Generate an ebook from any website

The digital book is still super convenient because it does not take up much space. One understands why digital reading lights are doing so well and why products like the Kindle or Kobo walk very different. But in fact, if you are equipped with a reading light at home, then Ebook Glue may be of interest because the goal of this service is to simply turn any website, any blog, ebook. A good way to take your favorite websites with you on the subway, especially friendly service that will even let you choose the format.

The first thing to know about this service is that it is extremely simple to use. No need to be a killer coding or being born with a mouse in hand, anyone have any way the possibility to use it. The only thing you need is actually the address of the site that you want to scan. And once you have this information in hand, then you simply go on Ebook Glue that it does the rest.

On the home page service, you will actually find a single field in which you will absolutely take the address of the site you want. After validation, Ebook Glue will go analyze that page to find your RSS Feed. And after? And long after, you will be entitled to a captcha antispam clumsy before you find yourself on a new page with two buttons. Two buttons that will allow you to recover digital book is in ePub format, or Mobi format. Just below, you can also note the presence of a sharing link that you can swing on social networks you frequent to share your story with the great discovery many.

Ebook Glue: your site ebook in ePub or Mobi

But this is not all. Not because the second thing to know about Ebook Glue is that it is perfectly possible to create an account on the platform to manage its various ebooks. The friendly thing is that you can then find all your books in one place and retrieve it again if the need arises.

In the end, the only downside is that all sites and all blogs are not necessarily distribute their articles in their entirety in their RSS feeds. And if they are truncated, then your ebook will be too. However, the good news today is that the Fredzone not cut his articles then you will at least be able to try your hand with it.

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