Google Time: a concept for a Google SmartWatch

Now Google is a very nice tool and even if we can not still enjoy all the features of the old continent, we may as well admit that to yourself Big G ​​did a great job on this one. No doubt he also will not stop there and the giant will not fail to decline his tool on other devices. It seems that Adrian Maciburko think like me since it has done a very good concept of integrating Google Now SmartWatch, a concept that should enter into the eye of a lot of people and you can see a little lower.

Our smartphones have become, over the years, real monsters power and just take a look at our new chip foundry preferred to realize that the trend is unlikely to reverse. However, you may also find that large firms working on the technology sector consider more alternative tracks, tracks like the famous Glass Project from Google that will allow us to access our information otherwise.

I could be wrong, of course, but I think SmartWatch should also be developed in the near future. And it will probably come a day when Google Time imagined by Adrian will be more than just a concept. In reality, it is exactly the same type of products that would not hurt to be necessary in Geeks, and perhaps even Madame Michu. As you can see from the pictures that accompany this article, this is all about Google SmartWatch Now. Just as playing with his little touchscreen to access the weather in the region or to easily manage reminders and appointments . Same thing to update their status on Google or search on the web.

And finally, we say that the service SmartWatch could make a lot of people. Because, well, smartphones, it's great, but they often sleep at the bottom of our pocket. And when you receive a notification any, we should take the time to get them, unlock them and see what it is. While there, a Google Time, we would not have to rack your brains and it would ultimately few seconds to access all the information we need daily.

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