Pinterest: more information to the content pinned

Pinterest going strong. Late last year, the famous social network and totaled 20 million users, an increase of 2702% compared to the previous year. However, the company does not want to rest on its laurels and it thus has consistently deploy new features. After the new interface and arrival statistics , thus the sharing module which now enjoys some significant improvements, improvements that affect mainly the information retrieved when a user pin content on one of his paintings edge. Pinterest is and wants to be more useful, more practical, and it might allow the service to attract new users.

Until now, when someone wanted to share content one of its panels, Pinterest was able to recover only the media of the associated page. The user, in turn, still had the option to add a description, but it is unfortunately not going much further.

Soon, things will be very different and the team in charge of Pinterest is thus working on a new module sharing friendlier and especially much more comprehensive. Available for certain content, it can recover a bit more elements then the display directly on our dashboards. In the case of a film, for example, is the complete and other information related to movies that are uploaded by the casting tool. Same for recipes, where we have this time right ingredients and all associated details. Shopping sites will not be outdone and it's downright price and date of availability of our products to be well recovered by the module.

Towards "rich pine" button and compatible with mobile applications

Not bad, of course, but know however that these new sharing options are not yet available everywhere. It thus seems that we can not still enjoy in Europe and only some sites would test this new tool , sites like Etsy, Netflix and others. However, for those interested, Pinterest has posted on this page a complete documentation on these "rich pine."

In addition to this new, Pinterest has also announced that it implemented a new share button designed and developed for our mobile applications. Again, only a few applications can take advantage of the moment but this novelty should be rapidly extended to most of the mobile applications market. Morality, if you do intensive use of Pinterest, then something tells me that you must be very happy.

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