Flickr: a new interface and more storage space

Flickr is not very young, he officiates in the industry since 2005 and brings something like 54 million unique visitors worldwide, all with more than 6 billion photos stored on its servers. Great, of course, but the guy is unfortunately stalled for some years now and so it is very difficult to stand up to newcomers like 500px. Yahoo, meanwhile, has decided to react by launching a new version of its flagship service. A new version available on all accounts from that night, and finally brings a lot of news.

Starting with a new interface. From that side, it must be admitted that the work did not fail because the interface flickr has not really changed in recent years. She was beginning to show its age , it really did not respect the expectations of the users of the platform and Yahoo engineers have decided to start again from scratch.

Although they took as the new Flickr interface is much nicer than the old one. The content is well developed and our pretty pictures will be much more impressive than they were before. Yahoo has also opted for a darker interface and this is obviously a good thing because the pictures that comes out more. However, what can be noted is that some elements of the old version tend to rise from time to time over the pages. By clicking on a photo, for example, the old interface back for a split second before disappearing swiftly. Worse, some items are broken and this is particularly true of the homepage that seems to load without CSS.

1TB for the new version of Flickr!

Strange, that's for sure, but no doubt that everything should quickly return to normal.

Among the new features to the service, there is this cover story that seems very fashionable at the moment. Just like Facebook and Twitter as well as Google+, Flickr will now allow us to change the coverage of our profile and we can stick him a pretty picture on the buttocks in order to show how we are all creative. Also in the same vein, Yahoo also announced news that should please all those with a free account on the service.

Which one?

Well this is a story of storage space, actually. Now, Flickr allow us to store as much as 1 TB of data without having to leave our credit card. Two subscription plans are yet in force: the phrase "Ad Free" without advertisement, charged $ 49.99 per year and the phrase "double" with 2TB of disk space charged $ 499.99 per year. With that, you should have plenty to do, even though we would all like to see land cheaper intermediate formulas.

So naturally, it is still too early to know if this new version will save the service, but it should all de same to please those who have remained faithful all these years, and have therefore not been look elsewhere.

Oh, and if not, know that a new version of the Android app also just landed the Play Store, a new version that provides exactly the same as the new web portal.

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