iPhone 5: Several steps ahead of the Video Evidence!

The HTC Titan was impressed with its 4.8 inch screen. And what about the Samsung Galaxy Note has a 5.3 inch screen (the Note II dare even 5.5 inches). Samsung always pushes the flagship of the Galaxy up to 4.8 inch or 0.1 inch longer than the HTC X. One And what about Apple?

While the Cupertino company could offer a tablet than 8 inches, she dared to "large" size on the screen of the new iPhone . Attention Apple has elongated (8.6 mm longer than the 4S) while it retains exactly the same width (ie 58.6 mm).

Finally brings the new iPhone compared to the previous model and compete for Lumia 920, Galaxy S III LG Optimus G? The answer is probably in her womb. If the change is very pronounced aesthetic, Apple has equipped its new flagship processor of its own design (through the acquisition of PA Semi in 2008). Tim Cook the company proposes its own services (now with maps Maps, iCloud cloud with, with Siri voice ...) and begins to integrate its components (application processor with that of the A6 and probably thanks to the Flash memory recent acquisition of Anobit). Finally, Apple joined the Samsung model that develops components for integration into its smartphones, unlike Apple has its own OS (though Samsung has Bada and Tizen participates in).

A when foundries Apple? Recently, we learned that Apple had tried to capture some of the foundries TSMC for its own components. Proposal that the Taiwanese founder refused and could lead Apple to try to organize themselves differently.

How the iPhone 5 has affected the smartphone market (computer graphics)

With all the new smartphones that have been announced in recent months, including the iPhone 5, it is not surprising that people are looking to buy a new smartphone in this period of season.

A study by AYTM Research, supported by the American blog Mashable, says more about the smartphone market in the United States and more specifically the iPhone market.

We learn that 73% of people looking to buy a smartphone in the next six months already have a smartphone and approximately 87% of iPhone owners would consider buying the new iPhone in the next six months.

According to the study, those who own an Android smartphone are more than twice as likely to move to the iPhone than the reverse. In fact, only 9% of iPhone owners considering a move to Android.

These statistics, based on a survey sent to 600 Americans aged over 18 years are actually quite logical. The life of a smartphone is indeed limited, thanks to manufacturers who come regularly for new models and the fact that everyone (or almost) wants to own one of the latest smartphones on the market.

If you're interested, AYTM Research provides questions and answers as well as his poll numbers and publishes the following graphic:

5 million iPhone 5 sales in 3 days

It took 24 hours for small two million iPhone 5 be pre-ordered. First new record previously held by the iPhone 4S. A craze that has not dried up last Friday, the day of the launch of the iPhone 5 in 9 countries, including France.

Indeed, in the space of three days, a little more than 5 million of the new flagship stamped apple were sold. Second new record since the same time the iPhone 4S had passed 4 million copies.

What to rival all manufacturers of smartphones competitors but nothing packing analysts who had forecast 6, 8, and up to 10 million sales in the first weekend of its launch. The market then assented Apple abandoned as 13.39 dollars today on the Nasdaq, down 1.91%, to pass under the symbolic $ 700 and settle at 686.70 dollars at auction closing.

Of the 5 million sales, we do not know what part of the pre-orders and sales during the first three days. Apple did not communicate about it. Tim Cook, however, said: "  The demand for the iPhone 5 has been incredible and we are working to ensure that every user who requires one gets it as soon as possible.  "optimism is shared by the owners of iOS devices that have been $ 100 million to complete the upgrade to iOS 6. The new iteration of Apple's mobile OS is not yet available since last Wednesday.

Undeniable enthusiasm while some critics were issued on iOS 6. We refer in particular to the application mapping Plans (Maps in English), which is under fire from critics because of the many inconsistencies and other erroneous data.

Download an Archive of your YouTube Videos with Google Takeout

There is a now Google has launched Takeout service that allows you to save and retrieve much of their personal data. Since today, download all YouTube videos is possible.

This is a good step towards the release of data Google has done in launching this service for others to download from an archive of its contacts, circles, flows, documents, profile or videos.

By going to google.com / takeout, we can indeed choose to download all data from all services supported or manually select services.

Service indicates the approximate number of files and the estimated size, service by service, before starting the creation of an archive that can take some time depending on its size.

All records, even those that are still being generated, can be found in the Downloads section and are available for download for one week.

In the same vein, Facebook also offers to download an archive of personal data consisting in particular of its publications, photos or videos and messages. Moreover, all services and social networks should offer this option.

YouTube Updated its Android Application

Google has updated its YouTube application for Android. In addition to the new terminal on Froyo and Gingerbread, a better reading experience and the ability to add a video in the YouTube TV queue are scheduled.

The main novelty should appeal to owners of terminals on Android 2.2 aka Froyo and Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread. In recent versions, which are still 14% and 57.5% of Android devices are not all forgotten by the Mountain View company for the update brings a new interface and preloading videos.

The new version also lets you add a video in the YouTube TV queue. This is particularly useful for running videos from the smartphone or the tablet on a TV that is compatible with YouTube (Google TV, PS3, etc.)..

Finally, Google suggests the addition of new channels in the Channel Store and a better reading experience without really giving details. If this is not the update of the century, it has the merit of not forgetting the older versions of Android that are still (too) many in circulation.

Google works well on a new Maps Application for iPhone and iPad

It's funny how sometimes you just feel like jumping in the past. If you said "Google is working on an application for iOS Maps" you say the guy is nice but a little behind, he found the info in 2006, before the release of the first iPhone .

Not at all. You probably know that Apple has turned the Google Maps application to the latest version of its operating system, iOS6 present natively on the iPhone 5 and also available update on iPad , iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S . According to Google, this volte-face came a bit by surprise since according to some sources he was still a year contract to run between the two firms in California.

Apple has replaced Google Maps Maps by its own mapping and GPS navigation with the added bonus of 3D views that were not available in Google Maps for iOS.

At a time when this type of application is strategic, the whole question was whether Google would propose new Maps application for iPhone and others. After blowing hot and cold , it seems that Mountain View is finally working on such an application.

RAM competition

But competition with Maps apparently somewhat tickled susceptibility Google, the return of Maps on iOS is not for now because it would work in Mountain View, this time on a 3D version. Problem would be to use data from Google Earth, and it is not at all the same code. While Google has made ​​no official statement on the subject, and his DG Eric Schmidt said the company has not taken any initiative in this direction, several sources close to the original Google occasions by the very serious New York Times , say that Google Maps application for iOS will be available well before the end of the year.

Remains whether Apple may wish to validate and accept on its App Store, or if this will be a significant new episode of the alleged thermonuclear war between the two big boys .

Meanwhile, despite some shortcomings, it is clear that plans on iOS6 is quite impressive in terms of speed of loading and framerate. I enjoy the views of my good city of Lyon in 3D.

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