Windows Phone 7.8: update arrives, according to Nokia

Windows Phone 7.8 seems to be desired and you're probably some of you ask when it will be possible to enjoy. The information is not official, of course, but Nokia has even all-of-view to speak on the issue and the Finnish manufacturer has revealed that the update was still scheduled for the beginning of the year therefore it could happen in the next few days, or in the coming weeks. Suffice to say that addicts tile should tremble with joy.

Always according to the same information, which actually come from Italian and Spanish divisions of Nokia, Microsoft would have preferred to take the time to thoroughly test its platform with manufacturers and operators. In order to be sure that all goes well on the day of its deployment. The firm would have been overly cautious and it is obviously very difficult to blame him, especially when we take a look at his passive and more specifically the various pots that drags behind it. Big thinking for Mango, who had earned a cold sweat to a lot of people.

After, of course, we can not help thinking that Microsoft may have (this is an assumption) deliberately dragged feet to allow time for Windows Phone 8 to install on the market. A choice that would ultimately make more sense, especially when we know that the holidays season is generally very promising in terms of sales volume.

For those who have missed the boat, you can still take time to remember the major improvements in Windows Phone 7.8. They are not necessarily that much but so many in the lot, there are even all-of the new lock screen, new color themes or the famous resizable tiles that allow you to put some order on your Home screen. Very friendly innovations, therefore, which should please all those who cling to their Windows Phone as a lifeline.

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