Beagle: the 5-inch eReader low cost TXTR

While Amazon has launched a sophisticated reading lamp with Paperwhite the Kindle, the company will try TXTR the opposite bet with a reading light but ultra stripped even cheaper.

The Beagle - what is his name - is characterized by a resolution of the most honest. In fact, it displays 800 by 600 pixels on its screen technology E-ink to 5 inches. The pixel density is therefore 200 dpi compared to 212 dpi for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite but especially 167 pp. of previous Kindle.

Small screen and almost no connectivity allow TXTR reduce the production cost of the Beagle. Thus, it has no physical port and can not connect to that via Bluetooth (no WiFi or 3G). It does therefore have no card slot but 4GB internal flash, which is more than enough to ePub file types. The Reader is powered by two AAA batteries. All this allows him to weigh only 128 grams and be ultra thin with 5 mm thick.

For now, it is only with PAIR in Bluetooth Android devices (Android 4.0 or higher required) via the application free TXTR available on Google Play . However, the German company has already announced that the application for iOS and PC that endure as soon transfer files to the Beagle. We are waiting to see if the application will also transfer eBooks not from his own store. If necessary, it would be a big limitation for this reader.

A search of lower cost, like what Google did with the Asus tablet Nexus 7, which should allow the txtr offer € 10 . However, it could be a subsidized rate. Still no 3G connectivity, we are waiting to see what kind of grant will be backed subscription (perhaps buying books on its own platform). Txtr did not communicate precisely on this point. But hopefully it will be available also available without subscription 20 €, 30 € or 40 €, which remain a good deal. Be expected to know the conditions of sale to forge a final opinion. The Reader Beagle will be sold in Asia, the United States and Europe to date has not been specified.

Txtr will not revolutionize the electronic reading light as such but it could revolutionize how to use it. With this product, the user will no longer hesitate to buy more (if a low price is confirmed) and use it in all circumstances (think the beach especially during the summer where we always reluctant to take Bookeen's Kindle or because of the sand, great enemy of electronic devices).

Android 4.1.2 is available

This announcement comes after leaked photos of an alleged Nexus produced by LG. On some of them, you could see the E960 Smartphone "Mako" LG is supposed to be the future Nexus , running Android 4.1.2.

These are precisely the terminals embedding a AOSP ROM, that is to say, unmodified, which have now. Are covered including the Galaxy Nexus but the tablet Nexus 7. Android 4.1.2 fix bugs and improve performance significantly. Nexus 7 on the home screen has a suitable display in landscape mode.

Google is expected to unveil one or more Nexus smartphones before the end of October or in November. We do not know yet if they will run on this version of Android or if Google will announce a new major update (Android 4.2) for the occasion.

A Nexus tablet to fight the iPad 10?

Google and Samsung are about to launch a Nexus with a 10-inch screen with an argument: a resolution of 2560 x 1600. One feature that reminds us that the new iPad !

The tablet market is finally packed!

It is clear that the release of the Nexus 7 with its attractive price has shaken the world of tablets hitherto the preserve of Apple. Indeed, while many tablets have tried with varying degrees of success in this market, no brand could generate enthusiasm as important as Apple's iPad, except maybe the HP Touchpad which was much talked of it last summer after HP decided to cut prices.

The price is also the main argument has taken Google to launch the tablet market with its Nexus 7, but it currently lacks Google a premium product, able to come counteract the dominance of the Cupertino and who better than the Korean Samsung to stick to it?

This is certainly the latter, if one believes Richard Shim, an analyst at Display Search NPS, to work with Google on a tablet of 10 inches and a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels at 299 pixels per inch. This is better than the new iPad has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels at 264 pixels per inch!

Nexus wants to grow iPad become ... Mini!

If the Nexus 7 was assigned to Asus, it would not be surprising to find on this Samsung 10-inch model. Recall that Korean is none other than one of the leading suppliers of slabs Apple, a trend which is however in sharp decline since the number of LCD screens provided by Samsung have dropped by 76% . Still, if Samsung has mainly produced for others, the brand has recently shown that it was capable of producing screens "  Retina  "with its 13-inch computer, the  Samsung Series 9 WQHD see better since the Korean would work on screens OLED 350ppi.

The arrival of a Nexus 10 has nothing utopian and could allow Google to occupy the market in all segments with an entry level tablet at $ 99 which rumor is more urgent, the Nexus 7 current Android finally allowed to exist in a market where it was previously in trouble and therefore a high-end tablet would oppose the Apple iPad.

Remains the question of price, Google will ready to repeat the shot of the Nexus 7? AOL recovery!

Nearly six years after the acquisition by AOL, former Internet service provider has just relaunched its online gaming platform.

Indeed, the platform today launches a new version that provides cross-platform compatibility and a new catalog of games. AOL chose HTML 5 instead of native mobile technologies to offer games that run in the browser then on several platforms (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc..) And hopes to become number one in online gaming.

That is to say, the old version has nothing to do with the new version of the overhaul because really gives a youthful look and navigation is perfectly suited to all media (or almost).

The right menu appears for example to recommend particular games or view the overall ranking of players based on the size of the browser. Finally, players will be able to put a game in full screen and access its history, badges and leaderboards.

Catalog of games is certainly composed of 5000 free games (and it will increase over time) but it is clearly not the classic Atari Microsoft.

Facebook steps into e-commerce by launching its "Collections"

A new development in the form of revolution in Facebook ? The social network has launched a test on a new feature: Collections, which will allow brands and stores online to promote their products among the members of the site who can click directly to purchase.

Collections Facebook, which is displayed on a new page format, will offer three possibilities: "Collect," "Want" or "Like", comment and more. If you're a fan of a brand and that it is on the internet shop, its products will be displayed in your news feed. If you click "Collect" or Like "products so marked will appear on your timeline under the label" Products ", whereas if you click on" Want "they will fall into your wish list.

Of course, the dreaded viral mechanics will lock then: if you click on an object, it will start to spread on Facebook. If you "collect" an image, it will appear in the news feeds of your friends, and if you "likez" or "want", it will spread among the friends of your friends (who are not on Facebook not necessarily your friends, you know?). And for the market part, when you click "Collect", you can buy it, then. Facebook does not take commission for the moment but it will certainly change, given the great opportunity of profits that such functionality represents.

The test is currently limited to a few users in the U.S. and affects only a handful of brands, including Victoria's Secret or, but if it is successful Collections Facebook would quickly spread to all users.

Google ... became a bank

When you have a little money in its coffers, and by providing free services to the world within a decade it becomes one of the largest market capitalizations in front of old industrial groups, what more logical to take his war chest in exchange for some minor interests?

This is what Google (you know, the search engine), which yesterday launched a new service in the UK test, designed to help entrepreneurs to invest in advertising ... Adwords.

According to a report in the Financial Times, the Google program will allow companies to take a line of credit in an amount between 200 and 100 thousand dollars (!) Per month to buy ads on Google AdWords. Because according to Google, the companies do not invest as much as they should in Adwords, which was already demonstrated by a test program similar loans in the U.S. last year.

Brent Callinicos, treasurer program manager, says that if Google does not do this to lose money, it is not about to make this activity "bank" a profit center. The program, which offers loans at a rate of 8.99% in the U.S. and 11.90 in the UK, however, provide a credit card and should be rapidly extended to other countries.

All contractors whose website is at the heart of the business know that Google is sparing no efforts to promote continuing its advertising Adwords: vouchers are distributed regularly to help test the service. Here is the full version of this incentive. Remains whether firms are able to borrow very relevant to the pub.

Nexus 7 with 32 GB approach

Receive a Nexus 7 with 32 GB of internal flash memory while only versions with 8 GB and 16 GB are currently marketed, that which is not trivial. Yet this is what would have happened to the Japanese astonishment and his greatest satisfaction.

Google had indeed chosen to simplify its offering with the Nexus 7 offering only two versions. The user can choose between a version with 8 GB and 16 GB with another No 3G (or even 4G LTE) as the Nexus 7 only supports WiFi. One way that Google has found, together with Asus to make production costs to a minimum.

But since its launch, the Nexus 7 (with its 7-inch screen) was a resounding success. Google could then build on this enthusiasm to offer a 3G version (read our article ) and extend the range with versions incorporate more internal memory. Like almost all terminals except the Nexus smartphone produced by HTC Nexus One (with only 4 GB of memory), there is no microSD slot on the Nexus 7.

On the other hand, tablets and Windows RT probable iPad Mini (with 7.85 inch screen) will quickly (from October 26 to Windows tablets RT whose size) arrive on the market. Google needs to expand its offerings to meet this competition.

iPhone 5: Apple he made a strategic mistake?

Many setbacks related to the output of the iPhone 5 are known. For two of them, something unique on the iPhone, the secretive Apple has already split an explanation or even an apology. It is part of the poor quality of iOS 6 Maps and secondly the purple halo that appears on the photos taken with the iPhone 5. For the first time, Apple has delivered a consumer product including some features notoriously decreased compared to the previous version.

Note that I am not talking about the new connector. Even if it is a negative factor for many people who need to renew their accessories, is in my opinion a must to upgrade the iPhone (even though we may regret the excessive price of the adapter).

To this is added a design very similar to the 4 and 4S, somewhat below what the firm at the apple we had used a self down from the previous model and aluminum edges crumbling or are already crumbling unpacking.

Disappointment affects some users

For amateur and iPhone owner (s) for several years, this is the first time I am disappointed and I revised my purchase decision. Around me, many people have told me a similar feeling: they will keep their 4 4S them [1] or go Android.

Everyone is not in this case because, according to Apple's sales figures are higher than the 4S (although one wonders what sense are these figures as the smartphone market overall is growing ...). But still, the launch of the iPhone 5 has not gone so well.

Attack Google on prices?

Yesterday, we saw that the new Nexus Phone was out probably mid-November and it would be manufactured by LG . The most interesting in this information are the specifications of the LG Nexus: it suggests that Google will attempt to break the price. Some specifications are indeed down at flagship smartphone of the Korean firm (Optimus G). The photo sensor through example from 12 to 8 MP, there will be no SD slot and the memory capacity is 8GB or 16GB capacities greater cons for the LG Optimus G.

In other words, Google may be preparing a Nexus Phone cheap. Would it be so surprising given that the tablet is already selling Nexus 7 to 199 euros?

The iPhone 5 now costs 679 euros in its cheapest model. Instead of buying an iPhone 5, you can buy 3 shelves Nexus 7 ( the best Android tablet according to many informed users) and you would still have enough to make a good restaurant with the remaining 83 euros. There would not it be a problem?

A strategic error of Apple?

Does Apple should not have, rather than trying to maximize its profit, lower the price of its iPhone in order to anticipate the future price decline on Android smartphones?

One can reasonably ask for, as revealed by iSuppli , the cost of an iPhone 5 is ... 159 euros, labor included.

Steve Jobs has often stated that the purpose of Apple was not making money. In reading his biography, we see that even though he has never skimped on its products, it has struggled to impose at the best price. The iPhone 5 unfortunately does not fully meet these two requirements. On the one hand the quality is poor, and secondly the price may not be aligned with the market in the medium term.

Of course, the iPhone 5 is still a great product, nobody can argue otherwise. All this certainly does not mean that Apple is at the end of the pit, but the disappointment of some and the price is real smartphone seem less appropriate or justified before.

Google encourages developers to build better applications for tablets

For several months now, tablets are becoming more numerous and massive attract the general public (and not just geeks). Tablet Nexus 7 of Google, which has an excellent quality / price ratio, there is probably something.

One of the few weaknesses of this tablet is the very limited number of compatible applications and adapted to this format. Indeed, it is necessary that developers and publishers to update their applications following a minimum best practices recommended by Google.

Google has published a checklist that should help developers build better applications specific to tablets, and, in addition to the excellent documentation Android.

This list summarizes the most important points for an application of this particular format if these ten points are not very complicated but fundamental. Example, it is necessary to optimize the layout and adjust fonts and tactile zones, and whatever the size of the tablet.

When Tim Cook, Apple CEO, tested the Yelp app on a Samsung tablet a few months ago, he said there was a lot of white space and tiny text was difficult to read. This is a story but also the reality, major publishers and services are not yet go to the Nexus 7  (and social networks Facebook and Twitter do not really show the example).

iPad Mini: Apple has already ordered a production of 10 million units

Even though Cupertino has not said a word on the subject, true to form, rumors about an iPad Mini (supposedly with a screen of 7.85 inches) make more of a secret.

According to latest information from the Wall Street Journal, some suppliers of components to Apple Asia claim to have received orders for more than 10 million copies of the small Apple tablet for the last quarter of 2012, which would double the orders from Amazon for the latest generation of its tablet Kindle Fire.

Many observers believe that the format is 7 inches a very important market for tablets, a trend confirmed by the success of the Kindle and other Google Nexus 7. Of course, this attraction to the format "mini-tablet" is also due to more attractive prices, generally located between 199 and 249 euros / dollars, which tends to confirm what we said there is already eighteen months on the occasion of the release of the HTC Flyer , the first tablet 7 inch android public and crazy prices of 649 euros, which was of course announced the flop, despite its qualities.

According to several sources, Apple could officially announce the iPad Mini in October (called 17), but is already facing production delays due to problems with the hull anodized tablet, known issues on the iPhone 5. Still, if Apple released its iPad Mini at a price below 300 euros (249 euros for an ideally 16GB model for example), the competition will certainly be much to worry about, including the best, as the Nexus 7 eg.

Google and Samsung together for a 10-inch Android tablet?

Google and Samsung are about to design a new tablet on Android with a 10.1 inch screen. The definition should be higher than that proposed by the iPad from Apple . Google has decided to change partners.

A rumor regarding the launch of a variation of the Nexus 7 circulating on the web in recent weeks. Google has another project in collaboration with Samsung. The two companies would offer a tablet with a 10.1 inch screen. The top model propose a definition of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Density is 299 dots per inch. Performance would therefore can exceed those put forward by the new iPad offers 264 dots per inch and 2048 x 1536 pixels.

Google expands its range

This strategy would work for Google, it would have a tablet for each level on the market. An effective concept to reach the maximum number of consumers. This information comes from an analyst at NPD Diplay Search Richard Shim who is assigned to site Cnet. article by The site also refers to the confirmation of the Nexus 7 tablet priced at $ 99. Production is expected to start in December. It will take a few days to get more details on this collaboration. The tablet market meets a real success and the war is far from over.

Faced with this rising power of manufacturers, Apple is directly competed on a sector that dominates. Google had also been another rumor for a 32 GB version of the Nexus 7.

Nexus 7: A discounted price for Shopping Marathon

The Nexus 7 Google boasts the second Rakuten Shopping Marathon organized by Price Minister. On this occasion, from 9 to 10 October (23:59), the tablet will be priced at 248.19 euros (shipping included). In view of the tariff on the market, the consumer has the opportunity to achieve a 11% reduction.

This Shopping Marathon can also get a second advantage. By buying in 5 different categories, the products you want, you can access the status Super points x20. 2 missions and mysteries will be available, allowing you to reach the next level, Super points x30.

For example, if you buy 100 euros of products across five categories of site you get 30 euros to spend on future purchases. For tenders to be beneficial for the client, Price Minister has launched a negotiating prices on more than 70 products. The objective is to share the most interesting rates on the market. Google Nexus 7 and the benefits of this opportunity.

With Price Minister and you will have the 16GB version for 248.19 euros (shipping included). Negotiated prices are valid while stocks last from October 9 from 18 hours. Shopping Marathon will end this Wednesday, October 10th (23:59).

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