Recon Jet connected glasses of competing with Google Glass

Lately, connected the glasses are very fashionable and more from the Google I / O last year. This is actually on the occasion of this conference that was presented the now very famous Google Glass. Several manufacturers therefore wish to enter this sector and this is precisely the case of Recon. Recon, which will market somewhere during the summer Jet, either connected glasses particularly challenging since they will not need a Smartphone to operate. Interesting, no? True, and if you want to know more about this new device, you simply take a look at the rest of the article, especially since it comes with a nice video demonstration premium.

It is a certainty, the Jet Recon were ultimately not much to do with the Google Glass. Where they play the card of discretion, the Jet type in the mass, in the light and in the futuristic with very aggressive lines and more similar masks that snowboarding goggles. Also note that the glasses are treated Jet to mitigate the sun, which does not hurt.

As with Google Glass, one will find on these glasses a bend on the left side, an elbow that embeds a touch area and ends with an LCD screen that will be positioned in the bottom right. Under the hood, the Jet also benefit from a dual-core processor , a WiFi chip , a Bluetooth chip and even a GPS chip that you will always be geolocated. Very useful for those who have the tendency to get lost in the forest, a little less for all those who are concerned about their privacy?

As mentioned a little earlier, the big advantage of Jet is that they are completely independent. According to Android Police, the latter would operate under Jelly Bean and it is even possible to install applications on it. Moreover, as can be seen in the video located at the end of this article, it seems that the ideas are not lacking. The jet can thus be used to improve your golf score or even to intervene more quickly in buildings inflamed.

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