10 BlackBerry Apps Challenge, A your votes!

We had announced last year the launch of BlackBerry 10 Android Challenge . The best five applications were selected. More than 100 applications have android postulated in this contest organized by RIM and 5 were selected.
  • Arcade and Action: Open Sea! The Pixelizers
  • News and Magazines: Mobiles Republic News Republic of AND Jeuxvideo.com
  • Lifestyle: Wine secretary
  • Sports: Foot Info Marseille Cyril Bosselut

These applications will be available on BlackBerry 10 right out of the new OS at the end of January.

A special mention was also given to applications: Extreme Droid Jump, Android System Info, Minetower, Sheets Tray physical application of conjugation, Hopla, Snap Meme, RomeTracker, LondonTracker, BarceloneTracker, iReveilPro2, Settei, Tips Calculator, Beem, astroid , memory game for children, Tux Memory Game JBMM News, Motorcycle Permit Revision, UPPA Hyperplanning, Student Life, Appy Gamer, Sport Republic, Glamlife, TFC info, info Lille, PSG info, Larousse and Fitness Abs!

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