Google Zavers: your coupons on your smartphone

We had not seen it coming, but Google has just launched a new service, Zavers , which aims to help you better manage your coupons by dematerializing and the casant on a corner of your smartphone. A bit like the Apple Passbook, therefore, but for the coupons. Interesting, of course, and finally understands why Google has signed a big check in 2011 to acquire Zave Networks. And yes, because Big G ​​is obviously not started from scratch to design its new ...

How does it work? Very simply, actually. The manager of a shop partner wishes to reward its most loyal customers with a coupon, bam they use the platform and they only have to scan the voucher with their smartphone to keep a copy digital. Then free to use them whenever they want.

Interesting, but it gets better because Zavers is also needed as a marketplace (like adWords) where users will find a vast catalog of coupons. They will then be enough to buy the coupon of their choice so that it is automatically added to their collection. There they will more then go to the shop is going well and released their smartphone to take advantage of the discount or offer associated. Nice for the consumer, so nice and also traders.

That's all the information currently available. It is not huge, it is safe, but that is only the beginning and Google should drop a little more ballast in the coming weeks. The trick, of course, is that Zavers will not be available everywhere from the start. And not in reality, only the United States will enjoy a first step, it will have to wait a little longer before they can have fun with this solution in Europe.

And if you want to know more, the best is yet to take a walk on the official website of the service.

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