SimilarWeb, an alternative to Alexa?

SimilarWeb is a web service that allows you to measure different data traffic of a website and comparing them with other sites. The service is free and is presented as an alternative to Alexa.

For those who have always been allergic to Alexa and regret the loss of Google Trends for Websites, here is a welcome alternative, recently launched by Israeli publisher already behind SimilarSites.

SimilarWeb, an indicator of self-proclaimed "Web Traffic Intelligence" is a service that allows you to measure various metrics of a website as the highest in the world, the country in which it is the most visited, but also the main sources of traffic category, referent, by type of site (search engine, social network ...) and many other parameters.

The service also provides a list of similar sites extracted from its other services mentioned above and in the world (Global Rank). It is also possible to make a comparative research by entering the url of another site or choosing from the suggested list to see who is the most baleze.

The data on which the service is based are those collected through several millions of users who installed the extension SimilarSites in their browser over the past four years.

If I compare the data with those provided by SimilarWeb Google Analytics, the results are not really relevant in any case not all. Traffic from search engines is such overrated compared to reality, while the number of page views per visitor is rather below the truth.

The service is currently free, but a paid version with more options will be available soon.

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