Jolla: a first Sailfish smartphone OS in the end of 2013

MeeGo has a number of fans and creators of the Finnish company Jolla should be included. Proof of this is the last year, they decided to design a new mobile platform based on the embers of the old MeeGo, a platform called Sailfish OS and we have discovered, in video, in late last year. Since Jolla continued its merry way and the company has just announced the launch of its first smartphone OS Sailfish! The good news is that it will be released throughout Europe by the end of the year and we do not have to wait long before you can enjoy.

Jolla, for those who do not know, is not like any other company since it was founded by former employees of Nokia. People who know the market and therefore have some experience in mobile telephony. Following the tragic death of MeeGo, they have decided to start their own company in order to give a second life to the platform by developing a new "fork" Sailfish OS.

A Sailfish OS takes advantage of a unique interface and features some particularly significant, as this lock screen that can display several widgets, which allows mobile users to access information without having to unlock their smartphone. Rather convenient, and it is thanks to the many advantages of the platform Jolla managed to attract several firms officiating on the mobility sector, companies such as ST-Ericsson or the Finnish operator DNA.

Good, and the first smartphone OS Sailfish then it is what?

We do not yet know all its specs, but it should enjoy a 4.5 inch screen and 16GB of storage space accompanied by a port for micro SD cards. It will also be possible to rely on a 8 megapixel sensor on the back of the camera and compatibility with 4G networks. The battery, meanwhile, will be removed and it will not fail to delight all those who frequently ranting against the autonomy of their terminal.

On the question of design, this phone looks like any smartphone, but it offers a very interesting feature: it is possible to buy separately, colored rear shells that will be clipped onto the terminal. Well, then, you might say this is nothing revolutionary and you do not necessarily get wrong, except that Saiflish OS will be able to recognize the color of the back cover to change its own color. Basically you hang a green back cover and the interface of the platform takes the exact same color. It's pretty fun, in the end, and this detail has at least the merit to play the card of originality.

Okay and the price of the beast then?

The first smartphone designed by Jolla will be offered at a fairly attractive price since it cost only € 399. Thereupon, the company has also introduced a special offer to reward mobile users who trust him. If you decide to pre-order the device, and you can enjoy a discount of € 100 and it will cost you and the modest sum of € 299, the same price as a Nexus 4.

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