Rumor: Nexus 4 already some Android 4.2.2?

Rumor or Photoshop or Simple Build? Version 4.2.2 is shown in a series of photos taken on a Nexus 4 "for Malaysian Consumers' available on a Brazilian site. But do not get carried away. 

Adrenaline reveals a series of shots of a Google Nexus 4 running Android 4.2.2. Indeed, according to the source LG began producing models Google Nexus in Brazil since January 5, 2013, which means that the phone would be one of the first phone to come out of the factory Taubate, a Brazilian city near Sao Paulo.

The first image shows a Nexus 4 in its original box, the second a snapshot of the version of Android, which shows the version used by the smartphone. Nevertheless take these photos with a grain of salt because no official announcement has been made by Google and it is simple to tamper with images of our days.

The picture also shows a reflection of flash, ideally placed for Photoshop retouching makeup in a hurry (Incidentally, if you have a Nexus 4 with a version of Android 4.2.2, you would simply just 3 shots blur with a flash if misplaced? ... short)

On the other hand, the Nexus-bearers of Google, it is not surprising to see the latest versions of these models. In addition, Nexus Nexus 4 and 10 are marketed with a few bugs that Google has fixed in version 4.2.1. It would not be surprising that version 4.2.2 is available very soon.

And it is not impossible that this smartphone is a model developer as it has the characteristics of developer versions.

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