Apple: After Samsung, Apple attacks Google Apps

Patents between Apple and Samsung, it's a long story. This war is not about to end. The firm at the apple has made ​​a request to the California judge on adding several models and Samsung Apps.

The war between Apple and Samsung is very complex, it is even very difficult to navigate. In this umpteenth chapter, Apple has made ​​a new request to the judge. The California court agreed Friday to add in its complaint several Samsung devices ( Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy S3) and the latest version of the Android OS, Jelly Bean. Apple had already attacked this OS, but the complaints were modified versions by Samsung. Today, the Cupertino company directly attacks in Mountain View. Korean has not remained unmoved in the extension of the list because it has decided to add to his complaint, the iPhone 5. Currently, the war between Apple and Google is not reported, but it could very well come in the coming days or weeks.

Another war Apple / Google?

In this trial, the two companies accused of having copied technologies and designs in violation of the intellectual property . In July, Samsung had lost a lawsuit in the U.S., however, the Korean decided to start a war against Apple. The trial is scheduled for 2014 and could be many surprises in the next two years. The addition of Android in the complaint is a surprise. The Google OS met with some success, a survey FIFG indicated that users were satisfied 95%, this rate is quite important. 

Android market represent 75% of sales against 15% for Apple. Finally, Jelly Bean would be used only on 2.7% of terminals 1st November. But in just three years, the Mountain View company has gone from darkness to light with some domination. War could therefore soon take place between the two companies.

The next episode of the war between Apple and Samsung will occur on December 6. This hearing is the result of the first case. Samsung was ordered to pay a billion dollars to Apple, but the Korean did not want to stop there. We must therefore wait until the beginning of December to see the turn of events.

Twitter gives sharing by email up to date

Twitter has just introduced its new blog feature to share tweet email in a few clicks. One would have thought that by sharing email was exceeded but the social network has decided to reinvent ...

The principle is very simple: a More button (or More in English) will soon alongside traditional buttons Reply, Retweet Favorite and on By clicking on this button, simply click on the "Email Tweet" for a small window appears.

Then it will simply enter the email address of the recipient and possibly a small share tweet comments by email." You can send a tweet to everyone, whether they use Twitter or not, from your Twitter stream or view the details of a tweet , "says Filip of Sefan at Twitter.

This feature should be extended gradually to all users in the coming weeks. I did not on my Twitter account and I guess it's the same for everyone.

Sharing by email should allow (re) discover new things and to attract new users, even flooding inboxes tweets of all kinds if the feature off ...

Facebook for iOS and Android: updated with button "share"

Facebook has only recently understood and admitted that the mobile apps deserve special care and mobile users can not simply an app not native.

In June, the button "Like" that landed on mobile apps Social Network. Today, the updated Android and iOS mobile apps button brings the "share" which is housed right buttons "like" and "how".

Essential to the web version of Facebook, the button is welcome to share with one click on its own timeline post with his friends from his mobile device (iOS, Android or another since the mobile version of the website Facebook acquires also the button).

On iOS devices, it becomes possible to tag friends in posts or comments. For this purpose, just type "@" followed by the name of the friend you want to tag.

Also on iOS, send messages with emoticons (Smileys, hearts and other emoji) is now feasible. For this, it is necessary to enable the emoji keyboard in the Facebook app settings.

Back to Android with the ability to create this album now then it was already on the iOS version. He must go to your profile and select the "Photos" tab to the right of "About" where you will find "Albums".

The smartphone is widely used to access Facebook. I bet that these new opportunities that bring mobile apps Web site in terms of functionality, will encourage the use of mobile devices to access the network. Facebook is confident in its ability to monetize the flow of mobile users on its network, something that investors have so far always doubted.

You can now update Facebook apps for iOS and Android, or download them from the Google Play and the App Store .

Blogger offers an overhaul on iOS and Android

Google just announced on his blog the release of a major update of iOS and Android applications for its blogging platform, Blogger. This new version brings a visual overhaul and improvements that facilitate the creation and sharing of content.

Mobile applications of the famous blogging platform, where almost all blogs hosted by Google, now support landscape mode in creating or editing an article and add share on Google Plus (do not ask me the utility, I still looking).

This update also includes support and especially the iPad and adding thirty new languages. Finally, it is finally possible to see the exact time at which an item has been planned.

In addition, the Mountain View company to take this major update to improve and enhance the user experience, while the usual bug fixes on its mobile applications.

One thing is certain: iOS users will appreciate the support of the iPad and the landscape mode for writing articles being comfortably seated on the sofa (or elsewhere).

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