is empty.

YouTube Launches Channels

A year after the U.S. (I can not find my article on the subject), YouTube has launched its Original Channels in three new countries: France, United Kingdom and Germany.

Chains originals are not new programs that have emerged in the night on the video network, but a kind of directory or index or aggregation as you want, with a selection of the best YouTube channels, classified by theme and thus promoted and highlighted by the giant video on the internet. Some are already available and others will arrive in the coming weeks.

The program YouTube Channels Original in French we find the channel with Very Watch Entertainment, It's Big, Taratata on Air, Rendez-vous in Paris, Humour with FFSK, Huha, Studio Bagel, Unfeminine Tribe, Kitchen, represented by the inevitable Marmite or Let's Cook) Play with Doctissimo Health, News, including Euro news Knowledge and finally with Sport X-Treme Video.

The opening of these channels on the three main European countries followed the chains in the U.S. a year ago, where hundreds of channels are already available and growing success since each of them attracts more than one million viewings week. In France, YouTube has agreements with thirteen partners for the time being. Side compensation, the principle is an advance on advertising revenue.

Pioneer has a car GPS which is controlled without contact with a hand gesture

Perhaps future GPS and other modules infotainment equipping our cars will command a gesture, without contact, as with a Kinect. Farewell buttons and touch screens ...

It is in any case that Pioneer has just introduced at CEATEC 2012. Raku Navi module, which can be installed in an after market double-din slot center console is a GPS navigation system which is controlled by simple hand movements.

The device is equipped with infrared sensors to detect movement and show different menus. Once the hand has reclaimed its place on the steering wheel, the display automatically returns to the default display, namely GPS navigation.

The module is programmable, and it is not totally hands-free, you can assign a function to a horizontal movement of the hand. Four models install in any console will be available in early November in Japan, but it is unclear at this time if they will be available in other countries.

Remains to be seen that this device brings a truly innovative safety and ergonomics, the two being intimately linked in a car.

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