PaperTab, flexible tablet of the future

On the occasion of the largest exhibition of consumer electronics, Intel introduced a tablet revolution, the PaperTab. It has the distinction of being completely flexible and be almost as thin as paper.

Intel introduced the tablet of the future at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The PaperTab looks like a camera almost as thin as a sheet of paper. The machine has a screen of 10.7 inches using electronic ink and an Intel i5 Sandy Bridge.

For now, the baby conceived by Intel, the Queen's University in Canada and the British company Plastic Logic is a prototype, but has been able to show what he could do in a video. The development team says his initial goal was to mimic the feel of the paper on a sturdy product, lightweight and flexible.

Thus, to send an e-mail, simply fold one corner of the screen, while with a gesture of the hand, it will be possible to scroll through pages or move in a video. The PaperTab also focuses on the interaction with other dogs. For example, a simple contact between two shelves will send content from one device to another or to set up a multi-screen system.

Intel has yet to release a date for its marketing, or its price. It has yet to finalize its product. The manufacturer shall in particular include a processor and a flexible battery in his PaperTab.

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