HTC One: Review of the new Smartphone

The HTC One was officially presented before yesterday and all that it has spilled a lot of ink since. We must also say that sets the bar very high with attractive lines and a summary of promising technologies , among which we can cite ultrapixel course. But in fact, if you're like crazy since the official announcement of Peter Chou, then the following may hold your attention and that's normal because the firm has decided to distribute online presentation of its new flagship, a presentation that you will be able to discover or rediscover a little further down in the article.

As a reminder and for those who have not followed the press conference was held simultaneously in London and New York. Not bad journalists made ​​the trip, obviously, but HTC has also had the great idea to broadcast the event online story that everyone can enjoy.

Relatively short - 37 minutes is not great for an event of this type - the presentation organized by HTC is nonetheless very complete and it will enable you to learn more about the One, although course, but also on the new overlay designed by the manufacturer. For the design, it has actually made ​​it big and he has built a lot of very interesting features. This is particularly the case of Zoe, a friendly and handy tool since record all the images captured by the mobile even before the mobile user does not press the trigger it.

In short, if you do not have to go to London or New York to attend the event, so here is a good way to catch the shot. And after that, sure, you know all the HTC One.

Google Drive: an update for Android

If you use daily Google Drive and you have, in addition, a terminal under Android, then the following should interest you. The search giant has indeed made ​​yesterday updated its application and it brings a lot of improvements and a big novelty. Which one? Simply the ability to watch videos in streaming directly from the tool. The best is to come elsewhere since this feature is available on all versions of Android from Honeycomb. Need not, therefore, have the latest version of the platform to enjoy it.

Must admit, on this one, Google has hit hard. Oh sure, some of its competitors already offer the same thing, but this new feature would still interest a lot of people. With the latter, you will actually be able to watch your favorite videos directly from the application without having to transfer them to your device. Ideal to relive the first steps nephew's cousin's neighbor or to admire the last sauerkraut cooked by Auntie Janine. Progress, it is beautiful.

But be careful because this update also brings two or three more tinkering, starting with improved application performance . The latter should therefore be both more fluid and responsive. In addition, Google also thought to integrate a new multitouch gesture - the "pinch to zoom" - which will allow you to zoom in on all presentations open to the viewer. Beautiful, well after that and you have no excuse not to look at all these amazing PPT continuously flooding your inbox.

If you already installed Google Drive on your mobile or your Android tablet, well you only have to update the application to take advantage of these developments. Unless, of course, that you have had the presence of mind to enable automatic updates, of course.

Mailstrom, a tool to easily clean your mailboxes

E-mail, it is obviously great to keep in touch with friends or colleagues, but all is not rosy as this tool also maintains the user captive. And so we are more likely to spend our lives on our Gmail , our Yahoo Mail or even our . The worst, of course, is when the urge takes us to the household. Because then it is better to have a few hours ahead of history have time to complete the operation. Fortunately, there are tools that can save us a lot of time and Mailstrom is just part of the last ...

The objective of Mailstrom is quite clear since it has only one purpose: to allow us to easily clean our different email boxes. How? Through several tools that will analyze our various accounts and will then allow us to run batch processes. All through a user-friendly interface, intuitive and easy to handle.

The implementation of the device

The first thing to know about Mailstrom is that it supports most platforms on the market. If it is possible to use our Gmail account by enabling identification with one click, we can also configure any account with IMAP access . The best is to come also because the service will also allow us to work on multiple boxes, multiple accounts, and you will have the ability to configure all the ones you use every day.

However, when you make your first steps on the service, you will absolutely show you very patient. For indeed, once our accounts identified Mailstrom will have to repatriate the entire contents of our boxes. And inevitably, more recent will be overweight and more will be a long process. Here, for my Gmail account, for example, which weighs something like 6 GB, we had to wait 24 hours. Note that import also depends on the state of the service and more specifically the server load. So I may have fallen at the wrong time.

That said, once things are in place, they will remain and the tool will automatically update your various boxes without having to restart again the import of our messages.

The dashboard

Once the import is finished, the real fun will begin. Mailstrom will actually send us on our dashboard, and thus the page from which we can start working on our accounts. How? Simply through the display criteria located in the left sidebar, criteria that will allow us to change the display of our messages based on several variables:

  • Sender - Sender: All messages are sorted according to the sender and you can see at a glance the people you seek most.
  • Subject - Subject: All messages are grouped by conversation and then you can view the most popular discussions, and thus account for those you most.
  • Lists - Lists: One of the most important modules as you will find here a list of all the newsletters that fall on your various accounts. If you want to start to clean up your boxes, you can start unsubscribe from those you do not need.
  • Time - Time: All messages are grouped according to their date of dispatch and you can view all messages received today, yesterday, this week, last week or the month before. Very handy for archiving old conversations.
  • Social - Social: No big surprise here since this module will display a list of all posts related in one way or another to the three major social networks at the moment, namely Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  • Shopping - Racing (^ ^): Same thing, it is through this filter that you can access all emails in connection with online shops.
  • Size - Size: If you have limited storage space on your accounts, then this criterion should interest you as it will show all emails present in your boxes according to their size or weight. Ideal to get their hands on the most demanding letters and therefore, by extension, to reclaim space on its accounts.
Just below this area, we will also find a series of statistics that will allow you to take a step back from your boxes. With me, they allowed me to see that they are, on average, 250 messages that fall every day in my Gmail. And when we report this to the week, month or year, there is obviously nothing to be dizzy.

Note that you can find on the right of other columns that allow us either to display a list of messages (or sub-criteria) or the messages themselves. Just like any courier so.

The proposed actions

If Mailstrom allows you to have another look at your different email accounts, the service does not stop there and it will also allow you to use three possible actions , actions which will obviously affect your boxes and must be used with extreme caution:

  • Archive - Archive: Sends all selected conversations in a folder named "archives". These last will, therefore, your inbox, and this action finally works as archiving is offered by Gmail.
  • Delete - Delete: No big surprise here, since this button will allow you to simply ... delete selected conversations. Note that if they disappear from your dashboard, they will also be your different accounts.
  • Move - Move: Same thing, this action does nothing miraculous as it will simply allow you to move the selected conversation to the folder of your choice. If you use Gmail, the tool is also able to recognize your labels. There are even better since moving messages can be either a folder on your mailbox or to another box. Feel free to create another fictitious account which you can archive your conversations so.
Actions are not legion but one must de-emphasize the fact that even Mailstrom is currently available in beta and it is perfectly possible that further action soon make their entrance.

In conclusion

Is Mailstrom is a revolutionary tool? No, I do not think, and if you already have procedures in place to put a little order in your account - you think such rules and automatic filters - then the service should not be more helpful than that. However, what is interesting is that it allows for a different view of its accounts. If the shares are relatively anecdotal, it is so completely different filter criteria since they allow you to put your finger in a few seconds you monopolize conversations the most.

And just for that, Mailstrom worth seeing. By cons, we must admit that the idea to pass her email on a server belonging to a company you know nothing is not particularly encouraging. It is also undoubtedly the biggest flaw of service.

Vine soon on Android

At the beginning of the year, Twitter has caused a stir by unveiling a new application for any mobile user to make small videos before sharing them on the platform. You will understand, it is obviously Vine ! A pretty nice tool, but unfortunately suffers from a major drawback: for the moment, it is only available on iOS. Not terrible, it is okay, but be aware that this will change soon. Yes, because Vine has published a recruitment offer earlier in the week, an offer which allowed us to discover that the company is currently seeking a Chief Engineer with solid experience ... Android.

And be careful, because this time it is not a rumor or even a smoky hallway noise from a source secret, mysterious and close the file. No, as mentioned just above, it's downright Vine who spilled the beans by publishing on its website a recruitment offer which leaves no room for doubt. Really doubt yourself.

It is written in black and white, Vine is looking for an engineer who will be responsible for the development of the first version of Android on Vine . An engineer who will work closely with the rest of the team and will increasingly have at least three years of experience in the industry and a good knowledge of the Android ecosystem and community. Also note that the case "android" appears seven times in the ad, just in case it would have passed.

So Vine will land on Android, and it is obviously a good thing. After the whole question is how long the application will be available. And then, much to warn you, it will probably show you very patient, especially as the project certainly has not started yet.

PlayStation 4: Follow the live event

By a little more than an hour, Sony should lift the veil on one of the most anticipated consoles of the time, namely the PlayStation 4. Voltage is at its peak, you must still be in the process of screen flicker before trying, desperately, to follow a link to the live call. This is perfectly legitimate and just know that the Japanese firm has decided to broadcast its live event and through good old Ustream. Morality, if you do not want to lose a single crumb, then you should probably take a look at the video embedded further down in the article.

If Sony has not officially communicated its event, or even which ads are doing, we already know that it will be entirely dedicated to the world of PlayStation. Logically, the Japanese firm should take the opportunity to unveil its next-gen console and hence the famous PlayStation 4 or PS4, we are very likely to wait.

So of course it has been an incredible number of rumors all kinds of rumors that were as much about its technical features as its accessories or even the services it should include. History wait, remember that you can also find a summary of all the latest gossip in date from snooping on this article. Here, at least, you'll have everything in one place.

Speaking of which, you can also add that Kotaku has given a layer earlier in the day stating that the PlayStation 4 could leave, the United States, in the month of November and be available in two models: one for $ 429 and another for $ 529 . This is not the first time we hear of this period, but it should be noted that this date is not about Europe. For us, the PS4 should not actually be available until early next year.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II: new technical specifications

The Canon EOS 7D Mark II is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated reflex time, but it seems that the constructor red mark is in no hurry to enter the market. It is a pity, of course, but you can always rely on the good old rumors returning from time to time we tickle. Yes, and this time it is Canon Rumors has received information on the supposed specifications are the 7D Mark II, characteristics rather complete and should interest all those who finally ready and waiting this new case. Everything is of course in the future.

This is not the first time that we see this kind arise specifications. Last year in August, we actually had the right to a first salvo quite succinctly, yes, but not lacking interest so far. But in fact, the very interesting thing is that the new information obtained by Canon Rumors consistent with them. And that, finally, this is good news.

According to sources Canon Rumors, here is what could propose the 7D Mark II:
  • APS-C sensor of 24.1 megapixels.
  • Dual Digic 5.
  • Burst mode at 10 frames per second.
  • 61 autofocus points.
  • 3.2 inch LCD.
  • WiFi chip, GPS chip.
Well, but there are better. Always according to the same rumors, the 7D Mark II could benefit from building close to the 5D Mark III. The comparison does not stop there, as also the two boxes would also benefit from sensitivity relatively similar. Also note that this is not very surprising since the 7D also regained some of the features of the 5D Mark II.

Is obviously the price issue and there, the situation is much less positive since the new Canon reflex could be offered around $ 2,199, or $ 500 more than its predecessor. Well, that said, we must take into account that it is only a rumor, so much that all this information should be taken with caution.

Yahoo: a new version of the portal during deployment

Yahoo has changed greatly since Marissa Mayer came flying and it is obviously a good thing since the American company suffered a major delay to its main competitors. And after the deployment of the new version of webmail, Yahoo has decided to put the cover this time taking care of its web portal. Within a few hours, our friends American will therefore discover that they have concocted Marissa and his associates. This is a story that is sure to certainly not happy but it will not be the same with us since it will wait a little longer before you can enjoy.

And yes, it is completely unfair, it is okay, but it's like that and prefer Yahoo and test the new version of its portal in the country before Dexter to benefit the world. What is positive, however, is that we know a little what to expect since Marissa published earlier in the day and focuses on the main innovations in this portal.

On a visual level, to begin the new Yahoo should be a bit more refined and a little more air time. On the left, you'll run the different sections of the portal, as well as the various tools offered by the firm and the entire section devoted to news appear so on the right. Through a system of tabs, it is even possible to access only the themes that interest us and we will find, in a sidebar on the right, all the hot topics of the moment and a few widgets including weather. Talking about the structure of the portal pages must also indicate that Yahoo chose the responsive design and adapt these so automatically depending on the terminal used by the user.

But the most interesting, from my point of view, is the ability for the user to customize the portal according to their tastes. Regardless of whether you are passionate about sports, fashion or even high-tech, Yahoo will give us access in an instant all the news that loves. Obviously remains to determine how the service will behave in practice and whether this feature will be really easy to implement.

Finally, it may be recalled that this new version is talking about it since last year, and he will thus took a little more than four months for the U.S. to enjoy. At this rate, it does not say we can put your fingers on it before 2014 ...

Xbox 720 "Durango" the supposed datasheet Kinect 2

Must admit, Microsoft hit very hard with his first Kinect and it is not for nothing that it has sold several million copies. The Xbox 720 "Durango" is expected, according to the latest rumors, replace the cover with a Kinect 2 could be included in each pack and support natively so the next console from the company. But in fact, if you're interested, you may be pleased to learn that VGLeaks be able to get your hands on all the technical specifications of the accessories, specifications, you will of course immediately find and a little later in the article.

Before going further, we must all de same note that these specifications have nothing official. Microsoft does not even confirmed its new console, it does not know if they truly reflect reality. In other words, and to put it simply, it is best to remain cautious and not take for granted all of the information put forward by VGLeaks.

Now that things are clear, we will be able to look a little closer at these new gossip. If one believes the site, Kinect 2 should go much further than its predecessor and it would be able to better detect our movements, of course, but also interpreted with a little more precision. Is it surprising? Not really, if Microsoft really needs to produce a new accessory like this, then there is no doubt that the company will do anything to push the concept a little further story stand out from the competition more easily.

Okay, and then the technical specifications? And if one believes VGLeaks, so here is what should propose the Kinect 2:
  • Field of view: 70° to the horizontal, 60° to the vertical.
  • Depth: 0.8 to 4 meters.
  • Color flow: 1920 x 1080 in 16:9 and 30 fps.
  • Flow depth: 512 x 424, 13-bit depth.
  • Infrared flux: 512 x 424, Dynamic Range 11-bit.
  • Capture audio: 4 microphones for audio rendering 48Khz.
  • Interface: USB 3.0.
  • Latency: 60 ms.
  • Tilt motor: None.

Frankly, all these data speak to me necessarily, but know all de same as VGLeaks describes each entry in his article. More, the site has also had the good idea to draw up a comparative table comparing the Kinect 2 to its predecessor, a table that will give you probably a clearer idea of the improvements that could be made ​​to this new accessory. 

DashClock: integrating notifications from any application

DashClock is a great little surprise last week . For those who are missed, it is actually a simple widget that can be integrated either on the Home screen of a device running Android, or directly on the lock screen. The whole point of the thing is that this little tool can display the real-time notifications from some applications. And indeed, the Android community has been so seduced by the idea that she decided to enrich DashClock. Yes and know precisely a developer had the very good idea to create another application AnyDash , which will simply allow you to integrate notifications from any application!

But be careful because AnyDash is only in its infancy and the tool is currently under development. It works, of course, but it is perfectly feasible that some applications are not yet supported. However, if one believes one of the comments on the present form of the application, then it would seem that the developer is very responsive to the community and it deploys and frequently updated to incorporate new notifications.

And this is still a really good thing. Do not have Android device in hand, I have not had the opportunity to test AnyDash but it appears that the operation of the application is fairly simple. Once the extension is installed in DashClock, it will display all the notifications from the applications added to the list. So you can get the tool of your choice and even set the icon that will accompany the notification.

Emulator to run Windows applications on x86 RT

RT Windows , as everyone knows, is capable of running applications such as ARM and signed by Microsoft. All but changed at the beginning of the year when some Clokr managed to get hold of a flaw which was then exploited to design a jailbreak tool to run unsigned applications. Looks like another, so it is a door that is open and it is precisely because of this passion that has managed to create the first emulator to run x86 applications on terminals running Windows RT. So of course, all is not perfect yet and the emulator in question is not compatible with all programs on the market, but it should any self-interest of those who have a home area RT.

Finally, the RT area but also all the shelves, or rather all hybrid machines, running Windows RT. For indeed, this emulator has been designed to work on all configurations of this type , so it is possible to enjoy the end of Microsoft and its partners. But how does this emulator anyway? In reality, it is quite simple since it acts as gateway between the instructions used for x86 applications and instructions used for applications such as ARM. 

The downside is that this emulator is still in its infancy and it is not able to recognize all instructions. However, some tools are already supported and this is precisely the case with 7zip of WinRAR or even Heroes of Might and Magic 3 . The list should naturally expand with time and we already know that the developer of the tool is working on the instructions used in Age of Empires, Command & Conquer, Jagged Alliance 2 or uTorrent. In other words, all machines running Windows RT should soon be able to run these games and applications.

Great, it says you may be wondering how to set up this emulator. Well actually, the procedure is quite simple:
  • Get the emulator to address .
  • Launch the MSI file and install the program on your device.
  • Click "Launch x86 program" from the menu.
  • Go look for the executable software you want to run (.Exe).
  • Click the "Ok" button.
  • Wait a few seconds for the application launches.
With no RT Windows machine at home, I have unfortunately not been able to test this solution then please do not hesitate to share your feedback for the benefit of everyone.

PlayStation Cloud: a series of new domain names for Sony

The PlayStation 4 will be officially unveiled in a few hours and all that we are really looking forward to many this event extraordinary. So naturally, we have seen a considerable number of rumors of all kinds and of these, there is the question of the launch of a "cloud gaming" that would allow the new Sony console to run the securities PS3. Interesting, and there are even better since the Japanese firm has just purchased several domain names at the aptly named:, PlayStation and

Remember, this is the last year that we learned of the acquisition of the company Gaikai by Sony, a transaction that has been encrypted with 380 million and had been much ink. It must be said, when one of the biggest players on the market officiating video games is acquiring a service "cloud gaming," there is cause interest.

So far, Sony has not yet exploited the technology developed by Gaikai. This could of course change with the launch of the PlayStation 4. According to the latest gossip in date, which could take advantage of this technology to allow players to rotate the titles developed for the PlayStation 3. If you have not followed the case, it is actually the next question that Sony console is not backward-compatible device and allow the firm to eventually compensate for this lack. The whole question is how much will cost this technology...

Anyway, as mentioned a little earlier, Sony has apparently bought several domain names that are related in one way or another with this new service, "cloud gaming". It should be noted also that the firm was also introduced in 2009 a brand name PS Cloud.

Go more than a few hours to wait to find out more!

Sony SLT-A58: official specifications

The Sony NEX-3N is not the only camera that was unveiled by Sony during the night. The manufacturer has also introduced another case that should interest a lot of people because it is the SLT-A58. Again, it was not bad leaked on the web these days, we have seen a few pictures and even some of the technical specifications of the beast, but you will still be able to find a little lower the listing that looks like a reflex very promising. Yes, very promising, and should even be the joy of all amateur photographers.

Level design, no big surprise, we find some details about the same size and the same ergonomics as the SLT-A57. Very concretely, therefore, the Sony SLT-A58 is presented in the form of a box relatively compact and should interest anyone who likes to travel light but can not settle for a hybrid.

Concerning the technical specifications, the Sony SLT-A58 enjoys a CMOS sensor Exmor APS-C 20.1 megapixels, a sensitivity between ISO 100 and 16 000 (with a special mode up to ISO 25600), a burst mode between 5 and 8 frames per second depending on the configuration of the case, the video recording Full HD AVCHD 50i/25p , an OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder with 100% coverage and a 2.7 inch screen 460k dots adjustable. The autofocus, meanwhile, works on phase detection AF points 15 (including 3 think) and it is also able to follow the topic of your choice. In addition, we can also count on the integrated SteadyShot.

Beside and beyond the usual creative style, the Sony SLT-A58 also enjoys a claw, a microphone input and an HDMI output. Point also positive, the Japanese automaker's new reflex can read Memory Stick or SD cards to choose from.

Nikon Image Space: Applications available on iOS and Android

At the beginning of the year that Nikon has unveiled its new storage in the "cloud" service called Nikon Image Space, which is intended primarily to ... photographers. All with plenty of options for storing and organizing photos and videos. Interestingly, of course, much more that simply being a customer for Nikon instantly enjoy 20GB of space without having to remove the card. And indeed, if you have taken the step and if you have an account on the service, then you'll be pleased to learn that the manufacturer has just launched two new mobile applications available on iOS and Android.

The purpose of these applications is quite simple since they are simply designed to allow you to take your library with you everywhere. Once installed on your smartphone or on your tablet, it actually allows you to find all your photos and videos all in one place. Very handy for the professional photographer wishing to present their work to clients, or even for the enthusiast.

So of course, these applications offer a lot of useful features:
  • Multiple viewing modes.
  • Interactive Map for geotagged photos.
  • Sorting criteria.
  • Search filters.
  • Instant sharing on Twitter, Facebook or email.
  • Uploading content from the mobile or tablet.
Functions similar to those proposed Picturetown, so it is essential that Picturetown even a little as the ancestor of Nikon Image Space. Also note that if you have an account on it, then you can certainly use your old credentials they were automatically recovered by Nikon.

Download Nikon Image Space for iOS

Download Nikon Image Space on Android

Sony NEX-3N: official technical specifications

Sony is struggling to keep his secret new products and NEX-3N obviously no exception to the rule since it was leaked well as it should these days with photos and even technical features that are found on specialized sites. This morning, the Japanese manufacturer has held to formalize things and that is how it has just lifted the veil on its new hybrid , a hybrid that plays the card of the compactness and should therefore appeal to all those who can not leave home without a good camera.

If Sony uses the same NEX3N mignes all hybrid range, it is all-of-a little further benefit of a case extremely compact . Engineers and manufacturer seem to have made ​​every effort to minimize their overweight new case and I must admit that the result is quite interesting.

To complete this project, they were also reviewing the ergonomics of the camera and enjoys it so a new release which will also serve zoom ring and power button. Effect three in one, then. For the rest, however, little change, if it is the handle of the device to be a little more pronounced.

Now for the technical characteristics of the beast. The Sony NEX-3N embeds a sensor Exmor APS-C 16.1 megapixels , a sensitivity between ISO 200 and 3200 , a burst mode at four frames per second , an LCD 3-inch 460k dots rotated 180 degrees and recording videos in AVCHD 50i/25p. Besides that, we can also count on 11 shooting modes and 15 effects that will help us boost our pictures, all for a compact (109.9 x 62 x 34.6mm) and lightweight (210 grams) . Autonomy, finally, allow you to take 480 photos without recharging the battery of your device and can also indicate that the latter benefit from a micro USB port and an HDMI output.

Iconsdb, icons, colors of your choice

Found on the web an incredible number of services to quickly find icons for reuse in their own projects. And each time, they finally simply indexing the content on specialized sites. Iconsdb goes a little further since this service will not only help you find the icons. No, actually, it will mostly give you the ability to customize and change their color as well. All this on the fly and using a module directly integrated on its pages. As it runs pretty well and it will save you valuable time...

At first glance, Iconsdb not pay mine. A minimalist interface, a homepage that just to show icons most downloaded, most viewed, most popular or most recent, all with a few tags, we can not say that it is very glamorous. However, just go a little further to understand that this service is much more complete as you might think.

For indeed, Iconsdb has two advantages weight: sizes and customization . For formats, it is very simple since it is one of the most comprehensive of its kind with four choices (ICO, PNG, GIF, JPEG) and a multitude of variations in size, ranging from 16 × 16 to 512 × 512. Whatever your project, you should have enough to do so. But the best, ultimately, it is the customization tool that will allow you to change the color of the icons without having to open your image editor. Simply so enter the hexadecimal code for the color you want in the top right of the window to immediately apply it to the icon. With this, you'll be sure to pick the icon you need and it is actually very practical.

Oh and the icing on the cake is that all icons offered by the service are free of copyright, they can be used in your own projects, of course, but also in your professional endeavors. And if you do all this with not immediately slam this site to your bookmarks, or other similar tool, but is that necessarily a problem you have.

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