Jailbreak iOS 6.1: more than 1.7 million downloads for Evasi0n

Available since the beginning of the week, iOS 6.1 jailbreak has already been much ink and it is normal since the solution developed by evad3rs was particularly daunting. Imagine, in a few minutes to jailbreak iPhone 5, an iPod Touch 5G or even an iPad Mini , all without the need to dig their heads and without handling complex ... No, it is a certainty, Planetbeing, MuscleNerd, Pimskeks Pod2g and did an amazing job and we understand why evasi0n has been downloaded over 1.7 million times in a few hours ...

And attention because the figure does not come from anywhere. This is actually David Wang, better known under the pseudonym Planetbeing , who gave that information to journalists Forbes. What can specify, moreover, that this figure is dated 5 February. It is therefore likely that the course of two million downloads have been surpassed since.

Also note that Saurik also gave some figures. Based on its analysis tool evasi0n have been used 800,000 times within six hours after the release of the tool. This is truly phenomenal and we understand why the output of the latter completely crashes Cydia. Speaking of which, and because the subject is undoubtedly of interest to you, you should know that the situation is still not recovered at the time of this writing. If you notice any malfunctions trying to access Cydia, this is perfectly normal and know that evasi0n has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

In any case, when we see the success of the tool developed by evad3rs, we say that there is finally a lot, really, people who can not be content with the usual functions of iOS. And the worst in history, is that the jailbreak is not yet democratized. Undoubtedly if Ms. Michu and her friends heard about it, then the numbers would be quite different.

History finale, if you hesitate to take the plunge and if you do not know at all how to jailbreak your iDevice.

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