Untethered jailbreak iOS 6.1: all iDevices will be supported!

The untethered jailbreak of the iPhone 5 , the iPad Mini or even the iPad 4 is fast approaching. It's been that waits, it is a fact, but the issue is close because it should be available from next Sunday . This is good news, of course, but there are even better since evad3rs - the team who works on the subject for a while now - we just know that the jailbreak for iOS 6.1 will be functional for most iDevices of market. This also means that everyone, or almost, will benefit.

But before getting into the thick of detail, it will perhaps take the time to introduce evad3rs. You do not know maybe not but they are emerging as a new collective founded by brokers and therefore the jailbreaking Pimskeks , Planetbeing , MuscleNerd and ... our Pod2g national! Cocorico! Interestingly enough the thing is that all these people actually come from other teams like the very famous Dev-Team or the no less famous Chronic Dev Team.

That makes the last several months working hard to develop a solution untethered jailbreak for our dear terminals cabbage. In reality, everything is almost ready but our foursome preferred to wait the release of iOS 6.1 to launch their solution, in order to avoid the faults detected are filled by teams from Apple. More specifically, the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 should be implemented within a few days.

And indeed, this is the list of iDevices will be supported by the device:
  • iPhone 3GS.
  • iPhone 4.
  • iPhone 4S.
  • iPhone 5.
  • iPad 2.
  • iPad 3.
  • iPad 4.
  • iPad Mini.
  • iPod Touch 4G.
  • iPod Touch 5G.

The only missing, finally, it is the Apple TV. I do not know what you do but I think the new risk to please everyone. Morality, if you hesitate before moving on iOS 6.1, you can do it without any problem.

Polytron Technologies unveils first smartphone transparent

A company has a smartphone Taiwainaise original as largely transparent. Polytron Technologies says that this prototype could be mass produced and sold, and by the end of 2013. It is reminiscent of Sony's first attempt with transparent screen  Pureness. 

No, you're not dreaming. Screen, battery, circuitry and a set of components are transparent. You will see the screen and MicroSD card NanoSim. and some circuits incompressible ... at least for the moment!

Presented by Serena Chen, head of Polytron in Taoyuan City (Northern Taiwan) January 21, 2013, this smartphone could be the attraction of the year in terms of design, works on industrial materials and redefine beauty in codes the world of new technologies.

On the downside, the touch part is currently limited to a small area, a first brake in the comfort of use. Even if the battery, the screen and the printed circuit products are totally transparent, three components are not yet available or can not be produced in the immediate processors, SIM card and memory card.

Anyway, the technology allows for an attractive design and designers will research centers and development formats offer other than a smartphone "big black rectangle with rounded edges and a button physical center."

The first breakthrough in technology allows completely transparent to imagine new concepts, new uses (advertising, for example) but does not seem ready yet. Indeed, no picture and no details on the resolution displayed by the screen was communicated by example. Components, such as processors and graphics chipset, and their frequency of use have not been disclosed. The battery capacity and the technology they will hold a day use? And finally what about the service: we find easily spare parts trade in?

The idea of ​​a totally transparent is no longer only science fiction but we still wonder what can make this "innovation" to the user through a mobile phone.

PlayStation 4: new technical specifications

After the Xbox 720 , it is the turn of the PlayStation 4 to talk about it since VGLeaks claims to be able to get their hands on the data sheet for the next home console from Sony. A console that would be required as a true powerhouse with no less than eight cores clocked at 1.6 Ghz and GPU to a large green with envy little Wii U. And if you want more, if you want to get an idea of what could (the conditional is not for nothing) propose the PS4, then you know what you have to do.

At the risk of repeating myself, it must be remembered that all the rumors are not always reliable, and even less when it comes to products also expected that the PlayStation 4 . Everything that follows should be taken with caution, even if the information revealed by VGLeaks ultimately prove quite close to those obtained by Kotaku last week.

PlayStation 4: CPU

We start with the CPU of the PlayStation 4. According to sources on the site, the project would benefit from Orbis octo-core AMD processor running at 1.6Ghz Jaguar and structured around two "clusters" that share an L2 cache of 2 MB. You can specify, for those who do not know this chip, it replaces Bobcat. Here is a list of the different features of this processor features identified by VGLeaks:
  • 256-bit operations, 128-bit SIMD ALU.
  • SSE SSE4 and AVX extensions.
  • One thread for each core.
  • A cache L1-I and L1-D 32 Kb for each core.
  • GFlops 102.4 for the system.
  • Not being an expert in chips, I can not tell you more so if you know better than me on the subject, your feedback is appreciated.

PlayStation 4 GPU

It connects with the GPU which should be based on AMD R10XX . Again, this is not the first time we hear it as the document leaked by Kotaku stated exactly the same thing. However, it seems that VGLeaks has gotten a little more about this chip and now and some of its supposed characteristics:
  • DirectX 11.1.
  • Calculation units 18.
  • Material balance calculation units to 14.
  • Shared L2 cache 512 Kb 800 Mhz.
  • Dual Shader Engines.
  • 18 texture units, 8 render backends.
  • Again, if you are able to give us a quick analysis of these data, it is important not to deprive yourself.

PlayStation 4: the rest

In addition to the CPU and GPU, the PlayStation 4 "Orbis" embark also 4 GB of RAM (176 GB / s) with 3.5 GB would be solely dedicated to games. In addition, the console would benefit from a Blu-ray drive capable of reading cookies with a layer (25 GB) and dual layer (50 GB) . For storing files and demos, it would be possible to rely on a hard disk of 500 GB , which may, in the near future, be supplemented by an SSD.

Connectivity would not be left with an Ethernet port 1 GB / s , a chip WiFi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth . Among the devices provided, there would be a new type Dualshock controller, a camera with two sensors and good old PS Move.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 one instead of three Galaxy Tab 7.0?

According to gossip dating from the beginning of the week, Samsung is expected to launch soon a new range of touch tablets: the Galaxy Tab 3. A range that was supposed to be composed of two different models, with a slate of 10.1 inches on one side and another of 7 inches from each other. Finally, and according Sat Mobile, the South Korean manufacturer is considering changing its stance by removing the Galaxy Tab 7.0 three of its offer. Better, it could even be replaced by another tablet, namely the Galaxy Tab 8.0. And it is not the only information available.

If we believe the sources of Sam Mobile, so it budge wrong with Samsung today. We already know that the manufacturer should take the next MWC to unveil the 8.0 rating, but the firm also has other advantages up its sleeve. These assets, which are the Galaxy Tab 3. Well, that, I think everyone understood and it is suspected, anyway, that Samsung would not stick to the Galaxy Tab 2.

New Galaxy Tab 3 should therefore arrive shortly. Fantastic, but it seems that Samsung is not completely sure of his since the firm would consider eventually remove the Galaxy Tab 7.0 in favor of a three Galaxy Tab 8.0. Be careful though because the South Korean giant has not yet delivered its verdict, and he would wait and see if the rating is 8.0 before its public launch. Everything will depend on the volume of sales of the latter. In addition, always according to the same sources, would also consider Samsung to launch Galaxy Tab 3 Plus which we know nothing except that it has apparently nothing to do with the next Nexus.

The other interesting point button this time connectivity tablets next Samsung. These could actually be broken down into WiFi and WiFi + LTE. Also note that this applies equally to the three Galaxy Tab 8.0 Galaxy Note, which should not take long to show us the tip of his nose. And if you want to know more about the code names of these tablets, the best thing is to go for a ride here.

Huawei Ascend G615, a Quad-Core HD display with a 4.5"

The new terminal of the Chinese manufacturer will certainly appeal to many of you because it is a smartphone with 4.5-inch high-definition.

More precisely, Huawei G615 comes forward with a touch screen IPS-LCD 4.5-inch HD resolution (720 x 1280 pixels) with about 330 pixels per inch, quad-core architecture Hisilicon Technologies K3V2 clocked at 1.4 GHz and 1 GB of memory (RAM). There is also a front camera 1.3 megapixel camera and a picture of 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and the ability to record video in Full HD 1080p.

It also offers Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, 3G (up to 21Mbps in reception), 8 GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot dedicated to, compatibility with Dolby Digital Plus audio technology as well as a battery of 2150 mAh and the version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Its dimensions are 134 x 67.5 x 10.5 mm with a total weight of 145 grams (battery included).

Getting started with the Sony Xperia Tablet by TheVerge Z

The American TheVerge went to Japan to take over the latest Sony Tablet Xperia Z . The latter features a design similar to the Xperia Z and a record thickness: 6.9 mm to only 495 grams.

The Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo introduced this tablet yesterday at a great "show" where many other devices were presented . Sony Xperia Tablet Z is positioned to face the Nexus 10 with a screen similar size but a lower screen resolution 10.1 inch 1920 by 1080 pixels (Full HD). Model 4G (LTE) will be sold in Japan, so we can expect a formalization for the European market by the Mobile World Congress (end of February). 

TheVerge was "reasonably impressed" with this tablet after handling a few minutes. You can find some pictures of the tablet more.

Small element we had not noticed until now: the back of the tablet seems unlike plastic Xperia Z which has a glass back. If the presence of a non-glass back is a good thing to prevent scratches, fingerprints and the case, the plastic used does not seem to achieve a high-quality printing even though it seems pleasant to the touch.

Be released in Japan in spring 2013. Sony has already released three Android tablets before the Tablet Xperia Z. The first two were called Sony Tablet S and P, while the last output in 2012 was called the Tablet S.

Motorola Phone X: a price and launch date?

Remember, on December 22 announced a rumor motorola Phone X and X Tablet. A new source announce a price and launch date of the famous X by Motorola Phone.

The successor to the Nexus 4 already seems inscribed: the X Phone. Although the first rumor that is not a Nexus, its description is a "perfect Nexus." Indeed, it will be X Phone by Motorola Mobility and Google, it will be announced at Google I / O (high mass dedicated to developers) and marketing would be held in July on Play Store. Finally, the advertised price is 300 dollars (240 euros) with a subscription. 

Motorola would seem to re-adjust the policy with the Droid (Milestone) at the time of launching a smartphone with a basic version of Android (Key Lime Pie or else time will tell). As usual, this information should be taken with huge pincers. Motorola Mobility was absent from CES, it may well be that they are preparing new products, however, any source "reliable" has confirmed the existence of product "X".

Anyway, the rumor around X Phone not bury the Nexus but perhaps confirms the orientation of manufacturers to a variety of mobile devices in stock version.

NEC Medias W: the "dual-screen" smartphone

Do you remember the concept of tablet Sony Xperia P? This tablet incorporated two screens can be closed like a book. NEC and NTT DoCoMo recently presented the Nec Medias W: an Android smartphone with two screens. 

When this smartphone is folded, the Media W looks like a classic sights. Nevertheless its "thickness" hides a second screen. Once unfolded, the NEC Medias W can be used as a small tablet - like a Nintendo 3DS. You can run two applications simultaneously on both screens, to read your e-mails while navigating the browser instance.

This smartphone will come out as atypical NTT DoCoMo in Japan. Side "characteristics", do not expect surprises: a dual-core architecture clocked at 1.5 Ghz, 1 GB of RAM and a sensor Photo 8 megapixels. All with a screen that reaches 4.3 inches with a definition of 540 × 964.

Once the screen is unfolded, you have a mini tablet with a 5.6 inch screen with a light strip in the middle between the two screens. What you gain in screen size, you lose thickness as the product rises to 12.2 mm thick.

Technical features of the Xbox 720 in flight!

If this kind of rumors is always taken lightly, those that follow deserve yet to be given some credit.

Revealed by the site VGLeaks and times and cross-referenced with the information available to Eurogamer, the likely characteristics of the next Xbox 720 (codenamed Durango) are as follows. The heart of the console is an AMD processor with 8 eight cores clocked at 1.6 GHz and based on the architecture Jaguar. The latter was originally intended for quad-core machines but was doubled for next-gen consoles. This is the same processor as its competitor, the PS4 (codenamed Orbis).

Followed 8GB of DDR3 RAM and 32MB of "ESRAM." Operating in parallel, the two poles of memory should allow a max of 170 GB / s. Graphically, the next console Microsoft seem less powerful than Sony since it would leave on 18 computing units while the Radeon Xbox 720 does count as 12. The diagram (below) also mentions three modules, one of the goals is to compensate in software for this probable difference in power (1.23 teraflops for the Xbox 720 teraflops against 1.84 for the PS4).

On the characteristics most "basic" could count on a hard disk 500GB Sata 2.0 minimum and a 6X Blu-ray discs that supports double-layer 50 GB Ethernet port, USB 3.0 ports a Kinect connector and the presence of WiFi and WiFi Direct are also advanced.

Information to clearly conditional pending the official announcement of the two manufacturers, even if all this seems fairly plausible.

A Nintendo Direct tomorrow on Wii U

Another Nintendo Direct? Yes, Satoru Iwata should mention that this time is currently most lacking its new console: new games!

Released at 15h in Europe and Japan, the Nintendo Direct Wednesday should therefore focus on new games coming and the future direction of the Wii U. It is true that for the moment the catalog publisher is not busy and a big announcement would not only boost sales (indeed correct) of the console, but also to get away from the incessant rumors about the Xbox 720 and PS4. A little bit of Bayonetta 2? A new Zelda? The paris are open!

Mozilla unveils Firefox smartphone OS for developers

Mozilla has unveiled its smartphone development for programmers working on future mobile operating system OS Firefox. It is actually two models, Keon and Peak, whose performance and specifications are somewhat different.

A small smartphone stamped Mozilla Firefox, admit that it would have no mouth? I am certain that many geeks are ready to store their current racing machine to have the pleasure to wear such an object.

If you are a developer, however, it may be possible thing. Mozilla has unveiled its smartphone development for programmers working on future mobile operating system OS Firefox. It is actually two models, Keon and Peak, whose performance and specifications are somewhat different.

The Keon is a smartphone with a corresponding "entry level" if one refers to the current standard, ie a device with a touch screen 3.5-inch HVGA screen, a 3 megapixel camera sensor, with a 1GHz Snapdragon S1, 500MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, WiFi and 3G/3G connection.

Peak meanwhile boasts a 4.3-inch qHD display, an 8 megapixel camera sensor avc one plus one 2-megapixel front, and a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4.

Although these two devices do not revolutionize the market (this is not the goal), they recognize something very attractive in their livery borrowed bright red fox, and could quickly become a must-have for collectors. Maybe he will suffer the same fate as some concept cars to show, which became production cars under the pressure of public demand.

The application Bbox Tab is (finally) available on Android

Bouygues Telecom has announced the arrival of its application Bbox tab on Android tablets when it was available since the end of last December on iPad.

Each service provider (ISP) usually has his or her own applications to access the universe of TV's offer. As a recent subscriber to the Bbox Fibre Sensation, I must admit that this application particularly lacking on Android ... until now.

This application allows you to watch live TV on a number of channels to access the program guide and possibly add some reminders, schedule the recording of a program remotely access the offer VOD Bbox or use the application as a remote control (it can still be used if it is lost or not to wear hand ...).

The only prerequisite to install this application is to be customer Bbox and use one of the following tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab I, II, III, Samsung Galaxy 8.9, Asus Nexus 7, Archos 10.1, Acer Iconia A510 and Motorola Xoom. Other tablets will be added later.

Note that the pay channels such as Canal + Sport and Eurosport are not yet available and it is not yet possible to read the recordings made in the application but the operator plans to add these features in the middle or end year.

The New York Police launches its iPhone application

The New York Police Department has launched its iPhone application. Program, videos, wanted criminals, news live crimes in the Big Apple, and the ability to report a crime.

Damn but of course! What's more mobile, location-based and (anti) social crime? Riding the wave SoLoMo, the NYPD (New York Police Department) has published its application iPhone.

To accompany the police mission to "improve the quality of life in New York," the free application is a concentrate of all the services one would expect of a police squad, with the addition of funny a little sensationalist features that do not seem really necessary and seem more designed to make the buzz, like "Crime Videos", extracted mostly images of surveillance cameras on which there is finally no big thing, or under the inevitable "Wanted" smelling the western European levels for us with good sheets Lucky Luke.

However, the app can be very useful for signaling and quietly live a package that would take place before your eyes: under innocently named "Submit Tip" (submit something), the citizen may declare mop in Manhattan crime by providing the description of the suspect and the scene, the vehicle used, and even attach a photo to alert the police.

Another section, "Breaking News", real-time list of crimes, offenses and whatnot from the public highway (fires, accidents ...) that will allow New Yorkers to have confirmation that the Big Apple is definitely one funky town.

The NYPD is nice because even thought to tourists: the application is available on all App Stores, and not just on the U.S. App Store.

Smartphone Nexus 4 Google: shortage or poor forecasts calculated?

Nexus 4, the latest "Google Phone" manufactured by the South Korean LG, remained on sale less than twenty minutes on the Play Store the day of its release. What exactly are the reasons for this stock so fast?

As the community of geeks or just Google fans already know, the Nexus 4, latest "Google Phone" manufactured by the South Korean LG, remained on sale less than twenty minutes on the Play Store on the day of its release. Although recently denied by the Director of the Division at LG Mobile France Cathy Robin, an analysis  published on the development forum deemed xda-developers  estimated that 400,000 mobile devices were sold to the fullest. Within two months after the first wave, the WallStreet Journal announces X-phone on which Google and Motorola will work together. Google tributary data on the web and it is important to correctly decipher.

Who has not heard of the Nexus 4?

All the people who keep abreast of current digital were unable to miss declarations Google. Last October, while respecting geek has heard of the new Google Phone which would be manufactured by LG and tablets that accompany it. In addition to its characteristics approaching the high end phones and innovations such as Google Now or photosphere, which most attention is its price: 300 euros for the 8GB version! The sale is announced on the  Play Store, which states that the terminal will be available shortly. Never mind, all the fans were waiting impatiently output and almost all missed the boat because the velocity of stocks. He was quickly even for Nexus tablet Nexus 7 and 10 respectively manufactured by Asus and Samsung. There was also a second wave replenishment which almost went unnoticed on the web.

Where are we today?

He spent several things quite interesting since the shortage:
  • The first is the Google leak its responsibilities in its calculation of sales forecasts, but also a top executive of Google UK accused LG deliveries that were only "rare and irregular."
  • Two weeks later, just before Christmas, the WallStreet Journal suggests that Google and Motorola would work together on the future called Google Phone X-Phone.
  • And finally, on Wednesday, LG denies About Google problem and ensures that no production is reported. From these facts it is possible to draw some hypotheses.

Nexus 4 was only available on the Play Store the day of its release. In France, you can now find that the SFR offers € 629, double the price displayed on the Google platform. Why then such a buzz for a phone produced only 400,000 copies, and therefore the LICO sell it at this price? In view of the characteristics, some are tempted to say that Google did not make a profit on the terminal, or even sold it at a loss about once again denied by Cathy Robin. It is true that the price was well below the competition and limit stock is troubling. It is therefore possible that Google has created a desire to offer a pure Google device on a plateau fans thirsty for Android.

What is the X-Phone?

Remember that Google acquired Motorola in 2011 to $ 12.5 billion. And the X-phone, Google could control all components related to the sale of mobile handsets, from production to final delivery to the customer, as is Apple with its iPhone for example. Article published on WallStreet Journal suggests large advances on future X-Phone, such as flexible display and a panoramic camera with autofocus. With the craze around the Nexus 4 and awaited the arrival of a smartphone "pure Google," the Mountain View company may be trying to bring out his own "revolution."

Another possible hypothesis among the avalanche of available analyzes canvas is known that Google has used its clients operations often calculated and successful, it is hardly conceivable that a huge mistake on their part as had been possible. Although the associated marketing campaign is not comparable, their prejudices were much lower than pre-orders of the iPhone 5, which exceeded 2 million. In addition, Cathy Robin statements lead to a simple error estimation because Google has made ​​its calculations based on previous sales of its Nexus. Google would have had a vision problem, and would perhaps be better to focus more on the glasses of the future.

SimilarWeb, an alternative to Alexa?

SimilarWeb is a web service that allows you to measure different data traffic of a website and comparing them with other sites. The service is free and is presented as an alternative to Alexa.

For those who have always been allergic to Alexa and regret the loss of Google Trends for Websites, here is a welcome alternative, recently launched by Israeli publisher already behind SimilarSites.

SimilarWeb, an indicator of self-proclaimed "Web Traffic Intelligence" is a service that allows you to measure various metrics of a website as the highest in the world, the country in which it is the most visited, but also the main sources of traffic category, referent, by type of site (search engine, social network ...) and many other parameters.

The service also provides a list of similar sites extracted from its other services mentioned above and in the world (Global Rank). It is also possible to make a comparative research by entering the url of another site or choosing from the suggested list to see who is the most baleze.

The data on which the service is based are those collected through several millions of users who installed the extension SimilarSites in their browser over the past four years.

If I compare the data with those provided by SimilarWeb Google Analytics, the results are not really relevant in any case not all. Traffic from search engines is such overrated compared to reality, while the number of page views per visitor is rather below the truth.

The service is currently free, but a paid version with more options will be available soon.

Here are some pictures and catch the supposed HTC Sense 5.0 M7 in

HTC is in a rather delicate after suffering several months of disappointing financial results. Since the end of the year, the Taiwanese renews its upsetting codes. Thus the first two Windows Phone 8 have unexpected design, being both very fine, with some usual colors and a very nice texture to the touch.

Where HTC is not a good student in terms of communication to the public, the 8X is a phone "signature" of Microsoft. Specifically, it is a little closer Nexus model, that is to say that the HTC product, but Microsoft does the communication component. In addition, important information: the Taiwanese company has decided to separate from the advertising agency Mother, who had achieved such publicity HTC One X with the parachute. There are hopeful that HTC has improved on this plan in 2013.

Even if the manufacturer has made ​​its first steps in Windows Phone 8, do not forget Android, thanks to Butterfly J / DROID DNA .... With its 5-inch screen and 1080p, it has the privilege of being the first model with its characteristics, where a very favorable reception from the public. Unfortunately, this phone should not go out as such in Europe. This will quickly stop as competition arrives especially with the Sony Xperia Z.

Instead, we have the M7 , which is crucial for the future of the brand. Android Police got photos and even screenshots of this model. The site assures us have concrete information, but we prefer to remain cautious, as many Photoshopeurs wander on the global Internet.

This famous M7 does not like its rivals because it embark a screen of 4.7 inches , where is the fashion now to 5 inches or more. This should allow him to have a pixel density impressive (but useless?) Of 468 ppi. To provide the best user experience, it takes heavy features and HTC has understood: a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro clocked at 1.7 GHz, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. Only downside, the battery would have a capacity of 2300mAh rather poor. This could play on autonomy One major problem on X, unless the manufacturer so his hat optimization "with onions."

Of the two pictures, we see that on the front, the design is very classic with sensor buttons. The same problem as the previous generation will arise: the Menu button that appears on non-optimized applications, will it be directly on the screen or via a long rest on a touch sensitive? In one case as in the other, we see here the limits of touch-sensitive, unlike the touch keys displayed directly on the screen. Moreover, the fact of having tactile keys on the 5-inch touch-sensitive or on the 4.7 inch should not mean major differences, because the dimensions should be very close.

On the back, it is exactly the same texture as the HTC 8X, which is similar to that of the BlackBerry PlayBook, which has the merit of not slipping and not be susceptible to fingerprints. Moreover, the same format seems to have been selected: thinner edges to accentuate finesse. We then have the same impression of the spine center. Beats Audio logo tells us that technology is always present, but should be switched off at any time for those who do not like the bass.

For what is HTC Sense, significant changes were made following a stagnation for several versions now, so that Android has evolved in the right direction. Now the icons are more colorful and flat. In addition, the famous weather widget is completely revised, by abandoning its famous clock made for a minimalist.

Knowing that we are approaching fast the exhibition in Barcelona, ​​Mobile World Congress, it seems likely that this phone is announced at that time. Its trade name is he the HTC M7? Mystery ...

Goophone the i5 is finally available for sale in China ...

Before the release of the iPhone 5, a Chinese manufacturer GooPhoone presented its GooPhone i5, which incorporated the appearance of the Apple device. At the time, the design of the Apple device was known GooPhone and filed a patent on the shape of the phone. But since most new, until now! GooPhone the i5 is finally available in his country of origin: China.

The Android smartphone comes out with a few months delay. Google did not actually enjoyed using HoneyComb on the back of the phone and the manufacturer had to change somewhat. In any case, its shape similar to that of the iPhone is the only phone business asset, which does not really enticing features.

Goophone the i5 has a 4-inch qHD screen with a definition of 540x960 pixels. It is equipped with a dual-core processor MAT6577 ARMv7 1 GHz and a GB of RAM. Besides this, the camera has a Goophone 8 megapixel and 16 or 32 GB of storage. Note the presence of a port Lightning, but this time pin 8.

A smartphone collector, certainly.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 soon

Samsung, as we know, has a catalog very complete and varied. The manufacturer clearly trying to be present on all fronts and has thus learn through Sam Mobile that it could soon raise the veil on a new range of touch tablets: the Galaxy Tab 3. A range that is apparently composed of three models since it would issue a three Galaxy Tab 7.0, Galaxy Tab 3 of 10.1 and a Galaxy Tab 3 mystery that we do not know much yet. And if you want to know more, know that talking about now!

Certainly, these next few weeks are likely to be very busy with Samsung and this is normal since the South Korean manufacturer should grant us a number of new mobile terminals among which we can mention the S4 Galaxy , the Galaxy Tab 8.0 The Galaxy Pocket Plus and a lot of other nice things. And if we believe this new rumor, then it would also be three new tablets that could land soon: Galaxy Tab 3.

As explained a little earlier, they would be broken down into three models. It would obviously matter a 7-inch slate and a 10.1-inch slate, but Samsung could also grant us a third tablet that also benefit a 10.1 inch screen. Bizarre, obviously. If Samsung has never been afraid to overload the market, the manufacturer did not used to launch two identical terminals in a single line. Would it be a new Nexus 10? Possible, but it will take to get to the bottom.

Finally, we can also add that the new Galaxy Tab 3 should be divided into several models varying according to their storage capacity (16 GB or 32 GB) and their connectivity (3G or not), all for an arrival on the market the first quarter of 2013.

Google Handwrite: improving handwriting recognition

It is this that Fred was you had a brand new feature on the mobile version of Google, a very interesting feature known as Google Handwrite and which therefore, as its name suggests, drawing, one after the other characters in the Keyword Search without using the usual keyboard. We will not how to activate because everything has already been well described in the previous article that I just mentioned. However, we will discuss in this article the news that Google has made ​​on Handwrite, novelties not necessarily impressive but no less interesting.

History but start slowly, it will probably evoke a long-awaited improvement in Asia but also probably very few among us so that we could previously draw a Chinese character at a time, it is now possible to align as you would on paper (if you know how to write Chinese course ...).

If you have already tried Google Handwrite, you may be able to realize a small problem: the recognition of characters drawn is not yet perfect and it is common for the search engine to confuse letters that are close graphically. To counter this, suggestions will be offered over the space bar, suggestions based on your drawing and list the different possibilities that can represent what you meant.

Another issue raised with Google Handwrite is the size of our screens: align the letters, but it's nice to extensive research style "naked pictures of Frederick Pereira", it gets stuck. And that is why it is now possible to write the letters on each other: visually, we end up with a big block indecipherable but the fact remains that the search giant is doing to read it.

Samsung Galaxy Camera: new ways of shooting!

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is really not a camera like the others. If positioned in the area of compact digital cameras, it has all-of-even had the audacity to build on Android to differentiate themselves from their competitors. And if we add to this the fact that it includes both a WiFi chip and a 3G chip, it is understandable why it has caused much ink. Yes, and if you have recently cracked a Galaxy Camera, then know that Samsung will soon update its firmware with a whole bunch of new very nice.

From the information available, this update is not yet deployed but it should arrive soon on the Galaxy Camera. What can specify is that it is possible to recover now the ROM that goes through Odin. That said, be aware that the procedure is not without risk and therefore better worth knowing what you are doing before you start. If anyone has more info on the subject, I'm interested.

And if not, what are the improvements made ​​by this update? They are quite numerous and are finally both the platform itself and the dedicated application for recording photos and videos. The pretty cool thing is that Samsung has introduced new ways to help you take very nice pictures without the need for you to bother with the camera settings.

Here is a list of these features:
  • New way of shooting "snow" to sublimate images taken in the snow, and it is frankly circumstances.
  • New way of shooting "food" to improve all the incredible dishes that you do on the weekend and you never fail to share with millions of followers.
  • New shooting mode "Party / Indoor" to immortalize your Skins Party with a superb rendering without blurring behind.
  • New way of shooting "Dawn" to take pretty pictures like the dawn comes on the horizon, and so when you suddenly decide to get up early in the morning.
  • Integration of a new feature to take control of the Galaxy Camera Remote with another smartphone or other touch pad.
  • Improving the fluidity of the platform, including the intelligent mode and expert mode.

Galaxy S4: Characteristics and a wireless charging?

The S4 Galaxy should disclose in a few weeks at the Mobile World Congress 2013. The first features the Smartphone would have appeared on the Web. Samsung will also have to provide a system of wireless charging.

Galaxy S4 will be the successor to the Galaxy S3 has returned a success since its release in May. Samsung is going to try to do better by offering a Smartphone to the expectations of consumers. All eyes are turned to the new Korean mobile. SamMobile , which is always very knowledgeable about the products, Samsung has once again struck in discovering possible features of the Galaxy S4. The terminal would have made ​​an appearance on a site benchmarks. Some information has been collected by the site. The smartphone is expected to enter the phone market in the first half of 2013. It would have Exynos processor clocked at 1.8 GHz 5 with 8 cores and 2 GB of RAM.

A Wireless Charging System

Galaxy S4 propose a Super AMOLED 4.99 inch Full HD with a density of 440ppi. Operate the terminal with Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). Samsung could offer a 13 megapixel sensor capable of performing full HD video in 1080p 30FPS. A 2 megapixel front camera could offer HD video in 720p.

Along with this information, Samsung would have the opportunity to propose a wireless charging system for S4 Galaxy. This is not the same site that reveals the information, but the Korean site DDaily. Customers would get this feature through an option. The terminal may be provided with a cover and a special charging station specific. The website does not give more information about the technology. Samsung would have thought to choose a technique of inductive coupling resonance. You could recharge your smartphone without touch up to 2 meters. This information is rumors since the Korean did not confirm the presence or characteristics of the system load. We must wait the Mobile World Congress to learn a little more about what Galaxy S4.

PS4: The controller will have a touchscreen LCD?

The PS4 could put an end to the lever that players know since Sony would bring a new design. Since 1997, the DualShock had not been altered, but the manufacturer has redesigned the entire design.

The PS4 should offer a whole new controller since the site CVG indicates that it may be equipped with an LCD touch screen and biometric sensors. The experience offered by the Sony console would be very different from previous versions. Since 1997, the DualShock suffered no real change. The PS Move has brought a few new, but the concept should be strengthened for the next generation. This accessory provides interaction between the player and the console but Sony wants to go further by using the concept of the PS Vita. Thus, the new controller could be closer to the experience offered by the handheld . With the introduction of biometric sensors, at the grip, the gameplay could be largely modified. This information should be taken with a grain of salt since Sony has refused to comment on the possibility.

The Abandonment of the DualShock?

The PS4 whose code name is Orbis should make its appearance in a few weeks. Players are waiting impatiently the new generation that will match up against the new Xbox. The site states that the PS3 controllers would be compatible with the new system, but they are used as secondary controllers. For the moment, it is impossible to have a picture of this new controller or PS4 since development is a matter well guarded. The price could also pose some problems to the portfolio as a controller with a touch screen and biometric sensors should have a fairly high rate.

For the first time since 1997, the controller of the PlayStation could be completely changed. Sony would have the intention to break with the design of the famous DualShock. At the launch of the PS3, rumors also indicated that the controller would suffer a complete overhaul of the design, the final Sony remained very close to the old controller. It is therefore advisable to take all this information with a grain of salt.

Jailbreak iOS 6: 2 hackers come together and progress

The jailbreak of iOS 6 should soon be available to the public. Two hackers, Planetbeing and pod2g have joined forces to advance more quickly. They communicate on the network Twitter and share their discovery.

The jailbreak of iOS 6 is widely expected by the owners of Apple products. After the disappointment of the end of 2012, the future of software is pretty nice. Planetbeing had buzz when shared success. Indeed, he could get a version of the jailbreak untethered on the iPhone 5 . The hacker did not want to offer the software because Apple should share an update of iOS (6.1) in a few weeks, and the rumored Apple could deploy as early as February. The jailbreak would have the opportunity to be released on the web a few days after iOS 6.1. Attempt to move faster Planetbeing decided to partner with the French famous hacker on his Twitter account, he stated "I made ​​good progress today with @ pod2g. I think I'll reward myself with a nap."

Two New Vulnerabilities

Pod2g had also indicated on the microblogging network "Oh Yes! 2 new holes in one day, luck is with us." Untethered jailbreak version is on the right track, but the two hackers face against a small time. It is once again on Twitter that pod2g announced his problem "We still lack a code for an initial public jailbreak." Copying is not yet perfect, because both authors want to propose a version hack perfect both functional and mostly stable. In all cases, the jailbreak will not be released before updating to iOS 6.1. Planetbeing took several months to exploit loopholes, if it reveals the fruits of his labor now, Apple could fill gaps and nullify its concept.

The jailbreak of iOS 6 is possible, but it may take a little time and Pod2g Planetbeing. Deployed when Apple will update 6.1, owners of Apple devices stamped may have good news.

Introducing the HTC M7

Nearly a month before the MWC 2013, which should lead to the unveiling of the future high-end smartphone from HTC, here is the picture most likely  this phone  so far.

It is the site HTCSource very aware of the news that HTC has managed to get their hands on this shot after much research and herrings.

At first glance, nothing revolutionary design of the M7. It is rather a continuation of Windows Phones from HTC, HTC and more particularly 8X. It seems that the Taiwanese manufacturer wishes to gradually unify the design of its terminals, regardless of OS.

Listed specifications, future features HTC M7 should be as follows:
  • LCD Full HD 1080p 4.7
  • Pixel density of 468
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 1.7 GHz quad-core
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal memory
  • A battery of 2300mAh
  • APN 13Mpix and front camera
  • Release Date: First Quarter 2013 (?)

Samsung Galaxy Fonblet a Galaxy Player with option 'telephone'?

We finished with the decidedly more rumors about the upcoming Samsung mobile terminals, and today is the Galaxy Fonblet entering the parade.

Even bigger than the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Fonblet would direct a deviation Galaxy Player 5.8 inch with option "telephone" to include Android Jelly Bean.

With this Fonblet Galaxy, we can already begin to assume that the technical characteristics will be adopted around the Galaxy Player 5.8 that offers a wide touchscreen LPS (IPS made ​​in Samsung) 5.8-inch qHD resolution of (540 x 960 pixels) a dual-core architecture clocked at 1 GHz, 1 GB of memory (RAM), a VGA front camera, a camera picture of 3 megapixels, an FM tuner, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, WiFi and 3G compatibility.

Always based on the Galaxy Player 5.8, there also meets a battery of 2500 mAh, 16 or 32 GB of internal memory with a micro SD slot. According to the rumor, the Galaxy Fonblet run under Android Jelly Bean (4.1.2 or 4.2.1) to its output. We know perhaps more at the Mobile World Congress which will begin as scheduled on February 25 in Barcelona.

Google TV emulator now supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

The Google TV struggling to unite, has only a catalog of applications  very thin. Things should change, because the development has been greatly facilitated.

The Google TV is not a new project at Google, since the first products were released in October 2010 with two major manufacturers: Logitech and Sony. Unfortunately face a high price, performance, halftone, the public has not answered this. It must be said that the platform used only for Intel processor family, where Android was exclusively oriented ARM on smartphones and tablets.

At the Google I / O 2011, a reboot was held to launch the second generation of Google TV integrating the Play Store. Now based on Android 3.1 and ARM processors, the interface has been completely redesigned and partners are multiplied: LG, Vizio, Hisense and still Sony. In addition, Japanese is the first to have taken the plunge and propose its box  NSZ-GS7 Europe. Unfortunately the record is far from convincing, the fault system is still too young, consisting of some applications and multimedia support very light. A proof of this failure: the French company Archos prefers to use an interface pad for his TV Connect.

At CES 2013, we got to the third generation of Google TV. Changes are much less numerous, but the companies believe with headlining LG will leave the United States no less than seven televisions. Other partners are added, including Asus, Netgear or TCL. Among the new software, there is a new launcher, an impressive voice recognition  that allows you to search a video, open an application, display a string or even be able to answer queries such as "film taking place in Las Vegas with burglary casinos." TV & Movies The application is now renamed PrimeTime and improves comfort for access to content. Finally the YouTube app has been updated and can play a video from his or her smartphone tablet, as does the Nexus Q (for the few owners of the unit).

Unfortunately despite the third generation of the catalog of applications is still thin and competing operating systems (Samsung Smart TV being the most important) arrive to do better. One of the causes of this failure comes from the tools available to developers. While it is very easy to use emulator for smartphones and tablets, Google TV required to have a computer with Linux KVM.

Good news because the Google TV Add-on API Level 13 comes out and finally offers extensive support for Windows, Mac OS X. Need for KVM, but only Intel hardware acceleration (also available on the Android emulator standard). If you have an AMD processor, you will unfortunately still limited to the old method. This new version includes bug fixes, but also browser based on Chrome.

You can then begin to develop your applications. Some things to consider: a Google TV is not touch screen uses a wide , has no sensors like the accelerometer and digital compass, includes neither a camera nor a GPS or Bluetooth, or a microphone.

But if you want to make an application "universal", that is to say compatible smartphones and tablets, you should place your layouts folder layout-large-NoTouch and resources in drawable-land-tvdpi (for 720p ) or drawable-land-xhdpi (for 1080p).

It remains only to let the developers take ownership of the platform and give the necessary elements for its success.

3D printing: Nokia provides files to mold his own shells for the 820

3D printing is beginning to invite in the giants of the computer industry and digital. The Finnish manufacturer Nokia innovates by providing files to "print" their own covers for the Nokia 820.

3D printing, hitherto rather reserved to warn and still relatively confidential begins to invite in the computer industry giants and digital.

Nokia, seeking innovative ideas and regaining its markets, has launched an initiative for its customers which could mark a turning point in the relationship that consumers have with products: the ability to make your own shell their mobile phone.

Reserved for the last time in Nokia 820 Windows Phone, this option is made possible by the free supply by the Finnish manufacturer of 3D files that hold all the specifications of the rear bodywork of the smartphone.

Then simply run software 3D printing and open the file compatible for printing it. As the back of the Nokia 820 is removable, it is possible to replace it with its own shell.

Customization and manufacturing outsourced

Attention, it is not a traditional protective shell that fits on one device but its original shell, which wraps around the phone. Therefore, as long as one knows manipulate 3D software and modify or add shapes to a file 3D graphics, then it is possible to customize the shape of your mobile. Nokia provides also about this in a wiki dedicated to various ideas, such as the integration of a belt clip or strap, or the integration of a bigger battery.

According to John Kneeland, Nokia & Developer Community Marketing Manager, based in Silicon Valley, "(Nokia) could sell a variety of phone models, templates, and entrepreneurs in the world could mount a local manufacturer of business phones designed specifically as needs of their community".

3D files are provided in different standards, with two rendering options in STL and STP. Gimmick or real innovation and business opportunity? Waiting to see if other manufacturers - and not just in the phone or infomatique - Nokia to follow suit.

Sony Unveils Tablet 10.1 "Tablet Xperia Z

Sony has made significant announcements at CES 2013 with the introduction of Xperia Z - a high-end smartphone very attractive, and continues its momentum by unveiling a tablet today ultra-thin 10.1-inch.

This new flagship product, called simply Xperia Tablet Z features a quad-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB of storage, a 10.1 "display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 (with Bravia Mobile Technology Engine 2), a microSD slot, an NFC chip, a 8.1 megapixel camera and the Android operating system 4.1.

It is neither more nor less than the 10-inch tablet's smaller market with 6.9 mm of thickness, the iPad Mini by 7.2 mm and 8.9 mm by Nexus 10. Between addition, its weight is 495 grams and its characteristic is to be water resistant as dust.

This new tablet has been announced on the website of the Japanese firm so we know it will happen in the spring in Japan, but it is not known at the time of this writing whether it will land in France and with the same characteristics.

With the imminence of the Mobile World Congress, the must show dedicated to the mobile industry that will take place in Barcelona at the end of February, we should know more soon and you will of course know.

MediaFire, the Android app is available on Google Play

MediaFire is a service of storing data online (in the cloud) that allows you to host documents, music, videos and other files that can be shared.

According to early returns, it appears that the application is experiencing some difficulties in its compatibility has been recently upgraded by the developers. Although it still lacks some key features, for my part I found the application quite well designed knowing that it is still a first version.

With the application, you can:
  • Keep all your important files at your fingertips
  • View documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos and listen to music
  • Take and send photos and videos directly to the application
  • Send pictures from your Android gallery
  • Create and manage folders and files
  • Share files via e-mail, sms, and even through other Android applications
  • Quickly find all your files and folders MediaFire

The application is available for free download on Google Play MediaFire for Android:
  • Compatible from Android 2.1
  • Application Size: 6.1 MB

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