Motorola Phone X: a price and launch date?

Remember, on December 22 announced a rumor motorola Phone X and X Tablet. A new source announce a price and launch date of the famous X by Motorola Phone.

The successor to the Nexus 4 already seems inscribed: the X Phone. Although the first rumor that is not a Nexus, its description is a "perfect Nexus." Indeed, it will be X Phone by Motorola Mobility and Google, it will be announced at Google I / O (high mass dedicated to developers) and marketing would be held in July on Play Store. Finally, the advertised price is 300 dollars (240 euros) with a subscription. 

Motorola would seem to re-adjust the policy with the Droid (Milestone) at the time of launching a smartphone with a basic version of Android (Key Lime Pie or else time will tell). As usual, this information should be taken with huge pincers. Motorola Mobility was absent from CES, it may well be that they are preparing new products, however, any source "reliable" has confirmed the existence of product "X".

Anyway, the rumor around X Phone not bury the Nexus but perhaps confirms the orientation of manufacturers to a variety of mobile devices in stock version.

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