Android applications pirates walk on the BlackBerry App World

It is no secret that Seller's Store Play is much better stocked than the BlackBerry App World . It seems indeed that developers still have trouble trusting RIM and that is what prompted some malicious attempt to take advantage of the situation. How? Simply recovering applications on the Play Store, then converting them to our friends the BlackBerry before uploading quietly on the BlackBerry App World. Yes, and the funny thing is that your application could even be part of the lot!

It all started when a developer has received an odd request by mail, an application written by a mobile user who bought the BlackBerry version of the application . No wonder you say it is anyway lot to all developers, but where things get very funny, it's nice that our encoder was not sure porting the application to the RIM's mobile platform.

Yes, it is great fun to tell, but probably less to live. Our developer has obviously not been slow to respond and it has sent a nice letter to RIM to remove the application from BlackBerry App World. Its requirements have been met, of course, but it all the same chosen to make the case public. to prevent his friends developers. And this is where things started to get complicated, because many people are not made ​​aware that their application had suffered exactly the same fate.

Morality, if you are used to code for Android, and if you already have some applications on Play Store, then you'd better take the time to browse on the BlackBerry App World just to check if your creation is beautiful is not there. And if you find that this is the case, then know that you can simply send a mail to RIM for your application to be removed from the shop.

Well, I leave you, I have a few gigabytes of applications to recover. Oh, and if you start with Angry Birds Space?

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