The iPhone reduces its rate of satisfaction among users in the U.S

It is one of the strengths of Apple among its products: the index of user satisfaction keeps true to the apple products and purchase them repeat over and over again. Indeed, it has been one of the arguments put forward by analysts to predict that the iPhone will continue to grow in market share. However, this goose that lays the golden eggs of Cupertino could have begun to see its decline if we stick to the latest study conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. According to the report, Apple's smartphone would be reduced satisfaction index by 2% over the previous year in the same period.

The bad news does not arrive alone and Tim Cook, in addition to seeing their precious eroded ratio, has witnessed a dramatic growth of Samsung, which has catapulted its registration by 7% in a year. According to the ACSI report, “Samsung recorded the highest growth among manufacturers, "but it is noteworthy that Koreans are still below the mark that Apple records (76% for the former versus 81% for the Cupertino.) ACSI's report is based on a survey conducted in the U.S. from 70,000 users and includes more than 200 companies in different sectors. 

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