BlackBerry 10 L-Series makes an appearance in Mexico

While analysts ensure that RIM will not launch its new mobile platform BlackBerry 10 until March, the Mexican site has managed to get the BlackBerry L-Series code named 100% of the first terminal in touch BB10. The smartphone is expected to be the first of six new models released in 2013.

After a few photos that have appeared on the net, this video allows us to learn more about the design of smartphone and use it allows the new version of the OS from RIM.

BlackBerry 10 is born from the acquisition of QNX, The Astonishing Tribe, Torch Mobile and Tungle, RIM took a lot of time to tweak the OS to take a risk of delay on the competition.

Remains whether the company can offer a third mobile ecosystem performance behind Android and iOS, we know only the arrival of the first smartphones in this new platform.

Xbox Music new online music service from Microsoft

After the failure of its platform Zune Marketplace and its associated media player, which struggled to find an audience catchy, Microsoft had to quickly design a new system for listening to music online. This is done with Xbox Music: First launched on 16 October on Xbox 360, this service will be available in more than 22 countries and on many platforms, from 26 October (release date of Windows 8 ). Xbox Music certainly looks like a serious competitor Deezer, Spotify and even iTunes.

An extensive catalog of titles

As Deezer, Xbox Music lets you listen to streaming music for free but with advertising regularly broadcast in return: a monthly subscription, most comprehensive and offered 9.90 euros, is available. Nearly 30 million shares can be played by users and many features are waiting for you. The entire music is accessible worldwide, the message "Sorry, this piece is not available in your country" will be in the distant past.

A storage system online

The service allows Xbox Music more import your own songs stored in the cloud and accessible from any device compatible: Windows PC, Windows Phone and iOS and Android. So eventually carry hard drives and USB keys to listen to his favourite music to the four corners of the globe. And if a song like listening online to the user, he will be able to acquire definitely small for 99 cents.

Microsoft therefore strikes a blow in the circle of distribution platforms for streaming music. Then load users to try Xbox Music and all of its features in order to determine the potential ...

iPhone 5: Win a Smartphone with the size of his penis

The iPhone 5 is found in a quite amazing contest. Some are willing to do anything to make the advancement of a site, a shop ... The Internet has the opportunity to win the latest smartphone from Apple in terms of the size of their penis .

Some are willing to break their piggy bank, withdraw or make a credit economy with his entourage ... Customers will they be able to meet the challenge proposed by a Danish site? It offers men measure the size of their penis possibly win the jackpot, iPhone 5. The concept is pretty amazing, you must send a picture of the intimate parts to eventually be the winner.

Whoever has the smallest penis will have the opportunity to start with the latest smartphone from Apple. Size is not the only criterion, since women on the site will also elect the second winner. This announcement created a buzz so this is the goal, but the owner of forty years a second goal. In electing the smallest sex, he wants through this contest de complex men compared to the size of their sex. Currently, very few images have been submitted and validated, the site must verify that the pictures are not taken from the web.

All men may participate, just send a photo of her sex (erection) next to a tape or ruler. This method enables the site to measure the private parts. The site owner, Morten Fabricius said that the two have a smaller iPhone 5. For the 3 e and 4 e place, men receive a tablet iPad. Sending pictures to be made ​​before January 31. The odds of winning are quite important since the site has received 7 images.

iPhone 5: The Galaxy S3 beaten on web traffic

The iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 has been at the heart of a study themed web traffic. In light of the statistics , the Apple smartphone is used more than the Samsung mobile on the web.

The iPhone 5 is released in September, he beat a first record, that of pre-orders . Today, he faced the Galaxy S3 on the net. The fight between the two giants of the high tech is still important. The site has measured using both mobile on the net. For statistics, American advertising has studied traffic on U.S. soil looking, involving the users with both smartphones. The period from October 3 to 9, 2012, the iPhone 5 shows 56% against 44 for the Galaxy S3. Thus, the Smartphone Apple generates more traffic then it only came out for 3 weeks. You should know that the Korean mobile market since May.

This study can be criticized anyway. Period (from October 3 to 9) is close enough to the sale of the iPhone 5. The output of the phone recently, consumers tend to use the latest Smartphone, because it is a recent purchase. The site also explains that the navigation 4G works in America is a strong point and encourages browsing the net. What do you think of these statistics?

Apple Plans parodied with Hunger Games and Batman

Apple Plans is the application that makes the most about her since her commissioning. The bugs are numerous and it gave some ideas. The mapping system is parodied with Batman and Hunger Games. The result is quite nice.

Apple Plans application is about her, but because of many bugs. Sometimes the world turns into a video game , because the application revisits the bridges, the provision of roads, and even the location of cities. The users therefore had many surprises in wanting to use Apple Plans. This misadventure was also experienced by Batman and Katniss from Hunger Games. The super hero tries to find in the second episode the woman he loves. The Joker gives an indication and is trying to find his way with Maps. The boards are not good and the end ends badly.

The second video features a parody with Hunger Games. The young woman trying to navigate this hostile jungle where other candidates are trying to kill her, but once again the signs are bad and Katniss does not find its way. Both videos are quite nice especially when Katniss must see the bridge.

Faced with these many bugs, Tim Cook apologized on the Internet and the Cupertino company is trying to find solutions to fix many bugs. Until we have an application worthy of the name, the mishap Apple gives some ideas online . Both videos were available on YouTube channel MovieclipsTrailers.

Microsoft launches Xbox Music tomorrow

Exit the Zune brand that has always seemed like a bad clone of iTunes (online and players included), now is Xbox Music , the new music service omnipotent Microsoft. This is after tomorrow it will first its debut on the Xbox 360 home console becomes the occasion for a little more of a media hub. Microsoft has decided to capitalize on the Xbox and Windows brands.

Xbox Music is not iTunes (purchase songs or albums) or Spotify (streaming offer) or Pandora (streaming music via radio), it is all the time. The user will be able to buy songs from a catalog of 30 million tracks. Files are DRM-free and encoded at 256 kb / s. It will also be possible to stream songs unlimited (for now) but with audio and visual advertisements. Quality remains present as WMA files streamed are encoded at 192 kb / s. Microsoft will also offer a monthly subscription fee of $ 10 per month to get rid of this advertisement. Finally, radios organized around such musical genres as the Pandora service will also be offered in the tender Xbox Music.

The service will work on any computer or tablet running Windows 8 (or RT) on Xbox 360 and on smartphones running Windows Phone 8 . Recall that the commercial launch of Windows 8 is scheduled for October 26. Microsoft plans to preinstall Xbox Music in Windows 8. A new approach to risk alerting authorities to regulate competition (as was already the case with Internet Explorer preinstalled in Windows).

Music is a passport to anyone trying to mobility. Apple has been a pioneer in the field by making the purchase very simple music through the iTunes Store. The service was then allowed Apple to sell iPod. Google and Amazon have followed suit with their own fissa not music service associated with Android devices and Kindle.

Success will depend on the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It can, however, already rely on the Xbox 360 sold 67 million copies worldwide. The catalog will also be an important factor: 30 million shares but absentees like the Beatles (catalog group bought by Apple). Microsoft also plans to launch next Xbox Music apps on iOS and Android.

However, the first flat since the service will not be available via Windows 7 (and through previous versions of Windows) and Windows Phone 7.5 (and what about Windows Phone 7.8?). However, the Zune Music service will be accessible (with the Zune client on Windows 7) with the same catalog as Xbox Music. But it will not be possible to use the streaming service free for those OS versions.

Finally, a cloud component will be added next year in Xbox Music.

iMac: Apple replacing some hard drives

On its website, Apple announces free replacement of Seagate hard drives may present failures. If you have an iMac 21.5-inch or 27-inch sold between October 2009 and July 2011, your Seagate 1TB may be faulty.

This is announced by the Cupertino company on its website , adding that she was trying to contact "  iMac owners concerned have provided a valid email address  "and allows those who are not contacted verify their eligibility for the program. Note that the iMac owners who have paid for a repair or replacement due to this problem can also contact Apple for a refund.

In addition, Apple recommends a replacement "as soon as possible". This program is not new, it is in fact an extension since it was launched in 2011 but covered only the iMac sold between May 2011 and July 2011.

This is not the first time Apple faces a replacement program for large, we remember that the end of 2011  Apple had acknowledged a manufacturing defect on one of its products namely the iPod nano 1st generation.

Finally, note that the program is valid up to three years after the date of purchase of the iMac or until the deadline of 12 April 2013. In the meantime, it is obviously advisable to back up important data on a physical media or why not, if Felix Baumgartner as you like clouds, using a wide range of services from storage in the cloud !

Motorola Razr i: smartphone with Medfield Atom arrives

Motorola unveiled the Razr i in September and is now announcing its availability in France. It is the first smartphone to carry a stamped Motorola processor Atom Medfield x86 architecture. Specifically, it is the SoC Z2460 Intel also found embedded in the Orange Smartphone with Intel Inside (read our article ).

Medfield at 2 GHz, screen "edge to edge" and complete specifications rather

However, Motorola says it is the first smartphone with Medfield 2 GHz (1.4 GHz against the Orange with Intel Inside). The SoC is supported by 1 GB of RAM, while storage is provided by an internal flash memory of 8GB and a microSD memory card slot is also present.

The terminal displays the qHD, that is to say 960 by 540 pixels on its 4.3-inch screen . There is a screen called "edge to edge" : the lateral edges are reduced to a bare minimum. In addition, the screen has a scratch protection thanks to its glass made ​​by Corning Gorilla Glass.

It shall have a main camera with 8 megapixel sensor with a burst mode at 10 frames / second. Intel had always communicated on the propensity of Medfield SoC to quickly process images with their ISP ( Image Signal Processor ), this little "brick" SoC, which gives the terminal which integrates the SoC propensity to rapidly acquire photos taken via the APN. The bandwidth of this circuit is 240 megapixel per second, or 30 frames per second for 8 Mpixels. In the state of optimization, the terminal is able to capture 10 per second, which puts at some DSLR. This technology in the chip Intel is inherited directly from the expertise of the Dutch company Silicon Hive acquired by Intel. The objective of the APN can also shoot 1080p.

Side connectivity, it features classic WiFi b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and NFC. Regarding the cellular modes, no 4G LTE or even DC-HSPA.

The Razr has a battery i comfortable 2000 mAh and runs on Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich. It is regrettable in the case of a smartphone Motorola (Motorola Mobility has been acquired by Google). But it has at least a "sorry" the time required for porting to Jelly Bean x86 unlike other devices that run Motorola recently announced ICS but also as an embedded processor ARM architecture.

Motorola takes care to communicate the fact that the bootloader is unlocked (like the Razr HD). This allows the rooter and then install a ROM AOSP example, if you are not satisfied with the interface Motoblur Motorola. Finally, note that Motorola differentiates a strapping aluminum and Kevlar back giving it a very high resistance.

Official support for Google Android on x86

Beyond the full specifications of the terminal, it should be noted that the sign officially support Google Android Apps focused on x86 architecture. This is also the compatibility of some applications with Google Play devices with Medfield that question yet. Most of them are directly compatible with the x86 architecture. However, some incorporating native code compiled for ARM architectures are not.

Specifically, three cases are possible:

• apps developed with the SDK, from 75% to 80% of all the Google apps are natively compatible Play 
• apps developed with the NDK are not natively compatible with the x86 architecture. To this end, Intel has developed a software that automates the rewriting of ARM code to x86 
• Finally, some apps (eg the TegraZone) have been specially developed to take advantage of certain features of a specific GPU other than the GMA to Intel. These can then not be compatible

Galaxy S III Alpha: improvements from the Galaxy Note II

The Japanese will be entitled to a more powerful version of the Galaxy S III with the Alpha model. Its specifications are similar to those of the Galaxy Note II. For the occasion, it is incumbent mobile operator NTT DoCoMo who propose in December on the Japanese archipelago.

Internationale/GT-I9300 version (read our review ) was an opportunity for Samsung to introduce its new SoC into a finished product. The Exynos 4412 is built around a quad core Cortex-A9 architecture. If the latter is clocked at 1.4 GHz on the S III, it will be on 1.6 GHz Alpha S III as is the case on the Galaxy Note II has the same chip. Note the resemblance II who also goes by the amount of RAM: 2GB on it against 1 GB on international S III. Only with most versions of the 4G LTE S III have 2 GB of RAM, a built Snapdragon SoC with dual-core processor. Version i9305 S III has however Exynos 4412 SoC and 2GB (read our article ). However, its processor is clocked at 1.4 GHz.

The new version of the S III will be available in titanium gray and black sapphire. Remember. Samsung has introduced the new colors in late August: black sapphire is "  inspired stones used by the ancient peoples of India and Persia to protect themselves with the belief that they will strengthen.  "But if you won more titanium gray , know that "  expresses the feeling of modernity and wisdom providing futuristic element on the phone.  "And Samsung also specify that the gray comes as"  a symbol of intelligence, insight and curiosity.  "message fogged in a marketing campaign in which the philosopher's stone and the stones of Stonehenge have escaped our great relief.

Improved hardware with RAM and CPU frequency and cosmetics with color choices, but also software adaptations that make the Alpha S III rather attractive. It will have effect in Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean, preinstalled instead of Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich). An update of the Android OS that comes with new features via Touchwiz. And multi-screen functionality present on the Galaxy Note II is also part of the Alpha.

Finally, there remain several outstanding issues regarding this enhanced version of S III. With the support of 4G LTE and its CPU frequency 14% higher, the Alpha S III may he not be cramped in its 2100 mAh battery? The dynamic power dissipated by a processor is proportional to the frequency. A 2400 mAh battery would have been minimal. Still, it is probably difficult to place in the same volume.

If the Alpha S III will land in Japan, Samsung did not say if it will leave then in other markets (Europe, USA ...).

iPad Mini and now the price?

The buzz is unpredictable. Who would have thought that the most credible rumor about the iPad Mini find its origin in Europe? After the various leaks, and the announcement of a probable keynote on October 23 for the presentation of the iPad Min i, here now new indiscretions from Cupertino or not a Chinese supplier, but a German blog.

The site MobileGeeks has a scan of what looks like a grid tariff describing no less than eight different versions of the iPad Mini with tarifsallant from 249 to 649 euros, depending on the memory capacity of the unit and its connectivity.

The pricing in question come from the group Media Saturn, which owns retail stores specializing in electronics and computer in several European countries, notably under the Saturn brand.

For those who are waiting for this new tablet eagerly hoping for a reasonable price, this could be a pretty good surprise, since the first model to come out 249 euros for a memory capacity of 8 GB ... Affordable price for an iPad, but that is still above the reference model 7 inches, the Nexus 7 , which embeds 16GB for the same price.

One other sources, always German splits even for a picture of the iPad Mini , which looks very much like a formal presentation Apple, the kind that could be found soon on the website of the brand to apple. Except that, as you quite rightly pointed out in the comments and on Twitter , the presence of the Google Chrome icon instead of the Safari Mobile on the bottom left of the screen in the dock makes this assumption unlikely and more like a snub or teasing from the designer behind this arrangement.

So, it only remains to wait for October 23 for confirmation of this. Or not.

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