DashClock: integrating notifications from any application

DashClock is a great little surprise last week . For those who are missed, it is actually a simple widget that can be integrated either on the Home screen of a device running Android, or directly on the lock screen. The whole point of the thing is that this little tool can display the real-time notifications from some applications. And indeed, the Android community has been so seduced by the idea that she decided to enrich DashClock. Yes and know precisely a developer had the very good idea to create another application AnyDash , which will simply allow you to integrate notifications from any application!

But be careful because AnyDash is only in its infancy and the tool is currently under development. It works, of course, but it is perfectly feasible that some applications are not yet supported. However, if one believes one of the comments on the present form of the application, then it would seem that the developer is very responsive to the community and it deploys and frequently updated to incorporate new notifications.

And this is still a really good thing. Do not have Android device in hand, I have not had the opportunity to test AnyDash but it appears that the operation of the application is fairly simple. Once the extension is installed in DashClock, it will display all the notifications from the applications added to the list. So you can get the tool of your choice and even set the icon that will accompany the notification.

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