Future products in anticipation LG Nexus?

While the output of the Nexus 4 produced by LG has not really shone by its availability, the product remains to this day can not be controlled from the Google Play Store , yet it seems that LG and Google have big plans for him already find a successor!

This is indeed what an article published on the International Business Times  indicates quoting Senior Vice President of LG, James Fisher. According to them, the production of the current model, already slowed as we have seen, would, according to some speculation, simply shutdown to better prepare new models that could happen as early as next month. He adds that the Nexus 4 represented only the first representative of many upcoming products made ​​in conjunction with Google.

According to him, major announcements will be made at the upcoming Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in February. Should expect to see happen more high end devices in various screen sizes.

Difficult to know what will actually be announced, all we can hope for is that both LG and Google to provide the service and are able to produce devices in a timely manner so that customers can get it. Offer attractive devices because it is one thing, they are used to is another!

That said, it is mere speculation. MWC Barcelona or will not confirm the veracity of his statements.

Lenovo K900 with its dual-core processor Intel bursts ceilings power tests

The first tests of Lenovo K900 are more than encouraging. The new Intel Atom dual-core promises to eyeful levels of performance and initial results attest. Intel treats its back on the market in 2013. 

Lenovo is not a small company, as it still bought the computer division of IBM, but remains unknown in France on the smartphone market. Intel ultra leading manufacturer of PC processors, just on the smartphone market . In 2012, the company has offered a quick test with the Motorola Razr i and a single-core Atom processor house, which although not a commercial success, offering a power-consumption interesting.

In 2013, these two actors try to impose from the top, putting on the market a high-end model, whether the power level at the design level. Reminder technical specifications of Lenovo K900 smartphone presented at the CES 2013:
  • Screen 5.5 inch IPS 1080p (1920 x 1080 - 400ppi)
  • Camera: 13 MP f/1.8 with dual flash on the rear, 2 MP front
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16 GB of Storage
  • 6.9 mm thick
  • 162 grams
  • Processor Intel Atom Dual Core 1.5 Ghz.

It is precisely the latter that interests us since the first power AnTuTu Benchmark tests have recently been published.

Score of 27,154 Lenovo K900 should impress us? the simple answer is YES. Benchmark for the HTC Deluxe with a Snapdragon processor S4 Pro four heart painfully reached 14,000 points. The score also exceeds K900, by far, the results obtained by the Exynos 4412 processor clocked four core 1.6 Ghz the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

These results alone can not judge the coherence and consistency of the device since they are raw results. It was not until the tests "size" of devices available for judging, including tests battery and batteries of tests on the game power-hungry.

Intel and Lenovo offers an interesting perspective and consumers come to declare war by competing with players who previously trustaient market. Good news for consumers who will have more choice of platform.

If your thinking was: "When Intel released its laboratories, processors worthy of competing architectures? ". It is time to reconsider your approach. Remains to be seen how the cost smartphones with Intel.

Rumor: Nexus 4 already some Android 4.2.2?

Rumor or Photoshop or Simple Build? Version 4.2.2 is shown in a series of photos taken on a Nexus 4 "for Malaysian Consumers' available on a Brazilian site. But do not get carried away. 

Adrenaline reveals a series of shots of a Google Nexus 4 running Android 4.2.2. Indeed, according to the source LG began producing models Google Nexus in Brazil since January 5, 2013, which means that the phone would be one of the first phone to come out of the factory Taubate, a Brazilian city near Sao Paulo.

The first image shows a Nexus 4 in its original box, the second a snapshot of the version of Android, which shows the version used by the smartphone. Nevertheless take these photos with a grain of salt because no official announcement has been made by Google and it is simple to tamper with images of our days.

The picture also shows a reflection of flash, ideally placed for Photoshop retouching makeup in a hurry (Incidentally, if you have a Nexus 4 with a version of Android 4.2.2, you would simply just 3 shots blur with a flash if misplaced? ... short)

On the other hand, the Nexus-bearers of Google, it is not surprising to see the latest versions of these models. In addition, Nexus Nexus 4 and 10 are marketed with a few bugs that Google has fixed in version 4.2.1. It would not be surprising that version 4.2.2 is available very soon.

And it is not impossible that this smartphone is a model developer as it has the characteristics of developer versions.

Google offers free Wi-Fi in Manhattan

Google is known for its innovative online services and more efficient for its Android-based devices and designed in partnership with leading global manufacturers, but we know less about the Mountain View company for its involvement in the United States in the deployment of Internet across the country.

One finds Google as an ISP in the United States where he gradually deploying a network of high-speed fiber. One of the latest examples for the cover of Kansas City via 1Gbps network. But Google did not stop there, because now offers access to Wi-Fi in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York.

The project in question is the result of a partnership between the public sector (the mayor of New York) and private (Google) for the implementation of this entirely free Wi-Fi as long as you have a Google Account, on the neighborhood of the zone defined below.

Both sides welcomed the progress that allows Chelsea to constitute itself as an attractive high-tech, and residents, students and tourists to enjoy a free quality.

For Google, this operation allows one hand to increase its visibility and popularity on the East Coast of the United States, but also Wi-Fi cover the district of New York is where their offices. This is already the case in the city of Mountain View, which hosts the headquarters of Google, which has a totally free Wi-Fi. Will there be the same in Paris, in the Opera district, near the French offices of Google? Nothing is less certain ...

Do not hesitate, if you make a detour to New York to take advantage of this service in the area rather charming Chelsea and tell us your experience.

Hive Settings: manage all the settings of your Android device in a single application

Applications that manage or modify the parameters of a device not lacking on Android. In fact, there are so many that it is sometimes necessary to make a selection to find the right application that works correctly.

Hive Settings is a new Android application that makes managing all your camera settings and also strongly resembles MySettings an application similar but less recent and complete.

How it works? You download and upgrade the application on one of your home screens for quick access to various settings and functions: Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, brightness, airplane mode, auto rotate, battery percentage and so on. Not to mention direct access to the contents of the SD card and a handy feature to view the list of installed applications and open export or uninstall.

It is true that these functions exist for most other applications or even in the notification bar for newer versions of Android, but Hive Settings has the merit of bringing together a range of settings and functions in a single and even application.

The search engine Yahoo integrates images ultimately Flickr Photos

Yahoo! has announced on his blog that he has (finally) to integrate Flickr photos published on its search engine images on the web, smartphones and tablets. It was time ...

We must remember that the famous photo-sharing site was launched in early 2004, before being purchased a year later by the giant Yahoo! and thus the integration of pictures in search of still pictures arrived eight years after the takeover. Find the error.

If you search for images on the search of images of the firm, you should see a new option in the left menu and especially below filters by date, source, size and colour. This option entitled "Labeled for Reuse" to display only photos that are licensed under Creative Commons and potentially reusable (it is strongly advised to check the exact terms specified in the license to be sure). Flickr is an incredible image bank with billions of pictures referenced, even if they are obviously not all reusable.

Note that this new feature image search engine Yahoo! is currently not available on the French version so it must go through the English version to enjoy.

Firefox 19 beta for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux available

When the Mozilla Foundation launched a new beta version of its Firefox web browser, it does not detail: the application is available on all platforms simultaneously compatible for Windows PC, Mac or Linux, and on mobile with Android.

On Android, I do not know if you noticed, but the latest stable version of Firefox is really starting to be efficient and pleasant to use. I for my part installed on my Nexus 7 and on my Galaxy S3 and is a powerful alternative to the original browser, or even Chrome. Even more interesting that Jellybean Firefox for Android supports Flash , unlike the other two browsers mentioned above. Which allows you to surf the "entire" web, including some sites still using Flash (like many sites auto brands).

The new version of Firefox for Android now supports the ARMv6 architecture, which makes it compatible with the browser of nearly 15 million additional mobile as including, inter alia, the LG Optimus One, HTC Wildfire S and ZTE R750.

It is also possible to change the appearance of the browser and personalize it with a few clicks by visiting the dedicated website via their mobile device and then clicking on the 'Personas'. Another new Firefox Integration, which offers the possibility to search with Google Search directly from the home screen of the smartphone.

Side of the new desktop version beta, we note among the new integration of a native PDF viewer that enhances and secures the navigation as users no longer need to resort to external plugins.

Nexus 4 production could stop

The Nexus 4 was probably one of the most pleasant surprises of 2012. A smartphone fun to watch, enjoying also interesting technical specifications and offered at a very competitive price, it has finally become the miracle that nobody expected more. But now, all was not rosy and Nexus 4 is thus found very quickly out of stock. Situation also has not really changed in recent months. Yes, and believing in the International Business Times, this is apparently not ready to settle as LG may finally decide to stop production soon.

A conditional statement to be taken, of course. In reality, all came from James Fisher, an executive at LG. Advantage of CES 2013, it was actually brought to speak about future products his company. He has indicated that the Nexus 4 was only the beginning of a long and beautiful adventure and new Nexus and were in production. Nexus of which would decline in multiple screen sizes and may even be presented at the Mobile World Congress, so next month.

Surprising? Yes, certainly, and even more so than the Nexus 4 is "available" (the quotes are important) on the market for a few months. To replace it as quickly may seem strange, and it is also not the only thing that bothers me. Known fact that LG has struggled, really hard , to ensure the production of a single terminal, and it is reasonable to ask whether the company will manage to produce more.

But ultimately, the more we reflect and we say that these new devices could benefit Google and LG a good not bad. Offering the Nexus 4 a low price, the two firms are not necessarily returned to their costs. If it has not been sold at a loss, it remains true that both companies have seriously reconsider the margins down. And finally, stopping and starting its production in the wake of new terminals at a higher rate, they could save the day and finally get their costs.

Well, that said, this is merely conjecture on my part, of course, but the fact remains that this idea does not lack meaning.

MSN Messenger: one year break?!

A little earlier in the week , we learned with surprise that Microsoft had put an end to the adventure MSN Messenger , preferring to focus on one of the recent acquisition of the firm, namely Skype. It was so small that the issue mail client bows out March 15, but the firm would eventually preferred to leave some respite to its users. Yes, and if you're one of these, then you should know that you should be able to continue using MSN Messenger until 2014 . Wonderful, is not it?

Attention all de same because Microsoft has not yet released any official statement. In fact, according to the information of Ars Technica , the company would simply send a mail to MSN Messenger users to serve them the good news. In my case, after searching my username for a good hour, I could see that I was not part of the users who received this nice letter, which also means that this information is obviously taken with large tweezers.

So of course, it is perfectly possible to wonder what would have pushed Microsoft to postpone the closure of its service. And in fact, several hypotheses are viable. First of all, is that the firm is not ready yet, technically speaking, to make the leap. MSN Messenger, we know, is integrated into several services it publishes, which is not yet the case of Skype. In this context, precipitating the closure of its mail client and the network could have a detrimental effect on all of the products depends on it. This is the case, it seems to me, the Xbox or even Windows Phone.

And then there's Skype. Skype is a great solution, of course, but that does not necessarily have the same functionality as MSN Messenger. It was also seen when the announcement of the closure of the latter has been made, a lot of people are on the frontlines to signify their displeasure. Including forums specialized sites, and not only Doctissimo (/ troll).

In this context, Microsoft might be tempted to turn back. Must also say, such a closure is not consistent with the image of really cool box that the firm tries to give a few months. In any case, if some of you have received this email famous, it would be nice to send me a copy frederic.pereira AT gmail DOT com . Thank you in advance!

New photos of BlackBerry Z10, black and white

The clock is ticking and we are approaching more the launch of BlackBerry 10 and the first two terminals can enjoy either the Z10 and X10. Voltage is at its peak and there is no doubt that RIM must currently be in the process of finalizing the last details of the official announcement. But in fact, if you just can not wait, then the following should interest you as new photos of BlackBerry Z10 have just been published in RapidBerry , photos which highlight two different models: one black and white. It is now almost a certainty, the Z10 should eventually be available in white.

What you need to know about these pictures is that they do not come from a dark corner of the web. In reality and from what we know, it would be official photos and will feed the communication campaign that will accompany the launch of the new platform RIM. We discover a succession of images highlighting some of the advantages of BlackBerry 10, assets such as Libra, or Remember the new keyboard.

Communication campaign requires, these pictures are obviously very well made ​​and is very far from all the clich├ęs fuzzy falling regularly on the web. Photos net , therefore, and show us once again that RIM did not lace. BlackBerry Z10 is actually required as a smartphone very elegant , particularly neat and that will certainly probably not excite all those interested directly or indirectly to the brand and its products.

Is it enough for the firm back in the race? It is still too early to tell but it seems all de same as it is in the right direction. RIM has recently announced that BlackBerry 10 will benefit, since its launch, 70,000 applications specially optimized for the platform. And this is still very cool because it shows that developers are finally determined to play the game.


Bittorrent in your web browser to Surf

Bittorrent occupies an important place in your life? It is a certainty, Surf is the extension you need and it is normal since it will allow you to access all of the world torrents directly from Chrome. There's more for the extension that will not allow you to search for torrents , it actually allows you to download and there is no need to go through an official client. Really convenient and the best is yet more to come in because it is an official extension and then developed by the team responsible for Bittorrent.

How does it work? Very simply, in fact, just because you go to the page that goes to download and install Surf your browser (Chrome only). When this is done, you'll see a new icon in the toolbar of the latter, on which icon you will obviously click to access all functions of the tool.

At the outset and as he is very polite, Surf will ask you to choose your favorite search engine. Three options offer you and then you can opt for Google, Bing or Yahoo. The thing to know is that when you do your research, ask them directly extend to resend files torrents. Alone, as a great and without you having to do it yourself. A few seconds later, and once you have validated your choice Surf will show you the search field and all the options are fine.

Add sources, notifications, manage downloads

At this point of the article, you must say that Surf is useless since it only supports conventional search engines. It is not wrong, but the developers of the extension have done things since it is possible to add any site to research. If you enjoy your shopping on The Pirate Bay, for example, you can simply add the URL of your sources. How? Simply by clicking on the first button to the right of the search field. Very well thought out, obviously.

And then, how do you recover torrents? In fact, it is rather simple since you can simply enter the keywords that are going well in the field dedicated to this purpose. Once your research is done, the extension will return you a list of all associated files. Simply click on the button that goes to start downloading any of them. Right next to it, you will find an icon that will give you more vital information, or even capital on the river. Information such as the number of sources or the number of downloads.

When you start the download, it will appear a little further down the window and it will do more than wait to get their hands on the coveted file. Also note that the extension developers have thought to include a notification system so we do not rest on our nose glued small window. In addition, in a few clicks, you can also decide to suspend or even stop the download.

In the end, we obtain an extension of intelligent, well thought out and should ultimately make service a lot of people. Oh, and we also know that the extension will soon launch a new feature - Surf Mobile Streaming - to retrieve its entire mobile media library.

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