Racist Tweets: The controversy swells, Flower Pellerin reacts

Faced with the refusal to Twitter to denounce the perpetrators of racist and anti-Semitic, the Minister of Digital Economy involved in the case.

Twitter is still reluctant to make the accusation. Tuesday, January 8, the social network has been heard at a hearing referred to the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris (TGI). The site Miccro-blogging has indeed been sued in November by the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) and the Association J'accuse - international action for justice, after the multiplication of anti-Semitic messages containing the hashtags and unbonjuif unjuifmort.

However, site representatives reported that Twitter refuses to communicate the data to identify the perpetrators of racist or anti-Semitic tweets without the consent of American justice.

The Minister for the Digital Economy, Flower Pellerin then responded to the controversy. "Twitter has opened a sales office in France and probably wants to settle in Europe, so I think they have an interest in s adapt legal cultures and philosophical and ethical countries in which they wish to develop," said the minister during a interview on LCI.

Ongoing negotiations

Flower Pellerin added that the government was currently in discussions with officials and Twitter that they were quite "receptive." "The difficulty we face today is that we are dealing with a company that has its headquarters in the United States, where the concept of freedom of expression may be more extensive and therefore we need to find a middle ground", the French Minister continued. "All this is part of a negotiation in more than a legal battle", she insisted.

Especially in France, there is a real gap in the law on this point. The data being collected and stored overseas, Twitter is theoretically subject to U.S. laws. "Should I obey the law of different countries where I work? I do not know", launched yesterday by counsel for Twitter, at the hearing.

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