RIM: BlackBerry 10.6 new in 2013

It is on January 30th that RIM will formalize its new mobile platform, namely BlackBerry 10. With it, are two smartphones that will happen very quickly in the market, the BlackBerry Z10 and X10 BlackBerry. Terminals known almost all, of course, but should eventually be soon joined by other motives that emerge later in the year. For indeed, if one believes the CMO of the Canadian firm, then RIM could launch no less than six terminals in BlackBerry 10 in 2013.

According to Frank Boulben, the objective of RIM would be clear, it would simply appeal to the widest audience possible. To do so, the firm would therefore run very quickly on the terminal market at prices varied, targeting and as much input as upscale. In other words, the Canadian manufacturer wants to flood the market to regain its place as well.

So of course, all these terminals do not go out during the next few days, or even during the next few weeks. In all likelihood, RIM should start by focusing on the Z10 and X10 history to give a little boost to the new version of its platform. To take advantage of other terminals, it will be necessary to show a little patient.

If you are interested in all the rumors surrounding RIM and its products, then this news should not surprise you more than that. And this is normal since part of the roadmap the company found itself on the canvas last summer roadmap even announced the arrival of a new Playbook nicknamed "Blackforest" the third quarter of 2013.

In addition, we can also remember that question, since the end of last year, a third of smartphone stamped "Aristo" and that aims above all the high end. A smartphone that would benefit from a screen of 4.65 inch 720p, a quad-core processor Qualcomm and even 2 GB of RAM. A beautiful beast, so who would not be ashamed to face its competitors. Especially since it would incorporate a battery 2800 mAh to top it off.

Friends BlackBerry-philes, it is now a certainty, 2013 is your year.

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