Facebook: a mobile OS presented tomorrow?

Last week, Facebook invited the press to a mysterious event taking place on January 15th, ie tomorrow. The invitation mentioned something that was "built" by Facebook, and it does not take long for that wild speculation invade the web.

In reality, the source of TechCrunch mentions an event based on the "mobile". It does not take long for the site to imagine a Facebook OS. If this is the case, we can imagine a version of Android customized by Facebook, just as Amazon has done with its Kindle Fire HD, or even WebOS. Facebook already has a catalog of applications quite big. In addition, Facebook has already supported a telephone in his name, the famous HTC Chacha who did not meet the expected success. A credible hypothesis, at least more than the appearance of a real Facebook Phone that Zuckerberg has denied existence.

Other rumors also speak a version iPad application for Facebook Messenger. Application could thus benefit from the same treatment as its mobile version, allowing the social network to reach a wider audience. But there's a catch, why Facebook will organize a conference with great fanfare for a small ad? The paris are launched, and the answer will come tomorrow.

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