Windows 8: Tariffs applied in pre-order

Windows 8 was unveiled over the weeks. A few days before the official release, prices have appeared on the Web. Tariffs were revealed at the launch of pre-orders.

Windows 8 pre-orders have started including several sites. Owners who wish to perform the update of XP, Vista, 7 to Windows 8 will cost 59.99 euros pro. Consumers who wish to purchase a new computer also have an interest to buy a PC with Windows 7. The program allows you to upgrade instantly switch to Windows 8 Pro for only 15 euros. Different promotional offers should be maintained until the end of January 2013.

After January 31, 2013, the consumer will pay 159.99 euros for the version Windows 8 Professional Pack (Updated Windows 8 Windows 8 Pro). Windows 8 Professional (updated) cost 280 euros for an earlier version and 160 euros for Windows 8.

For OEM licenses, Windows 8 is proposed to 109.90 euros (64 bits). For Windows version 8 Pro 32 and 64 bit, it will cost 159.90 euros. Generally, the rates are higher than Windows 7. For now, prices for downloads were not disclosed.

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