Pulse is now (a little more) in the social

Pulse is one of those applications that benefit from a strong image of mobile users and this is normal because it gives them a new way of consuming information. If we talk, it's not for nothing since the latter has just been updated and is now much more social with support for Facebook, to YouTube, to Tumblr or even Instagram. A new and very significant and should please all those who use it daily. Morality, Flipboard had better watch out!

To submit the application in a few words, Pulse works on the same principle as any RSS aggregator, except that the application benefits from its own catalog and an interface designed as an interactive magazine. All with a pretty nice looking interface and some interesting features. We think including sharing options that allow the user to quickly send any content on Twitter, Facebook or any contact with an email address.

But now, as Flipboard, Pulse not only to highlight the content of sites since the tool also benefits from a number of modules called "social". Date and before the update, so it was possible to integrate its Google Reader or even the Vimeo application and it was therefore decided to take a new step forward in integrating more modules. Clearly, Pulse will henceforth allow you to access your YouTube to your Tumblr, your Instagram to your Flickr or your Facebook without having to leave the application.

It is not the only novelty introduced by this update since the new Pulse also benefits from a new viewer for images and videos. The interface of the tool is now clearer and will therefore focus on principal, and therefore the media.

History finale, you can also specify that this update is for both iOS and Android. So whatever your terminal is running on one or the other because you can enjoy all these new features. And if you want to know more, the best thing is to go read the article published on the official blog of the application.

Getty Images Launches The Feed and taste the pleasures of "social media"

Getty Images is famous for its rights free content (images, videos and music) but the platform like from time to time add new strings to his bow. So she just lifted the veil on a new feature called The Feed and simply aims to analyze social media, specifically Twitter, in order to extract the pith and marrow. Very interesting, especially for those who like to know what is happening in the world and what are the hottest topics of the moment.

The idea is quite simple, The Feed is simply based on a script that parses all "trending topics" of Twitter to determine which are the most discussed topics of the moment. Then, the tool will search for images in the database Getty Images to draw parallels and find related content. Once this is done, it shows all on a nice page that users do more then just look. It's clean, it's done and it finally offers a different perspective on the news.

The thing to know is that The Feed is able to locate the information. So just click on the keyword "global" in the sidebar to select the country of your choice. Six locations are well supported - in France, the United Kingdom , the United States , Australia , India and Germany - but can also further refine the results and ask the service we return only the content nearby. Be careful of yourself, because it will allow the service to access location data in our browser. Inevitably, huh.

The other benefit of The Feed, is that simply moving the cursor over the image of his choice to appear for a short description accompanied by several share buttons. It will therefore be possible to swing quickly any photo on his Twitter or Facebook for the benefit of our virtual friends. In addition, clicking on the "More like this", it will show all the pictures related to the topic discussed. Very handy for discovering new things.

BlackBerry 10: new screenshots in with Twitter

Conference RIM fast approaching and it is therefore in a fortnight the Canadian manufacturer will formalize BlackBerry 10, probably making some happy way. It is precisely the latter that this article is intended as new platform catches fell into the claws of BB10 Believe , catch that allow us to know a little more about BBX but also and especially on its Client  Twitter ! And that, ultimately, it's still very nice because it may be very likely to go over our lives. So, if you want to see more, then you are very well fallen.

As you can see by taking a look at the pictures that accompany this article, the Twitter client for BlackBerry 10 will eventually be very close to that of other platforms. No big difference with Android or even iOS, so. So of course, critics will undoubtedly RIM probably not point to an index avenger firm in denouncing its lack of originality, but I finally found that it is very good news.

Why? Just because RIM and BlackBerry were lagging well behind in terms of ergonomics and interface. Like many people, I've had the opportunity to get their hands on a device of this type (a Bold 9700) and was ultimately one of the bullet points of the platform to me. Here, we finally found face to an interface that is a bit more road and it is still a good thing because it also means that mobile users will have no trouble getting used to this new platform.

In addition, and although do not catch this point forward, you should know that Twitter, like other social applications will be fully integrated  with BlackBerry 10. It will therefore be possible to find all references in our hub on board the platform and we can also easily share content with our various communities.

Oh and if that's not enough, remember that Phone Arena has published a snapshot of Voice Control of BlackBerry 10, Voice Control, which is a bit like a Siri-like developed by RIM.

iPhone 5: Apple Mobile has mixed success?

The iPhone 5 would it be the first smartphone from Apple mixed success? Sales would not live up to the Cupertino company. Apple has also asked its suppliers to reduce the amount of components.

The iPhone 5 will not meet the expected success. Atypical information was relayed by the Wall Street Journal. The quantities of components have been halved. Asian suppliers must reduce the production rate according to Nikkei, Japanese newspaper. One plant should produce Sharp screens latest iPhone has fallen by 40% the pace of work. Generally, such a decrease was observed a few weeks before the launch of a new model. The iPhone 4S has faced a decrease in sales as consumers book their budget for the release of the iPhone 5. This trend would not be in favor of Cupertino, which would display for the first time a loss of power. The latter comes in the middle of the life cycle of the Apple mobile stamped, however, his successor is not expected for several months. Many Internet users believe that the iPhone 5 would not be as successful as desired by Apple.

Tough competition

However, the iPhone 5 media had mobilized several weeks before its launch. The enthusiasm was so strong that the concepts and rumors flooded the canvas over the days. When the smartphone is released in September, five million models were sold in just three days of marketing. This trend points to a left so sales volume for this impressive new iPhone. In the end, the newspaper said, the excitement would soon come down as competition in this sector is much higher than previous years. Some preferred to move to the Galaxy range of Samsung or Nokia Lumia when the iPhone 5 has pointed the tip of his shell. Every week new rumors about future Internet invade Smartphones. They should revolutionize the field and consumers would therefore abandoned the iPhone 5 to buy other terminals.

Do not worry

Some analysts suggest that this decrease in production does not mean that the iPhone 5 is not required. According to Merrill Lynch, some parts were produced in excessive amounts, so Apple would end up with a larger stock than expected. The Cupertino company would have liked to slow down flow components in its possession. This information would not be alarming since Morgan Stanley estimated that several million iPhones will be sold in the coming months.

Samsung Galaxy S 100 million passed

This is fact, Samsung has just crossed the symbolic 100 million Galaxy S sold. This figure refers to the 3 models Galaxy S (S1, S2, S3), and Samsung proudly announced that figure today.

Of the 100 million handsets sold, 20 million of them are the first model Galaxy S. The Galaxy S2 has signed the actual explosion of the model, with 40 million handsets sold. The Galaxy S3 has also sold 40 million copies in half the time.

Samsung thus proves its market dominance, it occupies up to 20%, thanks to its Galaxy S. Apple, its direct competitor, it was announced surpassing the 100 million iPhone sold in 2011.

Tactus demonstrated a touchscreen technology with relief

The surface of a touch screen may seem too cold and smooth. There is a solution and is to provide relief to the screen. Presented in preview by TACTUS Technology, this technology could revolutionize the practice at the gaming and typing. 

Tactus Technology has revealed a few hours from the end of the 2013 CES , a prototype tablet 7 inch relief (Morphing, in the language of Shakespeare) Android. The screen takes relief, according to the situations and configurations.

Technical side, to bring relief to get under the screen, a multitude of tiny pockets of liquid are stored in the screen and take shape as the pressure on the pocket, it exerting the same pressure on the screen.

The first uses that come to mind is the physical keyboard, which appears to facilitate the seizure of-print keyboard, allowing the passage to avoid typing errors. Similarly, a keypad appears for calls. A compromise between tactile and physical.

Another use would be to write in Braille for the visually impaired, for example, which are indeed the most excluded from the technological world touch. And finally, the ability to create a real gamepad for smartphones and tablets that eat each day a little more market share of mobile consoles.

The technology will be available to manufacturers in 2013 no date known marketing. Some reservations about the longevity of the system in time that happens it when the screen is scratched? The system does it work if a bubble is defective?

iPhone 5: Apple reduces production

Sales of the iPhone 5 would they be disappointing for Apple? It is in any case suggest that the Japanese newspaper Nikkei claims of which provides that the Cupertino company could ask its suppliers to reduce by half the manufacture of screens.

Apple provides with in Japan Display, Sharp and LG for its screens 4 inches . But according to the Japanese newspaper, the U.S. firm did not anticipate declining demand for its new iPhone . Information which, if confirmed, could be a serious setback for the creator of the iPhone.

In fact, Apple has used to reduce its production of iPhone only when the announcement of a new terminal is imminent. Except ferry surprise, the iPhone 6 (or 5S) should tumble in September. The latest model is not only half of his life, and will still bear the image of Apple for a few months. Initially, Apple asked its suppliers to manufacture 65 million screens 4 inches for the iPhone 5.

Video Phone OS Ubuntu

CES is that we could make a quick grip of the famous Ubuntu Phone OS. Canonical if we made ​​it clear that this version is still a beta, we also confirmed that this version will be available for download within a few weeks for the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung, probably at the MWC where further announcements will be made.

Open source and promising OS that could land on some terminals before the end of the year, but this is the first manufacturer to make it!

Ubuntu Phone OS builds rather Windows Phone 8 as Android or iOS with ergonomics and a nicer interface based on touch and gestures. It is based on a Linux kernel and also works well with an ARM processor or an Intel Atom processor. Note also that the advantage of this mobile OS is that the developers have a SDK to develop native (C / C + +) or HTML5 applications, which can be both compatible mobile phone and the desktop version the OS, providing full compatibility and flexibility.

Facebook: a mobile OS presented tomorrow?

Last week, Facebook invited the press to a mysterious event taking place on January 15th, ie tomorrow. The invitation mentioned something that was "built" by Facebook, and it does not take long for that wild speculation invade the web.

In reality, the source of TechCrunch mentions an event based on the "mobile". It does not take long for the site to imagine a Facebook OS. If this is the case, we can imagine a version of Android customized by Facebook, just as Amazon has done with its Kindle Fire HD, or even WebOS. Facebook already has a catalog of applications quite big. In addition, Facebook has already supported a telephone in his name, the famous HTC Chacha who did not meet the expected success. A credible hypothesis, at least more than the appearance of a real Facebook Phone that Zuckerberg has denied existence.

Other rumors also speak a version iPad application for Facebook Messenger. Application could thus benefit from the same treatment as its mobile version, allowing the social network to reach a wider audience. But there's a catch, why Facebook will organize a conference with great fanfare for a small ad? The paris are launched, and the answer will come tomorrow.

First pictures of the HTC Sense 5 and M7

The CES 2013 ends without real big announcement from the biggest manufacturers of smartphones. You'd think they reserve their most thundering declarations for the next MWC to be held in Barcelona from February 25 to 28. We will return by then our expectations for this show, but one thing is sure: HTC smartphone and its future high-end, HTC M7 big play on the show.

Until we have more concrete evidence, here are some leaked images from this upcoming high-end phone HTC signed, and the new wrapper that embeds Android: Sense 5.

Regarding the supposed shot of M7, we can not say that the picture gives us a lot of stolen concrete elements: the front has the classic HTC logo positioned at the top of the screen, as well as the front camera. Unfortunately, no way to know much more about the future design of the phone, even if the rumor that inspire recent HTC Windows phone to the beautiful ceramic finish (8X).

Screenshots of Sense 5, including Edouard we had made ​​a first flight last week, should bring against us by additional information:

It appears indeed that aims to create via HTC Sense 5 interface as clear and simple as possible. The visuals above hints icons that emphasize graphics flat reliefs. The settings screen is it much less austere than the basic Android interface. As for the unlock screen, it boasts a reorganization and a bar icons for quick access to favorite applications.

As a reminder, the HTC M7 future features should be as follows:
  • LCD Full HD 1080p 4.7"
  • Pixel density of 468
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 1.7 GHz quad-core
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal memory
  • A battery of 2300mAh
  • APN 13Mpix camera and forehead
  • Release Date: First Quarter 2013 (?)

PlayStation 4: an announcement in May or June

The PlayStation 4 is obviously highly anticipated and if you're one of those who stalk the slightest rumor about the next-gen console from Sony, then the following may interest you. Hiroshi Sakamoto, Vice this Sony Home Entertainment has indicated during an interview conducted during the CES 2013 that all persons working on the PlayStation 4 focused on the E3 2013, but an official announcement could also take place a little earlier, around the month of May. In any event and whether Hiroshi told the truth, then we should know everything about the PS4 before the summer holidays.

There is no doubt that the year 2013 will be a pivotal year for our friends gamers. After the Wii U at the end of last year, this is actually somewhere in the next few months that Sony and Microsoft should lift the veil on their new consoles, and therefore on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 . Or whatever their name, of course. Consoles should logically come on the market just before the holiday season but should nevertheless be formalized somewhere in the coming months.

PlayStation 4: presentation at E3 2012 or May 2013

The earlier logic, the most anticipated, it is obviously one of the E3. And for good reason, since this show is the largest event dedicated to video games. We can also remember that E3 2013 will take place from 11 to 13 June and all that these days may be particularly intense, especially if Microsoft and Sony decided to formalize their new consoles. However, what should be noted is that if Hiroshi spoke E3, it does not exclude the fact that the announcement could take place a little earlier:

"It's still a secret, but our friends at Sony PlayStation prepare. For the moment, I can only say that we focus on the E3, scheduled for June. This announcement could therefore take place by then, or even before, in May."

To quote the famous saying: PlayStation 4 is coming, and that's good because we started to get bored.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Full HD screen of 4.99 inches confirmed by Samsung

As you probably already know, the latest news, Samsung Galaxy S4 should carry a 5-inch screen with a resolution of Full HD kind. It was only a rumor so far, but it seems that the latter has proven to be accurate. For indeed, during the CES 2013 , Samsung has put forward its AMOLED screen technology through a roadmap showing the evolution of the latter through the years. And according to this document, it is a Full HD screen of 4.99 inches which should be released sometime in the first quarter of 2013. Course, difficult not to think the Galaxy S4.

It must be confessed, Samsung mastery rather well all the technologies that surround the screens of our smartphones and that the manufacturer was launched in 2010 with 3.97 inch WVGA screen, so this is a Full HD 4.99 inches which should land on the market in the coming weeks. A screen will benefit from an incredible 440 ppi resolution ! If this figure does not talk to you, you can simply remember that the Retina display of the iPhone 5 in step 326 ppi. And yes, it's still a big difference.

The interesting thing with this screen, it is not only the resolution. No, because if we are to believe, then this screen will also consume much less energy. Samsung have spoken of an economy by 25% compared to the previous generation, with a special mode that allows the screen to consume 47% less energy ! In other words, smartphones will benefit from this screen should provide a more substantial autonomy. Good news, especially when we know that it is just the black point of most smartphones on the market.

Oh and for those who missed the news, it may be recalled that Samsung has also benefited from the CES 2013 to unveil its new Exynos chip, a chip that totals no less than eight cores, which could also fit the Samsung Galaxy S4. In any case, we hope, and in my case, I also very excited to see this new land Galaxy S.

Google Zavers: your coupons on your smartphone

We had not seen it coming, but Google has just launched a new service, Zavers , which aims to help you better manage your coupons by dematerializing and the casant on a corner of your smartphone. A bit like the Apple Passbook, therefore, but for the coupons. Interesting, of course, and finally understands why Google has signed a big check in 2011 to acquire Zave Networks. And yes, because Big G ​​is obviously not started from scratch to design its new ...

How does it work? Very simply, actually. The manager of a shop partner wishes to reward its most loyal customers with a coupon, bam they use the platform and they only have to scan the voucher with their smartphone to keep a copy digital. Then free to use them whenever they want.

Interesting, but it gets better because Zavers is also needed as a marketplace (like adWords) where users will find a vast catalog of coupons. They will then be enough to buy the coupon of their choice so that it is automatically added to their collection. There they will more then go to the shop is going well and released their smartphone to take advantage of the discount or offer associated. Nice for the consumer, so nice and also traders.

That's all the information currently available. It is not huge, it is safe, but that is only the beginning and Google should drop a little more ballast in the coming weeks. The trick, of course, is that Zavers will not be available everywhere from the start. And not in reality, only the United States will enjoy a first step, it will have to wait a little longer before they can have fun with this solution in Europe.

And if you want to know more, the best is yet to take a walk on the official website of the service.

Asus MeMo Pad: a 7-inch tablet for $ 150

The thing in fashion at the moment, it is the 7-inch touchscreen tablet cheap. The Nexus 7 has effectively created a precedent and most manufacturers now offer the market such terminals. Asus is also embarking on the battle with Pad MeMo , a nice tablet that arises as the cousin of the Nexus 7 and will be available soon at $ 150. All three colors and lines that should delight everyone. And if you want to know more, then know that you are fallen.

Given the price difference, this new tablet obviously does not as well as the Nexus 7, but it is nevertheless a pretty stupid. The hull, to begin with, quite close to that of the small tablet produced for Google, but the Pad MeMo will all de same good taste to be available in three colors: black, white and pink / purple . Nice, at least you will spoiled for choice. The thing also is that the slates sold at that price are often broken down in a single model, we can therefore applaud Asus both hands.

Level specifications, the Asus MeMo Pad enjoys a LED-backlit screen of 7 inches with a resolution of 1024 x 600 (170ppi), a VIA WM8950 processor clocked at 1 GHz , 1 GB RAM , 8 GB or 16 GB of storage depending on the model, a port microSD card, 5 GB of storage in the "cloud" on Asus WebStorage, WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, 3.5mm port, a micro USB port and a 4270 mAh battery offering a range estimated at 7:00.

A lower resolution than the Nexus 7, so, along with a slower processor, but a few things very nice as the port for microSD cards that will increase significantly the storage space without taking your tablet head. Clearly, the Asus MeMo Pad does not intend to pure gamers, this is a fact, but it should be fun for all those who do not necessarily have big needs and did not want to spend several hundred euros in a tablet.

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