Facebook announced a mysterious event Jan. 15

The social network has sent invitations to the American press conference for January 15, without specifying the subject. The announcement has since ceased to fuel speculation even stock market.

Facebook gives us a nice announcement effect. The social network has sent invitations for an event on January 15th to be held at its headquarters in Menlo Park, California. "Come and see what we built", can be read on the solicitation. Group Mark Zuckerberg did not give further details about the conference, but it was enough to reassure investors.

The action of Facebook has taken last Wednesday the 30 dollars, while in September it had reached its lowest historical to 17.73 dollars. As a reminder, during the Facebook IPO May 8, 2012, the action of the group was 38 dollars.

Since then, rumors have continued to multiply on the canvas. Some media talk of launching a smartphone, Facebook stamped, which would be created in collaboration with HTC. This rumor, already mentioned in the past, remains unlikely. Mark Zuckerberg was especially entrusted in July that the project "makes no sense" .

New features

Hypothesis is also search engine developed by Facebook. The group's founder has never hidden its intentions to create your own tool. "We are in a unique position to respond to people's questions. At one time or another, we will. We have a team working on it", he explained at a conference.

The principle is not to compete directly with Google, but to offer a social aspect to online research, so that it is more personalized.

It may finally that Facebook offers several new features, such as streaming music or VoIP within their apps. The group is indeed associated recently with Skype and Spotify. The establishment of an online shop is also possible, since the company has already launched Facebook Gifts that can offer gifts to their contacts. Therefore expect 15 January to have the heart net.

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