Asus MeMo Pad 10: Characteristics official

This is a moment we heard about the Asus MeMo Pad 10 and finally at the Thailand Mobile Expo that the manufacturer has decided to lift the veil on its new touch pad. A tablet that takes advantage of a sleek design, specifications and correct a competitive price. Morality, if you count soon invest in a new slate, then something tells me that you should MeMo Pad 10 raper in the eye. And if you want to know more, this is not difficult because we speak now and a little lower in the article. All with photos and videos that are going well.

Design side, the MeMo Pad 10 is not bad to look at with nice curves and very compact dimensions. Available in three colors - white, pink and blue - it should appeal to many and it is even possible that she caught the eye of some of you.

Chained and precisely with the technical specifications of the beast. Very concretely, all the rumors that were running about the MeMo Pad 10 proved accurate. The tablet benefits and a 10.1-inch WXGA display , a quad-core processor Nvidia Tegra 3 clocked at 1.2 Ghz , 1 GB RAM , 16 GB of storage space, a card port microSD and a 5-megapixel sensor on the back cover, a 1.2 megapixel sensor on the front. Specifications correct, therefore, but agree that probably not all users.

It remains to discuss the issue of price. If you believe the information obtained by GSM Arena while the Asus MeMo Pad 10 may be offered at $ 360, or $ 39 less than the Nexus 10. well, sure, but it must not be forgotten that it still enjoys a resolution of illness. So, if you want to use your tablet for watching movies, things like that, and well worth it might be better to bet on the tablet produced jointly by Google and Samsung.

Mega: a Firefox extension to improve its transfer

During the weekend, Kim Dotcom and his associates have unveiled a Firefox extension entirely thought to Mega , the worthy successor of the late Megaupload. All users using the browser of the Mozilla Foundation and extends more connected to the service during the last few hours and have been surprised to discover the presence of a nice message inviting them to download the tool. A tool that promises a significant improvement of all transfers passing through the platform and should interest all those who have to juggle large files.

If you believe the information provided by this message, then this extension would have two objectives: to improve the speed of transfers transiting Mega, and allow users to download unlimited files with no size restriction. It is rather amusing considering the fact that Mega has been ever since its launch, promote Chrome.

One point that was raised by many users and even had some teeth gnashing. We must also say that Kim and his friends are not gone dead hand because each person logging in from another browser Mega then saw a message appear particularly scathing: "Mega tears with Google Chrome. Be careful, you are using a browser exceeded, which will negatively affect the performance of your transfers. Experts were then addressed the issue and it was then found that the results obtained with Firefox was twice lower than those obtained with the Google browser.

The purpose of this extension is clear, it is simply to improve the user experience for all users wishing to use Mega from Firefox. And from my own tests, it seems indeed that the installation of this extension has a very positive impact on transfer speeds.

And you, then, is the same thing?

Otherwise, speaking of Mega, you'll no doubt be delighted to learn that Kim Dotcom also announced on Twitter the impending a client dedicated to his new service , customers who turn into a Dropbox-like and which will allow you to manage all your files and all your files from the file explorer of your bike. Note, however, that this famous client should arrive first on Windows, and then on Mac OS or Linux. In any case, this is what was originally planned if my memory serves me correctly.

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